Trump Secretly Authorized Attacks on These Countries

A constant theme with President Trump has been bringing the boot down on countries that actively harm the United States and challenge the global economy. With the rise in information technology cybersecurity is a priority and so is cyber warfare. Tactical hacks have been used for many years and have proven to be extremely effective. Here are 4 countries that the President has hit with Cyber Attacks:

  1. I really didn’t need to see the list of countries….a little logic would tell everyone who they were! All I will add is……. all of them certainly had it coming and none deserved it more!

  2. “Secretly” approved? I’m glad that “secret” wasn’t important or anything. I’d say it’s not so secret anymore, and the fact that it’s on TTN hopefully means it was a calculated leak.

    Can there be any doubt as to whether Trump or Biden is better for America?
    Trump opposes Russia and Obama/Hillary/Biden did a “reset” with Russia.
    Trump helped Ukraine fight corruption (which deeply involved Biden and Son) and Biden ran the Ukrainian parliament through Soros-backed personnel in the US Embassy there.
    Trump opposes China’s attacks in the South China Sea, in worldwide currency, and cyberspace; Biden made Billion dollar deals that put $1.5 B into Hunter’s accounts.
    Trump has personally negotiated with Kim Jung Un (NK); Obama was ready to go to war with them.
    Trump supports Law Enforcement; Biden supports Marxist BLM and AntiFA
    Trump rejects AOC’s Green New Deal; Biden adopts it.
    Trump supports 2A rights and self-defense; Biden embraces “Beto” O’Rourke as his Gun Control Czar
    Trump pardoned Roger Stone who was railroaded by the DNC and Obama holdovers in the DOJ; Biden cheered the potential death sentence in prison of this 67-year-old man.
    Trump is sharp as a tack, vigorous, and energized for Americans; Biden is dull as a rock, weak, and cannot complete full sentences.
    Trump will continue his winning ways for four more years; Biden will either serve as a weak figurehead, or capitulate to the Marxist Squad+Sanders and we will become another statistic of the Democrat death cult.

    Some choice, huh?

  3. Good,,,Demonstrates like a true leader,,,gets the job done while leaving it to me to live my life….To bad the dems don’t want to follow the President….

  4. Well I’m sure glad he did not warn the enemy of the ATTACKS, this is good, make them look to the left and hit them up side the head with a POWERFUL RIGHT HOOK. Always mislead the enemy. GOD BLESS you POTUS 45th


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