Ex-Trump Official Richard Grenell Explains to CNN’s Burnett That Not All Classified Info is True

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany had to explain to CNN’s Erin Burnett how something could be classified but also not true.

The best part is he used a CNN story as an example.

According to Town Hall:

Which brings us to this thing about classified information. You know things could be classified and totally wrong, right? That’s exactly what former acting DNI Grenell said to Erin Burnett last week. Burnett was a bit puzzled, who said that there was a rule that classified material was all true?

“It can’t be both,” said Burnett smugly in her segment with Grenell.

“Of course, it can be both,” chuckled Grenell, who then ripped CNN for peddling the story that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was gravely ill. The former ambassador to Germany did erroneously credit CNN for saying he was braindead—that was NBC News’ Katy Tur—but the result is the same. That was something that was highly classified, which was leaked to the press, and it turned out to be totally wrong. Burnett knew that immediately and tried to end the segment as quickly as possible after realizing she had been owned for her idiotic take on classified information never being wrong.

Also, I’d say let’s be skeptical of Bolton’s intentions here, given that it appears he may be a bit salty that Trump also passed on executing what he’s always wanted: bombing Iran.

The exchange followed a judge’s ruling allowing Bolton’s book to be published which the left championed. They however didn’t report the admonishment the judge had for Bolton.


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