Fired Fox News Host Accused of Rape

Fox News
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A federal lawsuit has named former Fox News Anchor Ed Henry and accused him of rape.

We reported of Henry’s firing roughly three weeks ago which was due to “sexual misconduct” [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]:

Award-winning Fox News anchor Ed Henry has been fired, according to Variety.

The report said Henry has been terminated following a complaint of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Henry, 48, was most recently the co-host of America’s Newsroom.

However, the magnitude of the misconduct seems to be severe, according to The Guardian:

Two women have come forward with explosive new allegations of sexual misconduct at Fox News, claiming in a lawsuit that the former chief national correspondent of the cable channel, Ed Henry, subjected one of them to rape and sexual assault.

The federal lawsuit, lodged on Monday in the southern district of New York, accuses management at Fox News of failing to act over allegations of sexual impropriety against Henry dating back to as early as 2017. The channel fired its co-anchor earlier this month after details of the complaint surfaced.

According to USA Today, some of the lawsuit was so graphic it included a “trigger warning” notice.

The allegations came from Cathy Areu and Jennifer Eckhart. The latter’s allegations are what lead to Henry’s removal from Fox News earlier this month.

Eckhart was a former associate producer for Fox Business and Areu was a regularly appearing contributor/analyst.

The lawsuit also levied allegations of sexual harassment, misconduct, and retaliation from other high-profile Fox News stars such as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Notably, one of the lawyers representing the accusers is Douglas Wigdor who is a Trump donor and the lawyer who represents Biden accuser Tara Reade.

When asked by USA TODAY, Fox News “rejected some of the lawsuit” but said firing Henry was appropriate.

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  1. Excuse me if I DON’T BELIEVE THEM! That’s what happens when the track record is…….’The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, SO MANY TIMES!!!!!!

  2. I am so sick of these women waiting to come forward. If you’re raped you go the police right away. So tired of all the excuses as to why they didn’t.

    1. Hannity is pro-Trump. So that is why he was named. I can’t wait until he gets his Army of Attorneys together to go after the ones making claims about him. They tried this right after they got rid of O’Reilly from FOX. Hannity said he would see them in court and it mysteriously went away! Just more Alinsky tactics!

  3. Clawing for their fifteen minutes of fame. I am waving the huge Bullshart flag here.
    Areu is an “A number one nut job” and lil Ms. Elkhart is again trying to kick start her career. Shame on both you “women”!

  4. Ha! Cathy Areu…aka “The Liberal Sherpa” is quite literally a LUNATIC! The only have her on as a ruse to show just HOW unhinged and off the rails a liberal can REALLY be!!! I can’t imagine ANY MAN ever raping her! I’d be more tempted to rape a wolverine.

  5. There has to be a time imitation put on these accusations. Both on the time the incident was reported after the incident and the time a lawsuit was instituted. Like the ripples in a pond too many lives are touched by allegations, true or false, People have a right and an obligation to get on with their lives.

  6. Just more bullshit coming from people fading into obscurity and wanting to get back into the spotlight. They should be made to prove every word of their accusations or face indictments for their phony fantasies.

  7. I’m sorry but if a person is raped they need to report it immediately to the police. Otherwise there is no proof. This looks like the usual attempt to damage Fox News. The same thing has happened over and over. My guess is that George Soros or one of his cronies has paid big bucks for these women to make these claims.

  8. According to Variety, according to The Guardian; do you really believe these two liberal hacks are telling the truth? I don’t!

  9. I call Bullsh*t on this pre-fabricated story. This sounds an awful lot like post-coital monetary reparations.

  10. Just keep Areu off the program and Fox will be a better place. Get rid of a few others too and it will be GREAT!


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