Barr Slams ‘Gross Abuse’ of FBI’s Trump Investigation

Attorney General William Barr who served under both President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush before becoming Attorney General for President Trump responded to the FBI’s misconducted outlaid in the FISA abuse report.

Barr called the FBI’s conduct “gross abuse” when classifying the organization’s investigation into Donald Trump.

According to Fox News:

Attorney General Bill Bar is blasting the FBI’s conduct during the Russia investigation, saying investigators relied on “flimsy” evidence in launching the probe and disputing key conclusions from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report released Monday.

Horowitz was critical of the FBI for their practices in using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to get a warrant to conduct surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, but he concluded that the investigation itself was launched properly, without evidence of political bias.

“It’s hard to look at this stuff and not think that it was a gross abuse,” Barr said during a discussion Tuesday at a Wall Street Journal CEO Council forum in Washington. He referred to the investigation as a whole as a “travesty.”

“Where I disagree with Mike, I just think this was very flimsy,” he said about the basis for the investigation. The FBI cited comments by Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos to an Australian official as sparking concerns about the campaign’s possible involvement with Russia. Barr dismissed this as “a comment made by a 28-year-old volunteer on a campaign in a bar.”

The FBI willfully abused the FISA process to investigate Donald Trump. Imagine the lack of care they take when investigating American citizens around the world.

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