CNN’s Cuomo Appears to Side With Liberal Mob Over Property Owners

By Senator Chris Coons (DNC CNN Camerota & Cuomo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently appeared to side with the liberal mob over the homeowners who used their weapons to protect their property.

According to Fox News:

Cuomo dismissed McCloskey’s fears and asked, “To be clear, did anything happen to you or your property?”

McCloskey said, “It’s called social intimidation … terrorism.”

Cuomo then scolded McCloskey for pointing a loaded weapon at protesters who were reportedly looking for the mayor’s home, but McCloskey said you cannot reach the mayor’s residence through his neighborhood. The two bickered over whether or not McCloskey was terrorized as the homeowner repeated claims that he felt threatened.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote, “Cuomo spent over 13 minutes siding with the St. Louis mob” during his interview with McCloskey and his attorney, Albert Watkins.

Cuomo and the American media are now shaming homeowners for exercising their right to protect their home.

  1. Biden is mentally deficient bordering on insanity and is being handled by forces of evil! We’re he to be elected his VP would become the president within 6 months because he would die of old age! A vote for him would be a vote against our nation!

    1. Exactly! And he is thinking of making Kamala Harris his VP. Having those two running our Nation would be SUICIDE for the American people! Between them both, they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag…sad, but hugely true.
      America would sooner have another Revolution for Independence from those with “stunted brains”, than live under their clueless and totally ignorant control.
      Many Americans are getting ready for an event like that — there has been more guns sold in the past months than ever before. Why is that? Perchance “We the People” are done with the “Black Losers Mayhem”, riots, unknown Covid circumstances, etc? Yeah, it’s coming if the idiot Democrat-run states don’t get it together and start supporting our Country! We are done!

      Get it together Leftists or we will force you to get it together, aka Civil War II! Don’t think this could happen? Think again! Game Time: PATRIOTS VS IDIOTS! Who do you think would win? Dems talk big but run at any altercation — most are chicken livered people. The War would be over fast…and finally Peace for our Nation to grow!
      Think about this and choose your sides. It may be sooner than you know! Be ready Patriots!

  2. Lord, I ask you let Cuomo & the American media be on the receiving end of some of the violence the business owners are getting from these puppet thugs. Let’s see how they like it. What’s good for the goose is good for the ganders.

    Cuomo & the media are such winers. Would do us regular Americans so much good.

    1. Oh we already know how that works. Seattle was suddenly cleaned of the filth the minute The Seattle Mayor’s property and neighborhood was violated. But I sincerely hope The Two Cuomos and Blasio are attacked. How fitting would that be?

      1. Fredo is the POS who made a big deal out of living in his basement for Covid-19 safety AND he is the POS who threatened the biker who observed him “out of the house” . . . . like most all Liberals, “do as I say, not as I do”, is the motto they live by.

  3. Looking forward to the day when that dope Cuomo is confronted by the BLM/Antifa terrorists. Hope it’s captured on video as he runs away crying like a little gurl.

  4. Cuomo is such an idiot. I hope they come to his home, he’s such a coward he would do nothing would probably run. These liberal morons always tell others what they should have done when they’re sitting safely in their secured CNN building. I seriously can’t believe anyone watches CNN nothing but crap and lies. Nobody who works there is an actual journalist just losers no other network wants. I can see why they call this loser Fredo.

  5. Fredo is just hoping by siding with the Marxist Thugs he will get special immunity from their terrorism.

  6. It proves what an idiot really looks and acts like. The Cuomos are not intelligent and they prove it everytime they

    open their mouth.

    1. 😁😁😁😁😁 Perfect description of the democrat party, aka “The Users & Abusers!

      Everyone needs to get a copy of our U.S. Constitution — read the Second Amendment — It’s all there about American’s RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! Check it out and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

      Cuomo is a snake with no brains and thinks all Americans are stupid. Let’s show him we’re not. Cuomo is the stupid dolt!

  7. This part and [parcel of the elitists Cuomo thugs and the net work that is part of it. An elitist, self -righteous rich white privileged thug with protection of self and home provided. This is the guy and those like him anarchists and antifa should violate his and the governor’s peace and space to riot and destroy what he represents, using blacks and minority groups to stir up hate for the sole purpose of increasing his ratings and salary.

  8. Cuomo is an idiot! What has happened to the brains of democrats? They need to ALL have an Xray to see if there is anything inside their heads!

    Firstly, that “MOB” WITH FLACK VESTS AND GUNS THEMSELVES, BROKE DOWN THE GATE TO THEIR PROPERTY — and TRESPASSED ON “PRIVATE PROPERTY”. Funny, but in any other state NOT run by democrats, that’s trespassing and people have the right to use force. Not so there? Someone has their head up where the sunshine doesn’t shine!
    All I can say is where we live, if you come tearing down my property then trespass and threaten my loved ones, I WILL USE WEAPONRY TO TAKE YOU DOWN. And if Cuomo is with you, he goes down too!

    Americans: Do NOT listen nor believe Democrats mumbling about YOU NOT using guns to protect your homes and loved ones. ACCORDING TO OUR U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL 2ND AMENDMENT– YOU have the right to bear arms to defend not only against anyone threatening your loved ones and property, BUT ALSO AGAINST AN OVERREACHING GOVERNMENT! It’s there in our U.S. Constitution!

    Why do you think the radical Left wants to get rid of our Constitution? It STOPS them from treading on the American people and trying to force them to do their bidding.

    Dems “lie” to get whatever they want. Cuomo is the BIGGEST FOOL AND CNN IS RIGHT THERE WITH HIM. That couple had every right to defend their property from a bunch of no good criminals bent on destruction. Cuomo can go eat worms and puke. Get your friggin head out of your obvious butt Cuomo. As usual, you are a “walking talking liar” for the Democrat party, aka “The Users & Abusers”!

  9. The Media and both cuomos are against freedom except for ELITES that have money for private security, take it away from the elites if you can not protect yours they can not have armed security it makes them feel special above everyone else.

  10. Chris Cuomo is a PATHETIC INDIVIDUAL. He is disgusting. He is a LIAR. He is useless human. The world will be a better place when he is dead and gone.

  11. What should the homeowner do? Just let them take over his property. Chris’s moronic logic would just get you hurt or killed.

  12. I urge anyone that knows where Cuomo resides to temple through his gates and lets see what Fredo does. I am still offering Fredo a fishing date. Anytime Chris


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