Trump Needs to Focus on This to Get Campaign and America Back on Track

President Donald J. Trump addresses a rally in Montoursville, PA – May 27, 2019. Photo: Michael Malarkey.

The two Chairman of Pro-Trump Super PAC Great America PAC are sounding the alarm on the “adrift” Trump campaign while providing the steps they say are necessary for President Trump to take in order to get his campaign and America back on track.

Writing in USA Today Ed Rollins and Eric Breach state:

The Trump campaign can reverse Biden’s fortunate momentum by recapturing the “Make America Great Again” movement of 2016. With so much dividing us, Americans want their country back. If anarchy can damage our cities, capitalism will build them back up. If Democrats and media elites want to label Americans racist and divide us, President Trump can demonstrate that it is unity that guides us.

How can President Trump do it? He must recapture the original “MAGA” themes, hammering home the “America First” message of 2016, from law and order to middle-class tax cuts and conservative jurisprudence. President Trump also needs to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the riots that marred broad protests for racial justice, with creativity, empathy and tenacity.

First, using executive authority and federal assets like the National Guard, President Trump should push back on chaotic elements when Democratic governors and mayors are too weak or unwilling to protect their citizens. Block bills for funding for cities that allow anarchy, sanctuary status for illegal immigrants, destruction of monuments and defunding of police. Create tax incentives for those willing to rebuild and take their cities back.

At the same time, the president must remind citizens of these Democratic-led states and cities that liberal policies and lawlessness are recipes for disaster. The administration’s record of achieving record-low Black unemployment and addressing criminal justice reform in any other year would be solid, but President Trump needs new, innovative thinking to accompany it.

They end with calling for Trump to focus on education, specifically reopening schools in the fall.

  1. I agree totally with this article. Especially about hammering the Left Loonies in the State Governments for not protecting their people and punishing the law breakers.

    1. I agree totally. Why is no one calling them out for not condemning these actions. All Pelosi has said is “they will do what they want to do”. What kind of immature, uncaring, stoic answer that is to a very serious question. Hammer them is exactly right, over and over and over again.

  2. Ed Rollins was a Neo-con never-Trump — until he wasn’t. Once Donald Trump was elected, he saw that it was in his economic interest to suddenly be Pro-Trump and make a very comfortable living running a PAC that is marketed as Pro-Trump.

  3. I don’t want our great president to change one bit. The thing I love the most about him is that he is REAL. The rest of the slimy politicians are as phony as can be.

    Thank you President Trump for all that you do and keep making America even greater than you already have.

  4. I like this idea very much! This is the roadmap for the Donald John Trump we elected in 2016 and will again in November 2020!
    President Trump is a warrior and has the best instincts and insights for what he should and will do!
    COVID-19 has changed the way everything is done but, “when things get tough, the tough get going” and nobody does it better than DJT!

  5. no i’ don’t agree woth this article because he don’t need!! anybody to tell him what to do, he knows exactly what to do and what it’s got yo be done, and he does it in a very carefully, dilligently, wisely, experienced manner, he’s the brightest most intelligent, smartest wise innovative man in the world and he certainly don need anybody to tell him tjat he needs to think thay way because that’s in him!!! u moron !!! he knows whay he needs to focus on ok!!

  6. When I voted in 2016, I saw this push to make the nation a nation ran by the Political Elite calling it being a Progressive Government. I could see that this Progressive Government was another name for a Socialist Government. This nation was so Progressive at this time that every voters was even forced to vote for a proven Criminal Liar named Hillary Clinton. Vote for a corrupted Political Liar or a unknown, unproven Donald Trump.
    I now know that Trump actually gave the nation a renewed strength and a sense of Patriotism the nation needed badly. The nation needed a Donald Trump when our nation was threatened with Socialist Rule. President Obama gave us “the right thing to do”. This “right thing to do” gave the nation Political Correctness. Being Political Correct was more important than following Rule of Law. Obama may be out of office now, but this Political Correctness is alive and well, even though it is not backed up with Rule of Law.

    Now I am being asked to vote for my President in 2020. Again we have a Proven Liar and in addition a corrupted politician who is suffering from dementia or vote for a now proven President Trump. This should be a obvious vote for every US Citizens who values their Individual Freedoms, but it is not . Why? “We the people…” have to vote for the future on our US Constitutional Republic. Our youth has been brainwashed into believing Socialism will make this nation better than it is today. What the people fail to hear is that Socialism will destroy everything good about these United States. Socialism will corrupt our nation and eliminate every freedom stated in our US Constitution. The politicians in our government have no fear of Socialism because they will be the Political Elite
    and will welcome the power they will have. The 2020 could be the most historic election in US history. It could mean the end for the concept of Individual Freedom and the rise of Socialism in America. If you think it could never happen in America, you are mistaken. As long as we vote for Socialist Ideals and keep electing Political Correct candidates we are only votes away from making it happen in America. We have the power of our vote and if everyone votes for the Liberal Left it WILL HAPPEN.

  7. I think he’s already doing everything this article suggests isn’t he? Better offence than defense, better to act than to react.


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