Parents of Murdered ISIS Hostage Slam Obama, Praise Trump

The parents of an American hostage who was murdered, raped, and brutalized by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and who the operation was named for are slamming Obama for his weakness while praising President Trump for his tough approach to ISIS.

According to Town Hall:

Arizona’s Kayla Mueller was a humanitarian aid worker who was abducted in Syria by ISIS after she left a Doctors Without Borders hospital in 2013. It was revealed that Kayla Mueller had been raped by now-dead ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and tortured before her death in 2015. 

In an interview with USA Today, Mueller’s parents praised President Trump for the death of their daughter’s rapist and wished that President Obama had been more of a decisive leader like President Trump because maybe then their daughter would still be alive. 

During the Obama administration, the Muellers were told to keep their daughter’s captivity a secret and threatened with prosecution if they attempted to pay a ransom. 

For obvious reasons, Kayla’s parents are strong supporters of President Trump. Carl, Kayla’s father, has spoken at Trump rallies. The president mentioned Kayla when he announced the death of al Baghdadi on Sunday.

Obama’s foreign policy has been continuously criticized for its weakness especially with ISIS. President Trump has chosen to take a more hard-line approach which has worked.


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