Democrat Senator Doug Jones Slams Pelosi and Dems Over Partisanship


Democrats have been delaying the passage of a virus relief package as they attempt to insert progressive programs into the bill.

This partisanship is not sitting well with Democrat Senator Doug Jones who claims he is embarrassed by the partisanship of the Democrats.

According to Town Hall:

Democrats are taking a beating because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) derailed a bipartisan Wuhan coronavirus relief plan. Members of both parties worked through the weekend to come to an agreement and, at the last minute, Pelosi decided it would be better for the House to introduce their own coronavirus relief plan. Her reasoning? There weren’t enough progressive items in the bill and Democrats saw this as the perfect opportunity to fundamentally transform America into what they think it should be.

Senators who were part of the negotiations and agreed to the bill before Pelosi blew it up decided to follow Pelosi’s lead. But not every Democrat is happy with the party’s hyper-partisanship, especially as Americans across the country are suffering. 

Jones told CNN’s Manu Raji he’s “embarrassed” by the political games that are taking place. 

The bill has passed the Senate and now faces a vote in the House on Friday.

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