2.) Illegitimate

Photo of FBI headquarters. Wikimedia Commons


DOJ officials have concluded that the investigation into Flynn was unjustified as the evidence they had was not enough to pursue anything further. This again shows that the Obama-era FBI and DOJ were choosing to play political games as opposed to running real investigations.

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  1. We are so discussed of everything from Oba corruption … All we all want is Oba .and All his minions in jail .Clint ,as well ..ALL THIS GARBAGE ON MEDIA IS NOW A WASTE ,ALL DONE ON PURPOSE TO CURTAIL ALL THE EXPOSURE OF THESE PEOPLE …President Trump needs to just focus on the trash administration of oba . And lock them all up .
    Plus some of the Republicans we have better quit their personal agenda and back #45 ..REMEMBER ..ONLY THERE NOW BECAUSE OF Pres.Trump…WE WILL REMOVE THE NON BACKERS …WAKE UP REPUBLICANS IN OFFICE …WE ARE WATCHING YOU ……


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