10 Reasons THIS is One of the Most Important Elections in History

Trump Rally

1.) Immigration

Biden is soft on immigration and the Democrats are openly stating that they want to grant amnesty and full citizenship to all who enter the country regardless of criminality or the purpose of their entry into the country. These illegal immigrants will be able to vote and be entitled to healthcare and everything everyone else is simply because they can. This would irreparable harm to the country as the system can not support such an influx of people.

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Betty Deardorff
Betty Deardorff
2 years ago


Dannie Poe
2 years ago

The voters of 2020 will have the same options they had in 2016, just a different candidate of the Democrats. In 2016 they voted to end Political Correctness, yet when the Socialist Democrats proclaimed that President Trump is not their President and the voters declared invalid and nothing changed. The nation’s leaders just made Socialism their priority because they want more power, not less power. They do not want any person to repeat what Trump’s election achieved; the election of a Outsider who does not come from the political rank and file. Sadly, these politicians will give the nation Socialism , just to get Trump out of office. What do the Socialist Democrats fear? They fear that President Trump will make them guilty of Treason and send them to prison. As long as Trump stays in office, the more corruption is revealed. So far we have the names of these bad actors exposed. Obama, Rice, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Struok, Mueller, Schiff, Page, just to name a few. I may have spelled their names wrong, but they know who they are. The facts remain; people in key positions of government used the power of government to discredit a candidate and then later a Sitting President. The power of government was used as a political tool against a private citizen. Political Corruption should never happen in a free society.