Trump Wants a ‘New and Updated’ GOP Platform


President Trump is now calling for a “new and updated” platform for the Republican party.

According to Fox News:

Two days after the Republican National Committee (RNC) moved to not update the GOP’s platform from the 2016 convention, President Trump tweeted that he prefers “a new and updated Platform.”


The party’s current platform – which was adopted at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio four years ago – contains outdated references such as condemnations of the “current” president, who at the time was President Barack Obama. The platform also includes language opposing same-sex marriage and is supportive of gay conversion therapy.

The four-year-old document also doesn’t have any language on new combustible issues like racial justice and police reform, or statements in opposition to defunding police departments.

Republican Party officials and Trump campaign aides had mulled ways of trimming the 58-page document.

It is unclear if President Trump will look for a platform that will expand the reach of the party by broadening the issues it advocates for.


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