Some Yang Supports Intend to Vote for Trump

Democrat presidential hopeful Andrew Yang recently dropped out of the presidential race and now some of his supporters are defecting to President Trump.

According to Town Hall:

What some may be surprised to hear is that not all of them will choose another Democratic candidate. According to The Hill’s Saager Enjeti, some Yang Gang members now plan to vote for President Trump. 


A 28-year-old father of two was inspired by Yang because of his message of unity. The man said he was turned off by Democrats’ demonization of anyone in the middle or leaning right. 

“I share both liberal and conservative views, and I am not a huge fan of Donald trump,” he said, adding that he can’t imagine supporting any of the other Democratic candidates. “Trump keeps things real I may not like what he says all the time, but who we see is who he is.”

While the same could be said for Sen. Bernie Sanders, the man explained that having a Democratic socialist president “would devastate our economy.” 


A new poll indicated that 11 percent of Yang supporters would support President Trump. This is the highest percentage for any alternative candidate.


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