Nadler Thinks They’re Fake; 8 Reasons Antifa is REAL

Antifa is a serious threat to the United States Government and the general public, they are a threat that needs to be taken care of by law enforcement before anyone else gets hurt. The Democrats pretend that they don’t exist and if the thought comes to mind they are quick to lie on their behalf. Democrat Jerry Nadler is the most recent example of a Democrat claiming that Antifa is not real, unfortunately for Americans Nadler is wrong on this one. Here are 8 reasons that Antifa is real and America needs to pay attention:

  1. Democrats are not real. Lets just deny their existence. Like they deny ANTIFA. THEY ARE SICKENING. THEY NEED PUNISHMENT.

    1. So blacks are 15% of the U.S. population ( I can remember when it was 12%)……but I swear they comprised 75% of the nasty, condescending, prima donna demwit panel members in today’s circus.

      1. Depending on who is considered black….I do not believe that no. is that low,,,I believe it is much higher….

    2. I do deny their existence and have for a long time,,,,,to me they r nothing but little trolls that run around doing nothing but make trouble….

  2. The communist a.k.a. Democrat party knows they are real that is their brown shirt army, and they were not about to say one thing about them is they are doing their bidding. If our FBI and our NSA in our homeland security we’re doing their jobs, These people would be beat into the ground like a tent stake, which shows you that none of them are doing the job that we paid them to do. All 17 agencies were created supposedly for the good of the people I’ve watched people pay for but it was created for the people to pay for but they protect the elites from we the people for their dastardly evil things they are committing against us in our face right now. Do you have any idea why they really want us disarmed? For the sake of all who died for the station and for your children and grandchildren psych group together now, That America may survive and it will be up to we the people to make sure that happens none of the agencies are there for us. The military do their job like it was when I was in they would be going after the enemy within that includes the bar trial lawyers which are a part of or arm of antifa!

  3. When will Woody Kaine be indicted, arrested and convicted for crimes?

    Did Senator Kaine contact anyone in law enforcement to influence lack of legal action against Woody Kaine?

    Perhaps, we need another FOI request by JUDICIAL WATCH.

  4. Thank God for Jordan he showed CLEARLY the protest are anything put peaceful and still you have that crusty old man Nadler in denial and the rest of his posse who clam there for the American people. How they treated Barr was nothing short of disgusting. President Trump from day 1 has had our best interest in mind anyone that dosnt realize that is dead from the neck up. So glad we have a leader like him to protect the police officers I felt so bad for them when I watched that video today. The woman who spoke about losing her husband a cop for 30 some yrs retired has a watchman job in Vegas and he’s gunned down by a young black man the same color has him in the middle of a black lives matter protest r u kiddin meeee. Terrible disgusting and no one does anything but our President. Thankyou if we don’t have you as our President for the next four yrs we are all in a lot of trouble. On YouTube today I saw a photo with that Congress woman from Minnesota and she was picking her nose no kidding I saw it. After your next four years MR President I hope to see your daughter run when her 8 yrs are up your son Don JR lol that would insure that my grandkids live will be OK!!!!!!!

  5. Nadler is a typical Democrat only admit what your are told too. Needs removed from Congress along with Pelosi And the rest of the socialist members of Congress . This group of Congress men and women are out to destroy the country !!!!! They will lie to get their way telling people only they can save them by blameing everything on Trump not admitting any wrong.

  6. Democrat’s need to learn from what is going on in the country instead of living in a fairy tale land. They take no responsibility for all the problems they have caused . It’ always Trump did it. Time to get real.

    1. Problem is that Democrats WANT these “problems” because they simply blame Trump. Nadler said “The protests were waning until Trump sent in Federal troops.” It is a lie, and he knows its a lie, but that’s what Dems do. It’s called propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare — all tools of the Communists. It sounds preposterous and like a fale conspiracy theory, but in the case of Dems-AntiFA, and BLM, Soros’ conspiracy is real. Obama was a major player, but AOC-Tlaib-Omar have out-Obama’ed Obama. Revolutionaries are eating the Republic from within. Nadler and Schiff and Swalwell are simply value-less droids doing the Master’s bidding.

  7. How “real” is this headlines – to be published next week…maybe…
    “Democrats are the new Nazi party in America”
    “Hitler’s basic element for the Nazi party power – hatred of the Jews”
    “Democrat parties basic element for power – hatred of President Trump”


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