CNN Panics Amid Reports Trump Will not Apologize Following Acquittal

CNN is in panic amid reports that President Trump will not apologize following the expected acquittal in the Senate.

According to The Daily Wire:

Sources close to President Donald Trump revealed to CNN that they do not expect him to apologize in a speech on Wednesday, following his “anticipated acquittal” in the Senate’s impeachment trial, leaving reporters for the network baffled and shocked.

“Trump not expected to apologize or admit any wrongdoing after anticipated acquittal,” a headline on the network’s website blared Sunday.

“[U]nlike the last President to be acquitted, don’t expect Trump to apologize or express any contrition for his conduct,” the outlet complained. “Instead, people close to the President say they anticipate he will claim vindication and continue to proclaim his complete and total innocence.”

CNN notes that that is a marked departure from other impeached presidents, including President Bill Clinton, who “apologized to the nation” after he was acquitted in his own Senate impeachment trial in the late 1990s. Clinton, at the time, said he was “profoundly sorry” for the events that led to his impeachment trial.

Democrats have major holes in their case giving credibility to President Trump’s decision to not apologize. This should also come as no surprise as President Trump is not known for making apologies.

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