Major Ban Wave! Here Is What Happened And Who Got Banned!

Across several major sites yesterday we saw massive ban waves happen within minutes of each other, these bans took place across several sites including Reddit, Youtube, and other sites. The most bizarre aspect of these bans is that they happened within minutes of each other, when many on Reddit saw their favorite board get taken down they took to Youtube to see that many of their favorite content creators were now banned, this has lead many to speculate that there was collusion between big tech companies when it came to this massive strike. 

While allegations of collusion have yet to be proven true these bans strike many as off considering free speech is protected in the first amendment and is non-negotiable. As always those targeted in these Bans were on the right and although some of these individuals or groups are pretty far right this opens the door to mainstream conservative being targeted as we have seen in the past, you give the left an inch they take a mile. Here are some of the notable accounts and boards that got banned:

    1. I agree, Words of Truth. The Left is so power hungry they would sell out their souls & the Freedom our Military have fought for. They are so blind, I really don’t think a lot of them realize what a Socialist Dictatorship would be like as their ruler!! And they’re brainwashed enough to call OUR PRESIDENT Hitler??
      Then they stand behind Antifa calling it peaceful protests and want to abolish law and order by defunding Our Police?? The Trump Derangement Syndrome has made them ready for the padded cells in a Mental Facility!! TRUMP 2020

  1. OK Conservatives, some of you are smart enough to start a new site for us and just let them try to get on any of them.
    We need this just like we need a NEW Conservative TV station, so the real stories can come out. We are sick and tired of liars.

    1. Amen!!! I totally agree!! The demonRATS have gone SO FAR left that if they go any further they’d be on their way back!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
      TRUMP/PENCE 2020🙏🙏

  2. The Sorryass democrats are the worse Enemy America has ever had, and we probably see one face to face every day.

  3. Try the newest Social Media free site that will not prevent your freedom to speak. The site is called “PARLER”

  4. It would be nice if some moneyed conservative were to open a social media network that banned all things liberal and leftist and marxist and and and….like these big boys do. It’s really tiring trying to tow their line when you want to make a point and you’re forever shut down or shut out. That’s the problem with leftists everywhere, they hate the truth and go out of their way to dissuade people from using it.


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