Democrat Impeachment Manager ADMITS Impeachment is About 2020 Election

It appears Democrat impeachment manager Jason Crow admitted that the Democrats are trying to influence the 2020 election with impeachment.

According to The Daily Wire:

Democrat Rep. Jason Crow (CO) admitted on Monday night that the Democrats had a sense of urgency in wanting to push forward with their partisan articles of impeachment because of the upcoming 2020 presidential elections.

“Did the House move too quickly?” Chuck Rosenberg asked Crow on MSNBC. “Should they have called more witnesses there and do you feel any lingering effects on those decisions, right or wrong, on the current proceeding?”

“No, I think the House proceeded in the way that it should have proceeded,” Crow responded. “There was urgency, but it was also thoughtful and deliberate, it occurred over several months period of time.”

“There is some urgency here,” Crow continued, later adding, “it does have to do with the elections that are coming up later this year.”


Crow is most famous for attending a vigil for a school shooting victim the day after the incident and using it to push his radical gun control agenda.

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