Warren Rally Features California Dem Losing Mind Over Trump, and his Supporters

A California lawmaker unleased a vulgar rant attacking Trump and his supporters at a recent Elizabeth Warren rally.

According to The Daily Wire:

At a pro-Elizabeth Warren event in San Diego, California, a group of protesters showed up to demonstrate against Warren-backer and California Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) for authoring AB5, a disastrous labor law that has essentially declared war on the state’s gig worker economy. 

During the event, Gonzalez can be seen delivering a speech, but she momentarily seems to lose her train of thought as the group of protesters shift around and the audience breaks into a chatter. Amidst the pause, someone in the audience can be heard shouting “F*** Donald Trump.”

Gonzalez takes the opportunity to blare the phrase back into the microphone: “F*** Donald Trump!” As Gonzalez regains support, protesters break out in chants condemning the labor law, repeatedly shouting “Repeal AB5,” as the lawmaker’s supporters boo them. 

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Gonzalez proceeded to “taunt” the approximately one-dozen protesters, saying “we don’t need anti-worker Trump supporters here,” reports the news agency. 


Protesters can be heard in the video claiming that they “need a job.” The fact that there are a number of individuals who feel left behind by Trump’s economy could provide a challenge in November.

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