Fox News Analyst Rips Alma Maters Anti-Gun Stance

Fox News analyst Brit Hume is not happy with his alma mater’s decision to remove a 21-gun salute out of fear it would scare students.

According to The Washington Times:

Brit Hume is not happy with his alma mater — the University of Virginia — for its decision to end a 21-gun salute tradition held each Veterans Day.

Fox News’ senior political analyst ripped into the school’s “pantywaists” as the nation honored veterans on Monday.

“As an alumnus, I am embarrassed. What pantywaists,” he said Monday in response the news, which was first reported by a local NBC affiliate Nov. 7.

UVA President Jim Ryan told the station that continuing the tradition — more than a decade old — might scare unsuspecting students.

The president crediting the “increase” in gun violence in the U.S. as making students more susceptible to gunfire sounds.


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