Pro-Trump PAC Chairman: Trump Must Drain the Swamp One More Time

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

The Chairman of the Great America PAC recently wrote an op-ed where he explained why President Trump needs to drain the swamp again.

Rollins recently called for a campaign reshuffle after seeing the swamp oozing into President Trump’s orbit.

He used this article to differentiate Great America PAC as the premier pro-Trump Super PAC.

According to Rollins in The Western Journal:

Unfortunately, parts of the Washington swamp have oozed their way back into President Trump’s orbit. In 2016, President Trump had no “official” super PAC. Various political organizations, including my own Great America PAC, competed to best serve the Trump election.

That competition worked. In 2016, Great America PAC emerged as America’s top pro-Trump super PAC, because our competitors brought out the best in us. This helped President Trump win 63 million votes in the process.

However, times change. For the past three and a half years, the “official” America First Action PAC has not been exposed to the same competition to sharpen its approach and help serve President Trump to the utmost. While America First is on the right side of the political debate, the PAC’s establishment mindset—evident in its spending inefficiency—makes it an ineffective servant to the re-election of President Trump.

Of the $18 million in spending reported by America First, only $45,000 (0.2 percent) has been in support of President Trump. This is simply not enough.

Rollins pointed out that the reelection campaign is in the midst of a reshuffling and Great America PAC is poised to help him secure a second term, but to do that he needs to drain the swamp one last time.

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