The ‘Social Justice’ Crusading Companies Have Remained Silent on China’s Hong Kong Takeover

Many American companies engage in a tactic known as virtue signaling, they put out big fluffy messages on social media but don’t do anything to address the issues they claim to care about. It is evident that they do not actually care about issues because now that the crackdown is in Hong Kong, a place where they operate they have chosen to say nothing and do nothing. Here are spineless companies who are all bark and no bite when it comes to the big issues:

    1. 50% of the POPULATION IS UNHINGED.
      Not saying anything against China is the easy way out.

      STANDING UP TO CHINA (which of course is the absolute right thing to do in many ways) TAKES GUTS & FORTITUDE .

      And the CEO’s of these companies are white males…. so there’s your answer….NO GUTS & FORTITUDE!!!!!!!!

  1. We hear all these terms like “social messaging”, “cancel culture”, and “public shaming”; so I am forced to ask myself: When did US Citizens become” Whimps” and ” “ageless wonders”? We condemn the evil “N word” but have no qualms about calling every citizen in America a “Racist”. The “N word ” may insult a Race, but “Racist” insults everyone. People are asked to stop using the “N word”, yet among Blacks in America, they have been using it for centuries for a number of different reasons. It can mean something good or something bad depending on how it is used. If you were to look at world history, the use of “Racist”is relative new. Why? When the planet accepted slavery as a common practice, slavery had no specific label to identify who was a slave. I would contend that before the globe saw the evil of slavery, a slave was merely a slave. A simple term for modern slavery became any “indentured person”. In the US this meant any oppressed person. It could apply to Native Americans, Chinese Laborers, Latinos working for slave wages, and all white oppressed citizens, or people of Color. People of Color made the term “Racist” popular. By doing so, every light skinned person in America became a “Racist”. It seems every citizen in America MUST THINK ALL WHITES IN AMERICA ARE RACISTS before they can be termed Political Correct. This by definition is RACISM. When anyone sees another person as inferior for personal gain, this is Pure Racism. Using this logic, I must be a Racist” because I am considered one of these evil White people. God gave me light skin and I am not ashamed of being born White. The problem among the US today is that they do not accept that God gave them different skin colors to create a diversity of peoples. It is easy to blame others for their social condition, but hard to prove people wrong by improving their social condition. I can understand the plight of those who have been exploited, but do we see those we elect to office actually trying to fix this exploitation? It took a Old White Bigot President to give the nation prison reform. It took a Old White Bigot President to open up the job market for jobs for minorities. Now this same Old White Bigot is screaming for Police Reform that States refuse to give their people. It took a Old White Bigot President to be bold enough to claim other nations are not giving the US their best immigrants. This is not Racism, it is common sense. We have many immigrants who want to make the US a “hellhole” like the nation they fled from. If oppression is the only life they have ever had, this is understandable; but should never happen in a free society. I f we want to end the “Racist” madness we must return to Rule of Law and stop all this “Political Correct BS”.

    1. Dannie Poe, as always your comments are stunningly well thought out and expressed. The logic is superb. Kuddos.

  2. Niki, Marriott, and most of the others I no longer buy from or use if I ever did. But McDonalds and Coke are a big disappointment and are in my rear view mirror. Good bye McDonalds and adios Coke.


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