Trump Offers Support for Industries Impacted by ‘Chinese Virus’


President Trump recently made a strong statement of support for the United States industries impacted by the “Chinese Virus.”

President Trump made it a point to use the name for the virus that has been denounced as xenophobic by the liberal press.

According to The Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump offered reassurance to American industries on Monday that have been devastated by the coronavirus and took a shot at China in the process.


Trump is correct in noting that the virus did in fact come from China, a fact that the Chinese have seemingly sought to hide as they are concerned about how this impacts their global image.

China knew about the virus in November; reportedly hid the extent of the outbreak from the rest of the world; allegedly silenced critics, doctors, and journalists who sounded the alarm; failed to contain the virus within its own borders; and has falsely suggested that the U.S. military may be behind the virus.

“The Chinese government silenced whistle-blowers, withheld crucial information and played down the threat posed by the new coronavirus, allowing an epidemic that has killed thousands to take hold across the country,” The New York Times reported. “The coronavirus outbreak has undermined those global ambitions, and the propaganda [around the world] and wreaks havoc on global markets, experts say the campaign could revive concerns about China’s secretive approach to managing the crisis.”

President Trump even got support from a former CIA agent who is a Democrat:

Chinese propaganda has been trying to keep any link between the virus and China to be made. Unfortunately, they have some allies in the American media it appears.

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