Ilhan Omar Exceeds $1 Million in Payments to New Husband’s Firm

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Ilhan Omar escaped to the refuge of the United States only to try to bring the system that saved her down from within.

Her sketchy behavior doesn’t stop there as the U.S. Representative has now exceeded over $1 million in payments to her new husband’s firm.

Omar has been accused of breaking up her new husband’s previous marriage.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

Federal Election Commission records released Tuesday afternoon show that Omar’s campaign funneled $228,384.93 last quarter to the E Street Group, a D.C.-based consulting firm run by the congresswoman’s husband, Tim Mynett. The payments, predominantly for digital and fundraising services, bring the total that Omar’s campaign has sent to Mynett’s firm to just over $1 million for the 2020 cycle.

Omar, a freshmen congresswoman, has faced scrutiny over numerous financial and personal issues since she was elected in 2018. She has drawn criticism for a lack of transparency about her previous marriages, over campaign finance violations, and for a potential violation of House ethics rules pertaining to the advance she received on a recently published memoir. Pressed for answers, she has routinely dismissed the inquiries as “smears” and “conspiracy theories.”

Mynett’s firm is the top vendor for Omar’s campaign, which doled out $521,000 between April 1 and June 30 with Mynett’s share accounting for 44 percent of that total.

The financial relationship between Mynett and Omar began before the two announced they were married this March, but it is unclear how long the two were romantically linked before they tied the knot. Omar denied the two were romantically involved, but Mynett’s then-wife alleged in divorce papers that the two were having an affair.

Omar has refused to answer questions about her relationship with her campaign’s top vendor citing it as her “personal life.”

    1. ” Neither are the do nothing republicans doing anything about this buck-toothed, America hating Somali.
      And we all know those 40,000 Somali’s Obama put in Minneapolis will re-elect her for the next 50 years.
      Sad that the idiots we eagerly vote for every November have done what no foreign enemy could….DESTROY AMERICA

      1. My question to you is What can the republicans really do? She duly elected from her district by people from her district.

    1. Because she sits on the security/intelligence council (not sure of the exact name of it), we care about what she does or might do to subvert America!

    2. She is a thief robbing the tax payers of money so she can put it into her “husband’s” account. In other words, she is laundering money at OUR expense!!

    3. Much of what she and her other 3 cohorts have made some big in roads into the democrat party and in congress.

  1. I have a few questions about the terrorist supporter
    Why have the Democ”rats” not raised any questions about all of her “out of normal activities?”
    When will the Adam Schhitt and Pelosie start an investigation on the rag head omar?
    Why does our US Government put up with such bull schitt ?
    Why is her citizenship not revoked ? The terrorist supporter is a liability to the United States of America.

    1. They maybe good question from a republican point of view. From the democrats point of view it is the new democrat position on policy. The party is not against what she stands for.

  2. Corrupt America hating dimoKKKrat, enemy agent, seditionist, the law does not apply.
    Nothing to see here, lets move along now.

  3. This scrawny little crow is a bonafide thief and criminal with the morals of a alley cat! Pelosi and the Dems are so pleased with Omar’s performance they have no intention of investigating her questionable tactics and actions…….Pelosi even put her on the national security committee! All the Dems care about is she is a muslim so, any and all she does is okie-dokie with the damn-o-crat-rats!

    1. Exactly, just like the characters all behind the Russian hoax, nothing will happen, because the main stream media protects their own.

  4. Omar took an Oath of Office to serve and Protect the People of the U.S. What will be her defense, that We the People were stupid enough to let her in office and she’s not really obligated to America because she laid her right hand on the Qua’ran? There are some Muslim Citizens here who truly Love America, sadly Omar brought her Socialist Ideology with her and needs to be removed for breaking finance Laws!

  5. Congress and the media SCREAMS about Trump’s “TAX RETURNS,” but couldn’t care less where Omar is getting a million dollars to spend? They really do protect their own. Vote for J. Bidet if you like this.

    1. Why is Ilhan Omar still in my country? She has repeatedly violated her OATH of CITIZENSHIP and her OATH of Office with her anti-American rhetoric and her apparent criminal and seditious behavior. Her citizenship should be revoked and she should be deported back to Somalia.

  6. Remove this racist ,thiefing bigit from office . She hates the country that took her family in . time to remove this traitor period.

  7. Di-FI has done the same for her family for years and nothing is done.

    Disgrace to everything American!

  8. It bothers me that a woman like Omar can come to this country and in a short time be elected to represent her Somalian community. She makes more money that the average American makes, She invests in her new husband’s business. And yet here she is talking sedition and wanting to bring down the American way of life. It boggles the mind.

  9. All I can say is that she disgusts me. Wish she would keep her stupid mouth shut. Send her back to some place, I really don’t care where.

  10. Where is the FEC??? If this were a repub, they would have already been driven out of office…

    The Deep State is never gonna go away…


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