Trump Accuses Biden of Plagiarism for ‘Buy American’ Plan

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

President Trump has accused Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden of plagiarism, over his new “buy American” plan.

According to Fox News:

“He plagiarized from me, but he can never pull it off,” Trump said. “He likes plagiarizing.”

It included a $400 billion investment by the federal government to purchase American products such as cement, concrete, steel and other materials to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. On top of that, it includes a $300 billion investment in research for new technologies, such as electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and 5G.

But the Biden move reportedly left the Trump administration flatfooted. Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein reported that some at the White House were “fuming” as Biden pushed the “Buy America” plan before the Trump team was able to push out its own “Buy America” proposals.

Trump’s jab about Biden “plagiarizing” appears to be a reference to a controversy that took down Biden’s 1988 presidential bid — when it was discovered he had plagiarized from a speech by then-British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Biden was recently accused of copying some of Bernie Sanders’ plans in his new proposals for reform.

And he may not be out of the woods on this yet, either.

And as The Washington Free Beacon noted that the “build back better” slogan used by Biden was used by the United Nations in April.



  1. LOL….Yes he did…LOL…Typical coming from any dem….Especially from an old fart like biden…Now I know why,,,, him and the burn r buttbuddies,,,and I’m sure them being old farts aren’t the only reason….The dems aren’t capable of coming up with any original idea of their own….They will always cheat,,,lie,,,and steal to get what they want….

  2. YOu would have thought that his string-pullers (aka puppeteers) would have been smarter than this. One wonders if a Democrat knows what an original thought is. Certainly Biden doesn’t know

  3. Surely everyone knew that – or maybe not. He plagiarized from Neil Kinnock, Labour Leader in England, he plagiarized from Robert Kennedy, plagiarized when he was in college. But it’s OK, he’s Democrat, and nothing they do is wrong, while nothing Republicans do is right, according to lefties.

  4. We the people can and should never forget that the corrupt to the core democrats have promised everyone the world and delivered on nothing. Of course Biden and his handlers have plagiarized our Presidents plan for America because they know it works. They have nothing on their own to offer just promises that will never be kept. Remember, in spite of the psychotic and pathetic lefts constant attempts to stop everything our President has done he has never given up and he has promised and delivered to our nation the best economy we have ever experienced

    1. Robert you are right listens to President Trump says then makes a statement he things the sheep well like SAD of course democrats will drop it if winning

  5. The tax increases Biden proposes will crush the economy, ruin our country, and you won’t be able to find anything made outside of China.


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