Public School ‘History’ Compares Trump to Nazis and Soviets

According to reports a history lesson in a public school is teaching students the comparisons between President Trump, the Soviets, and the Nazis.

This comparison comes despite Bernie Sanders and his supporters actually being supporters of Communists and the Soviets.

According to Town Hall:

Taxpayers in Maryland are funding anti-Trump history lessons that compare the president to the Soviets and Nazis. An unidentified teacher(s) inserted the propaganda into a slide show used in an advanced placement history class at Loch Raven High School in the city of Towson, according to the Associated Press. 

A slide depicts President Trump above pictures of the Soviet Union flag and the Nazi Swastika. The slide captions read, “wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall” and “oh, THAT is why it sounds so familiar!.”

If students are capable of drawing “their own conclusions,” as the public school official spokesman suggests, then why not just teach students the historical facts? For example, maybe students should know the Nazi Party, or the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, were big government socialists. But I guess then the students might conclude the Nazis and Soviets have more in common with the modern left than with President Trump. 

Bernie Sanders, the current front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, is a big-government socialist who has called for a revolution in the United States. Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union and referred to breadlines of starving people as “a good thing.” 

The state of the public education system in America could very well be the reason why so many people support a candidate like Bernie Sanders.

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