VIDEO: Trump Promises to Stop Lawlessness

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump issued a video message in which he promised to stop the lawlessness occurring in America.

According to Fox News:

President Trump, in a video message on Thursday, vowed to stop “lawlessness” and to continue to protect monuments and statues across the nation after many were vandalized and destroyed in recent weeks.

“Lawlessness has been allowed to prevail. We’re not going to let it prevail any longer,” Trump said in a video message posted to his Twitter feed Thursday. “I signed an executive order just a few days ago, and since then, it’s been very calm. They go to prison for 10 years if they hurt our monuments or our statues.”

“It started off with Confederate statues but then it went to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln,” Trump continued. “It went to people that were abolitionists, people who wanted to stop slavery.

He added: “Our country is great, it’s going to be greater than ever before. No doubt about it.”

The message comes after his executive order to protect statues and monuments.

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  1. The astonishing leadership, patriotism and love of this (HIS) country, has put him leagues ahead of anything in the Democratic establishment. The irony of all this is that he continues to forge ahead in spite of EVERY democrat’s opposition, obstruction and vile attacks of every obvious accomplishment he has made: e.g. very low unemployment; protecting our borders; crucial improvement in our trade deals; stronger military; inducing NATO members to contribute more to their own security and vast resurgence of respect from abroad because of his strong resolve in “speaking softly and carrying a big stick!” He doesn’t just speak, he carries through – a policy unheard of from previous administration.

  2. We live the previous administrations legacy.
    And apparently the dumbocraps aren’t willing to give it up.

  3. Don’t trust the polls. I believe we will see a Republican Tidal Wave engulf the Democrats this year. Between the elections and the Barr/Durham Investigation results will leave the Dems marginalized and whining.

  4. The President is one of the few people speaking out against the lawlessness that is taking place in our country. Politicians never known for their bravery, are doing what politicians always do, hiding under their desks and hoping to get a lot a credit for doing absolutely nothing. Now our President, not being a politician in the true sense, doesn’t worry about the credit, he uses common decency, practical sense and a moral understanding of how things work, he just gives it his 110% every time.

  5. What I wonder is why aren’t the wimpy Republicans standing behind our President? Where are all the “big dogs” that promised to back Pres. Trump if we’d elect them? They came through for us on the ridiculous impeachment and we thought maybe they’s start showing some backbone, but once again, they’re hiding in their basements like Quid Pro Joe. Time to drain the swamp….. for good!


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