Trump Knows What Needs to Be Done: Just Listen to the People!


Trump was right about China. He was right about American manufacturing. He was right about the border. He was right about all these things because he listened to the American people.

Donald Trump is a billionaire who flies on private planes and has enough economic insulation around him that he could survive more or less any economic depression living better than most Americans. He’s a member, in other words, of that dreaded 1%. So why is he so eager to get the country open again? After all, he and the rest of the people living in the clouds above fly-over country have everything they need to keep the country shut down for a year or more. But Trump isn’t content with that – for the same reason he wasn’t content with the way the country was being run before 2016. He may not live like the average American, but he pays a lot of attention to the average American.

Americans are hurting right now, especially small businesses. The Congressional bail-outs and stimulus packages leave small business high-and-dry. This shouldn’t surprise anyone: Congress has never really come through for small business because most of them make their living from big international corporations. Trump knows the limitations of his office – for four years he’s been fighting a system that is so deep in a rut it hasn’t been able to see over the edges in decades. He knows the country has got to get back on track, regardless of the fears and desires of the political class, who are really starting to enjoy the way they can make people ask “how high” when they say “hop”. A locked-down country is an unfree country – it’s a country that isn’t allowed to vote with our feet, a country that can’t organize the grassroots demonstrations and rallies for Trump. Those rallies and public protests are important because they show ordinary, normal Americans that no matter what is being blasted by the media, they aren’t alone. They aren’t crazy. Someone is listening because the voices of normal Americans deserve to be heard.

Trump is the only political force that seems to understand that people need to trust their government and to feel like they’re being listened to. In 8 years, Obama never did the same: he played to the same small crowds in his inner-circles and funding campaigns in Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC. Romney lost because he couldn’t prove he was willing to listen, either. Trump has always made sure that ordinary Americans get the megaphone. That’s why his approval rating is steady, even in the midst of all the uncertainty the Wuhan virus is causing, and the economic ups and downs we’ve been feeling since early March.

That’s also what the media don’t understand – regardless of their audience (as Trump has shown, even Fox needs an education every once in a while). You can’t just talk at people, you need to talk with people. The left is always going on about the need for “national conversations,” but Trump is the only one who has actually been having a back-and-forth with the American people in the last decade – even before he came down the escalator at Trump Tower.

All he has to do to win in November and keep our country safe and on track is keep listening. That’s what drives the left nuts, what drives the corporate media nuts, and what can keep the rest of us sane.

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Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

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