Fox News’ Chris Wallace Says Trump Better off now Than Before Impeachment

Fox News host Chris Wallace isn’t the biggest fan of President Trump but even he admitted that the President is better off now than before impeachment started.

According to Fox News:

As the Senate impeachment trial wrapped up Wednesday with President Trump’s acquittal, “Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace said from a political standpoint, the president is in a stronger position now than he was before Democrats started the process of attempting to remove him from office.

“As far as the political impact, I think you’d have to say that Donald Trump is better off now than he was when the impeachment process began,” Wallace said.

“He’s had a number of bipartisan successes on trade deals, the economy is rolling along. The Gallup poll just came out. It’s the highest he’s had in this presidency, 49 percent,” he added, lamenting that the country remains “50-50, bitterly divided.”

He said there was a “gravity” to the moment hearing senators saying “guilty or not guilty” on whether a president should be removed from office, even though the result was known in advance.

Wallace was granted the exclusive interview with Mitt Romney where the Senator announced his guilty vote.

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