Trump Attorney Destroys CNN’s Stelter During Odd Interview


Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis destroyed CNN’s Brian Stelter during an odd interview.

According to Town Hall:

Ellis appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources to discuss what Stelter calls the president’s “divorce from reality,” as well as other fair and balanced news items typically covered by the network. Stelter argued the president’s contempt for the liberal media was “aberrant” in the course of America’s history. When Ellis countered that Trump was the first citizen and president able to use his own platform to cut through the fake news narrative, the fake news remark hit a little too close to home for Brian Stelter. 

“You understand that like someday you’re going to regret this, right?” Stelter said, as he talked over Ellis. “Someday you’re going to regret this when your kids and grandkids look back at this and you use slurs and smears like fake news to hurt news outlets.”

“I think in 10 or 20 years if we just sit down and talk about this, you’ll recognize how damaging it was,” Brian said. “How damaging it was to use terms like fake news to attack journalists who are trying to do their jobs.”

And that’s when Ellis had to burst Brian’s bubble: “You’re not a journalist, Brian. You’re an activist. That’s the problem. You have an agenda, and your agenda is anti-Trump,” Ellis said. 


The Trump campaign also issued a statement about the sexism that Stelter used and that all liberal journalists use against conservative women who chose to think for themselves.

Here is the statement from Ali Pardo, the 2020 deputy communications director for the Trump campaign:

“Liberal activists masquerading as journalists are constantly demeaning and insulting conservative women simply for having the audacity to think for ourselves and go against the fake news narrative they are pushing that day. President Trump has constantly championed strong women in positions of power and delivered on key issues that matter to women across the country: making our communities safer and bringing jobs back to America. Brian Stelter’s comments today toward Senior Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis were sexist and demeaning, implying that her children and grandchildren will be ashamed of her simply because she was holding media outlets accountable. This kind of on-air meltdown and lashing out is completely unprofessional, yet it’s what we’ve come to expect from the leftists who hate President Trump. It would be great if so-called journalists would refrain from personal attacks and putting words in the mouths of the children and grandchildren of strong, smart, and independent women. We condemn Brian Stelter’s behavior and call on CNN and Stelter to apologize.”

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