Fox News Host Says Why the Polls Are Wrong, Including Fox News

Fox News
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Fox News host Melissa Francis said she doesn’t trust polling, including Fox News’ own polls.

Her reasoning which she revealed on “Outnumbered” was that she has been polled twice recently and that she “has a blast” when she gets called.

Francis says she sometimes “toys” with the pollsters and “sometimes I’m somebody who voted for de Blasio but now is thinking about Trump, sometimes it just depends how I toyed with these folks.”

Journalist Justin Baragona highlighted the issue (below with clip):

Francis responded to Baragona by saying “[a]ny pollster who calls me – I do not tell the truth. It’s not their business. But I misled them left and right in equal measure. Polling is in fact garbage. I also do *always* disclose where I work and ask from whom they purchased my information.”


She also went on to say “I don’t trust any polling at all based on my personal experience” when Baragona asked her if she also thought Fox News polls are also “garbage”


  2. Been playing with these clowns for years. Who I may or may not vote for is none of their business!

  3. So that’s why Hillairy got such good poles in the last election! When called I usually tell them to call someone else.

  4. You can tell who they are polling for when they ask the biased questions! I have played with those pollsters for at least 30 years. Now I have a security screen on all the phones – home and cells – so they can’t get through. Sooo – they don’t get my conservative opinion!

  5. anyone can bot farm polls nowadays, its a joke and waste of resources. If you honestly want to run America with any good virtue, you wouldn’t care about polls.

  6. I don’t trust any poll except the one that counts, the voting poll on Election Day. Too many are weighted towards Dems, don’t count voters with cell phone numbers only, poll registered voters whom don’t vote by as much as 40%, poll nationally for a vote that is state by state and then you have people who lie.

    Proof is in the polling. . . 2016 list how many polls had Trump winning the election? Yet As I drove the back roads of America I saw a sea of Trump yard signs and never saw a Clinton sign. Today is the same thing. Watch out Dems your poll are for circular reporting only not determining who is going to win or is best to govern #Trump2020

  7. We SHOULD all KNOW that ‘polls’ are FAKE!!! And they HAVE BEEN…..for DECADES now!!
    Didn’t 2016 PROVE, without a SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that Corp Media IS FAKE NEWS!! PERIOD! END of discussion!

  8. Trump is the best president ever. He has achieved so much good for our country with so many obstacles and terrible press. It is so true: Biden has been in a position for many years to achieve something good and it never happens. From my point of view, he has used his position to make his family rich. I se him as very corrupt and bad news for our country. How can we give him more opportunity to do more of the same? President Trump may not be perfect to many people, but he will only do good for America because he loves our country. I do not understand the Dems at all. Why do they want a socialistic country when we know how it will alll turn y out. I give Trump 100 percent approval for a job well done!!!

  9. I do the same thing when I get called by a pollster…I too lie. In 2016 I always praised hillary and said she was trustworthy, qualified to be president, would be good for the country and that I absolutely support her. The BIGGEST lie I’ve ever told.

  10. I have never told them the truth about whom I choose to vote for…….they have to know that some people will mislead them, is that baked into the results?

  11. The results of the polls are meaningless unless the pollsters publish the poll results along with the questions that produced those results.

  12. I personally, have never been polled. It’s a good thing though, because I would certainly give the pollster an ear full about what I think of polls. Besides, the phrasing of questions during this supposed information gathering mission, are, leading, misleading, and “none of the above” is usually not one of the options!

  13. I quite agree with Ms. Francis, it’s no ones business who I’ll be voting for. And her point just goes to underline how inaccurate polls can be. Who can blame people for playing with the pollsters, the majority of the time no one’s listening to the public until they’re looking for a specific outcome. Why give them the satisfaction.

  14. A vast majority of polling questions on emails or regular mail are invariably accompanied by a “REQUEST FOR DONATION”.
    Quite often if you do not donate you will receive a follow up email “YOU DID NOT COMPLETE YOUR DONATION”.
    (1) Do the pollsters count the responses sent in without a donation?
    If they do, the accuracy if probably better.
    If they do not, the accuracy of their poll is absolutely inaccurate.
    (2) How do these pollsters think everyone will donate in response to each and every poll?
    I average about sixty emails/day and three USPS mail/day soliciting a donation.
    Can not respond and donate to all of them.
    Why should I be donating to a Senate candidate from Maine to Texas to Montana and states in between?

    The proliferation of voter data and misuse by lobbyists, where all kind of strange organizations come out of the wood work with my name and address.
    It is shameful that these lobbyists and fund raisers make you feel accommodated with requests for as low as $1.00 but on the spending side grant themselves salaries inthe hundred of thousands.

  15. Can we say then in all fairness, that people have been doing the same for Biden? Just maybe his numbers aren’t nearly as high as they say they are. If she’s fudging the numbers and thousands upon thousands are doing the same, then Biden’s numbers could be extremely low.

    1. Majority of pollsters favor the left so much that questions are posed to favor Dems and purposely inflated for them so that Conservative and Independent voters will be disheartened and may not bother to vote. To that point, it may cover up the nefarious activity of rigging the election by the Dems that the populace will be convinced to not be alarmed to instigate a full investigation since “ they were ahead in the polls” anyway. They can then claim that the 2016 results, despite Dems leading the polls up to the time of election was just an aberration. But it will happen again because sane people still outnumber the insane useful sheeple and they will show up to vote now more than ever to KAG.

  16. Out of MILLIONS of registered voters, they only poll like a THOUSAND people. Then they say MOST AMERICANS feel this way. NO, only a percentage of the people POLLED feel that way. And depending on WHO you poll, of course they’re going to feel a certain way. I challenge you to find a Dairy Farmer or Cattle Rancher to tell you that Dairy or Meat is BAD for you!!! And, they can be polling ILLEGALS, Children etc. , people NOT ELIGIBLE to LEGALLY vote. I’ve been an Election Judge in Cook “crook” County IL since 2011. I’ve personally seen what the Democrats do to sway the elections. They are now bringing in the Mentally handicapped and “helping” them vote.

  17. I am disappointed in the character of MF. Simply say you are not interested, or tell them it is none of their business. Dishonesty spreads into distrust. I thought you were reliable.

  18. Truth is “it is no one business who I am voting for” and the polls are the campaign and media’s way to try to influence voters. We are a HERDING breed, so they hope they can get people to follow their parties herd and they hope that high poll figures accomplish that. It is all a mind game… games with their minds, then hang up and LOL.

  19. Besides giving the pollsters a line of BS, with caller ID on every phone, who really answers their phones if a weird number comes up or you don’t know who’s actually calling? I DON”T and really don’t know of anybody that does!

  20. Well I have never been polled but you think after all the Truth Bombs that have been dropped that we would have some truths , but they must be made in China because they don’t work


  22. Been doing that for years, it’s none of their business. You really think they are anonymous, sorry I don’t trust many people I don’t know.

  23. Trump him bad. Biden him good. This message has been approved by G Soros and my in-law Piglosi. Slavery ain’t so bad. Try it and we will tell you how to feel. Trust us. Would I lie to you?

  24. November is coming, I can’t wait for the ROAR of the “silent majority” to silence the vermin on the left!

  25. I am 82 years young and I have never been called for a poll. I have received some polls from web sites wanting to get a

    ad money from sponsors but never a call on politics. So where do these people call? I suspect they have phone numbers of enough people to call for whatever they want to justify in their statements backed up by their poll. Yes both sided are doing that.

  26. Polls should not be taken as the end all and be all. People forever lie on polls. Opinions forever change. Most folks like to keep their private thoughts and their private information to themselves. Melissa Francis got it right.


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