Justice Gorsuch’s Appearance on Fox News Causes Left to Meltdown

An appearance by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was enough to cause a meltdown from the liberals.

According to Town Hall:

On Tuesday morning Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch made an appearance on Fox and Friends. He even wished everyone a Merry Christmas…gasp. 

During the interview, Gorsuch discussed the importance of an independent judiciary, being a justice dedicated to the constitution even when he doesn’t like the results, the rules he has for his clerks, his relationships with his colleagues and more. 

The interview triggered a meltdown on the left, whose members are expressing outrage Gorsuch would appear on Fox News as an “impartial” justice. Saying “Merry Christmas” has sent them into a rage. 


Keep in mind fellow left leaning Justices, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor, have done many media interviews. Ginsburg in particular has made overtly political statements. 

Gorsuch has yet to respond to the controversy created by the liberal media. It seems likely that he will not.

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