Shepard Smith Will Be Back on TV

Fox News
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Former Fox News host Shepard Smith will be joining CNBC the network announced live on air this afternoon.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Shepard Smith will host “The News with Shepard Smith” on CNBC from 7 to 8 PM Eastern beginning this fall.

Smith will be chief general news anchor and chief breaking news anchor for the network.

In a press release, Shepard Smith said I am honored to continue to pursue the truth, both for CNBC’s loyal viewers and for those who have been following my reporting for decades in good times and in bad.”

Statement from CNBC Chairman Mark Hoffman:

“We aim to deliver a nightly program that, in some small way, looks for the signal in all the noise,” Hoffman said in the press release. “We’re thrilled that Shep, who’s built a career on an honest fight to find and report the facts, will continue his pursuit of the truth at CNBC.”

Smith spent 23 years at Fox News. Most recently, he hosted “Shepard Smith Reporting” before leaving the network in October 2019.

He was a big critic of President Trump and network evening anchor Tucker Carlson at the Fox News Channel which caused turmoil inside the studio.

**This Is a breaking news story and will be updated with more information**

  1. I’m sure Smith will find it more comfortable there but if he really wanted to feel at home he should move to Russia and work for Pravda.

  2. Shep wouldn’t know a fact if it kicked him in the head. I don’t watch CNBC I prefer not to be lied to.

  3. They deserve him. He would’ve fit in better at CNN or even better on the SYFY channel.

  4. Bye bye CNBC. Great choice. I have several others you NEED to hire so that CNBC will be a widely used synonym for ‘psychosis’.

  5. Shep Smith just Like; Don Lemon, CNN, Chagmion Antoine, CBS, Anderson Cooper, CNN, Steve Kmetko, QTN Dan Kloeffler, ABC, Eden Lane, PBS, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, Charles Perez, ABC, Robin Roberts, ABC, Thomas Roberts, MSNBC, Jessica Savitch, NBC, Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN, Steve Kornacki, MSNBC –
    Sheppard SMITH will be just more “Gay Spin News”
    The forgoing are all news anchors and are Gay Fake News?
    Is this why we can’t find “Straight News with Straight Facts? Instead of Fake News

  6. Why didn’t they put up at same time as Tucker? I know why because he would have his ass handed to him in the ratings. I will never watch this channel and especially Shep.

  7. OMG! I was hoping “it” had been killed by a bull and I don’t mean gored to death! 🤢🤮⚰
    Shepard Smith is not a competent journalist! He is a pansy liberal whose emotions are lying just beneath the surface and he is unable to stay on topic when he is reporting on stories he disagrees with. His anger explodes, his face turns red, his mouth gets all pursed and then his words begin……
    Oh what do I care? I don’t watch CNBC and don’t know anyone who does!

  8. The communist Chinese love their asset shep smith. The communist Chinese love shep repeating their lies. I hope they watch their little boys, and guard the bathrooms. Unless shep uses the woman’s bathroom, they will be alright.

    1. Really ???…I see four of them….Not a clue why the one u want isn’t showing….I don’t have a problem,,,,mine all show….

  9. Returns from what?! POS is just resuming his corruption where corruption is normal on the king of fake news network. Hope he stays there where he won’t be seen or heard by normal Americans and patriots.

  10. Shep will “continue his pursuit of truth” – What a joke that is. Shep only promotes fake news, the truth is like a foreign language to Shep, he doesn’t get it or understand it. Shep will continue on in his old MO of promulgating fake news and socialistic/communistic propaganda. Comrade Shep at CNBC – right where he belongs with the rest of the America hating reporters.

  11. I’m surprised Sheppie hasn’t joined Reed Galen, pudgy troll George Conway and bedwetter Ricky Wilson at the NeverTrumper Central Lincollllln Projectt where all they do is wallow in level 6 TDS, where President Trump lives rent free in their otherwise empty brain pans 24/7!

  12. Shepherd Smith will be right at home at CNBC as a liberal, anti- Trump host of the news. CNBC and Shepherd are joined at the hip as left wing radicals. Who in the hell will be watching and listening to Shepherd except the left wing goof balls.

  13. Smith could be handing out free 10 carat diamonds and I wouldn’t get close enough to him to get one.


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