Democrats Block Resolution to Codemn Iran for Murdering Protesters

Democrats have reportedly blocked a resolution that would condemn the Iranian regime for murdering protesters of the regime.

According to The Daily Wire:

House Democrats blocked a resolution on Tuesday that expressed support for oppressed Iranian protesters and condemned Iran for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane last week that killed 176 people.

“Consideration and a vote on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s resolution was blocked … by a vote of 226-191,” The Daily Caller reported. “The resolution would have condemned the Government of Iran for killing 1,500 Iranian citizens who were protesting their government, as well as condemned the Government of Iran for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, killing 176 people.”

“What a disappointment —Democrats just blocked a vote on a resolution supporting the Iranian protestors,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted. “This is not the time for partisan politics. This should be a time for the US Congress to speak with one voice to condemn an Iranian regime that kills its own people.”


Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) told Fox News: “It is a resolution, telling the Iranian people and the protesters in #Iran that we support them, that the American people have their back and as the President of the United States pointed out, warn the regime not to kill these protesters and time and time again they turn the internet off and they kill these protesters. They are standing up for freedom and democracy and we have to stand up for that as a principle anytime we can. Unfortunately, Kevin and I tried to get this to have consideration on the floor just about an hour ago and Democrats shot it down, they would not allow a vote on this resolution.”

The Democrats condemned President Trump for killing a terror mastermind but could not bring themselves to condemn Iran.


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