McConnell Blames Pelosi for Sabotoging Stimulus Negotiations

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of sabotaging the negotiations to get Americans another stimulus package.

According to Town Hall:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not hold back Wednesday morning when he accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of “sabotaging negations” over her refusal to lower unemployment benefits.

Over the past few weeks, Republicans and Democrats have been involved in heated debates over what to include in the next stimulus package, with both sides not budging on certain key features. The Democrats have been obstinate regarding the controversial nature of those on unemployment benefitting from the taxing of essential workers.

“The only reason I concede that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader would sabotage negotiations is if as some concluded when they killed police reform in June, they actually think bipartisan progress for the country would hurt their own political chances,” said McConnell. “That’s why I said a few days ago that we’d quickly learn whether the American people would be getting the responsible Democratic Party from March or the cynical obstructionist Democratic Party from June.”

McConnell stated that the Republicans’ bill includes another round of cash for households, more unemployment benefits at a lower amount, another round of PPP to prevent even more layoffs, lowering the unemployment rate, providing safer working conditions for employees, and more hospital resources to combat the virus, among countless other vital features. He said the Republicans are larely seeking a bipartisan solution.

Democrats are demanding that the unemployment benefits remain at $600 a week or they will not allow the package to pass.

Tell us what you think in the comments: Should the federal government provide each unemployed American with $600 in weekly benefits.

  1. No the $600 added money should not continue. People are making more in unemployment than their regular pay and don’t want to go back to their jobs. As a taxpayer still trying to keep my head above water I don’t wish to have it come from my tax dollars!

    1. You are so right. The extra $600 on encourages dependence on the goverment. Which is exactly what DEMONRATS want.

      1. I agree, I could see maybe 250$ extra but not 600$ . Everyone needs to remember we as taxpayers are paying for this and children and grandchildren…

          1. Start a gofundme but provide proof of your income? I’ll support you is you do that!

          2. If you’re only getting $400 a month you must have been working part time. Unemployment is 2/3 of your regular pay and now you want to collect $600 extra a week? No wonder you don’t agree.

        1. how about trying to get a job? By getting $600 a week, it is encouraging people to stay home and not look for a job!!

    2. She is trying to buy votes by her trash talk. Who needs this adverse payment get off their collective butts there are jobs out there but when you have high school grads demanding $20 to 30,dollars as a starting pay that’s more than I made before retirement. Socialism at work. That’s what their teachers have told them to expect.

      1. I hear you Billy. I worked for 27 years at a hospital and didn’t even make $14.00 an hour as a secretary when they laid me off in 2013. Worked my butt off and got nothing for it. The $600 should not have been allowed the first time around. Why would you want to work when you can make more money staying home? I’m not sure who’s bright idea that was, but it was really dumb!

      2. I am 62 yrs old, cannot get a job because I am in the danger of covid19, and face it- employers want youngsters right out of school. I worked for 30 yrs for fed govt, but did not retire.I get $400 and the $600 I receive is the DIFFERENCE between poverty and living on the streets with my disabled husband and son. Could you live on $400 per month?

        1. Yes Debbie I can and I did but if you want more go get a job that will pay more. I am sure since your husband is disabled he is getting money also. as a single father I raised two children on $400 a month it was hard but we did it and one day I was getting more because my boss like my work and promoted me

          1. It was years ago. Back in the 1960’s but my parents raised a family of 9 kids on $200 a month. People that sit around feeling sorry for themselves very seldom achieve anything. Get off your duff and figure out a way to make your life better. Or sit and whine and hope that every other taxpayer in the nation will just hand you their money. Your Choice!

        2. You are, you just stated so! Every person is in danger of covid 19. Get a job on a farm, where all you have to do is be around chickens. There are ways, if you want them, and then there are excuses.

        3. Its not $400 per month, its per week. Unemployment is weekly and if your husband is disabled, you also get another check. There are jobs out there. Many restaurants and other businesses are looking for people to come back but they are making more on unemployment. Ridiculous!

      3. I started working for 62 1/2 cents per hour. Grew up very poor. But, I worked hard and am now very successful. Try not making excuses Americans, and try hard work instead. If it worked for me, it will work for you,

      1. How can one disagree with the correction of a weekly which is better than working?

        It should not have happened at all.
        It’s perfect for Democrats, keep unemplyment numbers high

    3. I agree….. A local auto repair shop could not operate because their South of the Border “mechanics” collected more from Unemployment the they pay them…… Dems are dead set on destroying the Trump Economy. If you hate Trump you hate America….Vote the Dems out in November…. They don’t care about us.

    4. I agree! Way to much money for doing nothing! People need to get back to work! That’s outrageous that Democrats would shoot this down! Holding this up as usual! Pelosi needs out of there! We’ve had enough of her !!

      1. The Dems philosophy is that keeping people from going back to work programs them to live off of the government in a Socialistic country. These people should be made to go back to work or cut their cushy benefits. No more discussion.

    5. 100% agree. People on unemployment are making more than I am working full time with good pay. It’s ridiculous.

    6. If I knew the “bill” for this free money would not be levied against taxpayers for 20 years…. I might be okay with it only because I suspect most of us sane people out there will either be gone or back in diapers and won’t care anyway.
      It will be nitwits out there rioting and destroying the country who will get stuck with the bill and I can totally embrace that!!!!!

    7. Agreed! When that ridiculous feature was admitted to, it was made to sound like it would not be wide-spread, but we were deceived again. Now that we have seen the bad results, a big cut is essential. Be firm, GOP. Nancy and Chuck need to eat crow for a while. Their policy of having Democrat mayors allow their cities to burn is backfiring big time, and voters are catching on. Draw the line where their arch is, and hold fast. They have proved what kind of criminals they are, and we can outlast them.

    8. I agree. They shouldn’t keep adding the $600, but they should continue unemployment payments BEYOND the limit of time, until people CAN go back to work. If they can and DON’T, then they shouldn’t get any unemployment at all from that point forward. My husband works for a very big company and they have put so many health protections into effect, that he has to go through a maze to get to his work station. BUT, they have kept working and anyone who does come down sick is sent home immediately and anyone who came into contact with them will be tested every morning of their work shift. MORE companies need to do this to keep things open for workers so they don’t have to take unemployment.

    9. And if you are called back to your job and refuse, your benefits are cut off. It’s simple. It’s just like any other time. You refuse work, you lose benefits. My job is talking about another month to open, and that’s not even concrete. Regular unemployment just don’t cut it, ESPECIALLY because it’s not my fault I can’t work.

  2. The more money you give these people the less likely they are going to go back to work and stimulate the economy. Most of these people got a raise why would they want to go back to work


    1. I guess, because unemployment benefits will not last forever, but I agree that $600 a week, is way too much money. Of course, what do I, know, I’m 82 years old, and when I retired I was only making $300 a week.

  3. Need to decrease unemployment compensation to encourage people to get jobs instead of staying home and letting the government continue to support them. Employers are crying that there are not people to hire because they are so well compensated on welfare. My daughter cannot hire workers because there are hardly any applications.

  4. I personally think we need to stop the government handouts and get people back to work! Not everyone is getting stimulus money, and those working are certainly not getting unemployment money. So this is a reward to those who want to NOT work on the backs of those who are working. It is wrong! It should only be the unemployment the states pay, no federal money. There should NOT be another stimulus! These handouts to some on the backs of others are wrong! This is not the job of the federal government. Schools have been shut down, why do they need more money? This is nothing but payoffs to certain groups and people. Stop the spending!

    1. I agree with you, Shelley. We do not need another stimulus package. What we need is to get back in full operations and to school.
      Adding trillions more to the national debt will be disastrous down the road.
      Course that is what is wrong with this congress and others before is that they do not look at future consequences of their actions. They kick the can (of being responsible) down the road, letting future congresses deal with the overwhelming debt load of this country. You wish to dance on the graves of taxpayers? Then pay the piper.

  5. No more pay outs ! Does these people no we have to
    Pay this back? Pelosi just wants more in her pocket. Disgrace ! Get her and her clan out of congress and our White House senate!! Drain the swamp! Clean house’! Truth will prevail !! Thanks Mitch McConnel👍🏻

  6. Unemployment benefits should equal the exact salary or wages that were being earned prior to COVID-19. And only if you lost your job due to the coronavirus situation. You should not be paid more to stay home then you were being paid to go to work. That is not only counterproductive I create a total welfare entitlement mindset and a disincentive to go back to work

    1. No way should they equal the exact wages. Unemployment compensation has always been at a percentage of actual wages, but never equal to. Which would lazy snowflakes rather do, if both were the same? Play video games and watch Netflix, of course!!!

  7. She will turn this nation Socialist or Communist , remove her before she and her thugs tear this nation apart.

  8. No more money these people should have lived in the 80’s..we di dc nt get a dime from the government you took another job…
    They can’t even save a $1000.00 when times were going great…I dont feel sorry for them..not.even a single mom ,should have married the idiot and get child support like we did


  9. I have employees that won’t come back to work because with the federal $600 they are making more money sitting at home. This has been extremely detrimental to my business, and I am now in the process of replacing these employees with people who want to work, End the $600 supplement! It’s killing small business

    & T R U T H ‘S
    N O. O N E

    1. Absolutely not and further more no omnibus arrangements either. It must be coronavirus related or don’t agree, we don’t need to waste taxpayers’s money on mail in voting. DON”T GIVE IN.

  11. It is time for people to get back to work or reward those of us who are working.
    Just give us all $600 a week and if folks want to work, fine.
    They make more.
    At $600 x 52 weeks or $31200 a year, that is a bargain.
    Nancy and the crew make 6x that or more for nothing except padding their pockets, so what’s the problem?
    They’re all on the dole…

  12. NO stop the added 600 per-week unemoloyment, on the backs of “essential” workers! So we have to bust our rear ends, to the benefit of people staying home making 1000k plus per week! That’s why major demands are nowhere to be seen to open up the economy! They are getting everything they want, why demand such a thing?

  13. As long as we continue to pay the American people more money to stay home than they would receive as their normal salary they have zero ambition to go back to work therefore we cannot get qualified help to work!

  14. I have worked all my life until last May of 2019 when I was let go at age 87. I began my search for another job part time and could no find any. I did not apply for unemployment insurance since it did not enter my mind at the time. Now I have applied for assistance but have not heard any response yet. Social Security does not cut it due to the ever increasing inflation. Just because I am up in years, does not exclude me for any assistance like the rest who needs help. I am still capable of employment

  15. No, the amount should be lowered or else the people will never go back to work they will just stay home & do nothing for will work for cash under the table. Basic unemployment amount plus $100/wk should be enough.

    1. I agree Stokes, $100 over their usual unemployment should be enough. Hopefully there will be no pork in this bill.

      1. Good luck with that dream. You can bet the vast majority of whatever is decided on will go to the wealthy. Did you hear about the owner who used his bailout to buy a new $300,000 sports car and partied with many other thousands?


  17. No the $600 per week. It must go away and people need to go back to work. We need our country to open back up. Right now we need to wear mask and social distances so we can get the virus back under control. The country doesn’t need to be shut down again. If anything needs to be done the elderly and vulnerable need to told to shelter in place. But not the whole country again.

  18. Nancy (MILLIONAIRE) Pelosi who has no clue about paying taxes & really working for a living of course wants the taxpayers to pay more ( ergo voting for $600 extra in unemployment $$.s) She also wants to keep people unemployed with the hope it will cause more votes for the demoncrats. (spelling is purposeful) Republicans do not let her win.

  19. Send these people back to work. No more handouts. Pelosi will keep this up until we are finished. So she and her COMMUNIST buddies take us down. WAKE UP AMERICANS Let’s SAVE our COUNTRY. VOTE FREEDOM and the CONSTITUTION. VOTE TRUMP 2020

  20. No. Stand in front of Pelosi and Schumer, no more abuse from the Democrats. On Nov. 3 2020, we going to the street to vote for Donald Trump and to gain back the house and keep the Senate. Without fear, vote Republican.

  21. I live in Florida on the Space Coast. I talk to a lot of people in the area, some working, some not working, some not even looking for work because they make an additional $600/wk on top of the regular benefits. In many cases, that means they take home a healthy chunk of cash. They overwhelmingly are not looking for work because they make more staying at home. The overwhelming majority say that the government will extend benefits a couple of more times and then they’ll look for work-maybe.
    There are plenty of jobs here and no applications are forthcoming. What is an employer to do?
    I vote for a minimization of payments for 6 weeks. For the Demorats, that means 1 week at $600 additional, the next week at $500, the next $400. and so on, ending at $0 extra on the 7th week. People then GET A JOB!!!!!

    1. I agree! I’m 78 and I lost my job the month Obama elected. I never received unemployment comp anywhere close to $600/wk. Out of the several times in my working life that I was laid off my wife and I found ways to raise 5 children, educate them and had as much of a survival struggle as anyone today. Granted these times are different with the virus, but if the job a person was laid off from is available they should be required to go back to work, if it isn’t then go find employment elsewhere and then, given proof of prior wages the stipend provided by any new government should be limited to previous pay total within 5% less max.
      Note an old addage that there is 5% fat in any budget.

  22. No they should not be getting $600.00 extra they are getting more money to riot and sit on the couch than to do what’s right and go back to work. In the meantime the country goes to crap. The dems are evil and need to be removed and tried for treason against America and the people

  23. Absolutely not. Instead, impose an extra $50 tax each week a taxpayer remains unemployed unless certified unable to work by medical examination.

  24. $200. A week is fine. This is added to their regular unemployment. Many have been getting more or as much not working as when working. Americans need to get back to work.
    States need to open up our country, get kids back in schools, senior centers need to open, churches and youth groups back up and running again. We personally know of no one who has even tested positive…let alone ill from this, yet our county is in lock down in WA state. We DO know friends who have lost their business….not going to be opening again. Sad for them.

  25. Every comment is NO! I wholeheartedly agree! As long as anyone would stay home to collect the same FREE compensation or more than when they had to work, why would they go back to work except for self respect?…and we know most don’t care about THAT!

  26. Do not pay an additional $600. That incentivizes people to stay home and not go back to work!

  27. I agree, 600.00 dollars a week in addition to the unemployment check is more money than most people take home in a week. If they were working full time in N.J. that is over 4000.00 a month. Why would they want to go back to work?
    Some people cannot go back to work right now and they still need help but the additional 600.00 amount is crazy.
    It really isn’t fair to those who are still working, some with reduced hours or rate of pay.
    I’m speaking from experience.

  28. I’m 60 years old and I work two jobs just to keep my bills paid. I don’t get any stimulus because apparently making $15,500 a year is too much for an old lady to be taking home. And I also get slapped with $1800.00 in taxes every year. It sucks but I do it. Maybe these people that are at home watching tv and collecting $600. A week should get off their butts and get back to work.

  29. I’m 60 years old and I work two jobs just to keep my bills paid. I don’t get any stimulus because apparently making $15,500 a year is too much for an old lady to be taking home. And I also get slapped with $1800.00 in taxes every year. It sucks but I do it. Maybe these people that are at home watching tv and collecting $600. A week should get off their butts and get back to work. They are an embarrassment.

  30. Everybody needs to go back to work, regardless. Some people will catch this COVID-19 but they will catch it if they are working or even not working. By not working, our country will sink deeper into debt as will the working people who cannot keep up on their expenses which the government can not pay. Everybody must wear a mask or a face shield. A proper face shield is more comfortable and you can ad a hair net type hat to attach to it like the nurses wear. Along with reasonable hand washing and spraying something like Lysol spray on computers and work stations, it should prevent contamination. The Chinese have been wearing masks daily for years, so that should show you it can be done. Breathing through a mask is a strain but if you use a face shield coupled with a piece of filter material that drapes around your shoulders it will stop almost all contamination. It is not that hard to do. Look at the nurses running around the hospitals with the face shields and coverings. It is not that hard.

  31. So a reduced amount of $200-$400, split the difference say $300 is fine from someone who has benefited from the $600. I’ll still be unemployed for awhile taking care of sibling with serious health issues until its safe to move her to long term care. Being responsible with the federal budget is paramount but I’d really be up a creek without the extra financial help.

  32. No way! Nobody will have the incentive to get off their asses and get jobs! It should be $300 a week

  33. No.
    Enough is enough. There are jobs available if people really want to work. It might not be what they want, but it would put food on the table. But why work if you can get something for nothing! Where are peoples pride and self worth?

  34. She and the other Democrats are determined to totally crash the economy and make as many people as possible dependent on government money in hopes of winning all elections this November, and the real problem is that the millennials and the Gen-Xers don’t want to work. They want the government to support them with magical money that comes from ‘somewhere’.

  35. Make the politicians take a 50% cut in pay until they resolve all these issues. They are not hurting so what do they care how long this drags on. This is all fuel for the democrats to blame it all on President Trump. Stop the BS and get things done or resign.

    1. Careful what you ask for. If their pay was cut, they’d settle tomorrow, and we’d be stuck for the results. In November, the voters can resign them – and all Democrats should be canned. They have planned this entire wasted 4 years, the Covid deaths, and the bad-mouthing of HCQ that could have saved most of them.

  36. Whether the reason was economy, poor performance, or pandemic impact, it is still unemployment.
    The unemployed are covered with State Unemployment Funds and deserve that, and only that.
    The extra $600 per week is a gold mine for most of them that needs to be terminated immediately.

    Think, the $600 per week is more than what 80 to 85% of the people on Social Security receive today.
    If it is not terminated for the unemployed, it should be disbursed to those on Social Security also.

  37. I have a granddaughter who states she is getting more than she gets from her regulate work and does not
    want to go back to work because she is in essense getting paid to stay home. These benefits really outweight
    her salary yet she does not have enough to meet her obligations. She is living beyond her means with this new money each week. I am retired and sure wish I could get this extra $600 weekly. SS does not cut it.

  38. I know for a fact people who have not returned because they are making more not returning to work. So 200. Is fine.

  39. No more $600. $200 is plenty and even then I make the same as i made on my job. Leave it to the Dems to screw things up!!

  40. NO. Don’t give in to the Dems demands. They are wanting to set up a socialist nation which is abhorrent to the principles the nation upon which it was founded.

  41. $600 add on is far too much for unemployment benefits. As everyone knows, that amount discourages working for wages.

  42. NO… They are no longer Dems… They are full blown Commies
    They want too destroy America any way they can..

  43. Absolutely No! The $600 added money should not continue. I don’t want any more of my hard-earned money going to this giveaway, because many people are now making more in unemployment than from their regular pay! And many then will not go back to their old jobs.

  44. What do I know about what unemployment benefits should be. I have none of the statistics or information to make that decision. All I can do is get in an emotional argument – I’m right, you’re wrong – that benefits no one.
    That is why we have a republican form of government. We elect representatives who do have access to the necessary information to make good informed decisions for all, and we expect them to act responsibly, not childishly, for their own vested interests.
    Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has chosen to say “To h*** with America.” If we can’t have our way, and pad our pockets at the expense of the American people, everyone will suffer. And then they get upset when we call them domestic terrorists!

  45. There is no incentive to go back to work if you’re getting a $2600/month bonus from the government plus your regular unemployment benefits. While the extra $2600 doesn’t go far in New York City or San Francisco, it still creates opportunity to SAVE for much of the rest of the country, and we KNOW most people won’t save it! I have no problem with extending the duration of unemployment benefits, but I feel the working class that IS WORKING thru the COVID-19 is getting screwed from all directions!

  46. What you folks are all missing is the fact that millions of people that were laid off as I was, have not received any benefits at all. 0. I filed first week in June and it’s still “pending, keep sending your weekly report”. Many states are not paying unemployment benefits to millions of Americans. Many people are going broke. I called my State Rep and they’re looking into this. Some states have very poor numbers. Some states have only paid 55% of people who have legitimate claims but have not been approved yet for weeks and weeks. Meanwhile they want to discontinue the unemployment but the next stimulus pack they want to give 1.4 Billion to Lockheed Martin for Jet fighters. I bet allot of you people posting here were not laid off and are secure with your jobs.

    1. I agree with what you are saying. I felt sorry for my kids. They were unemployed for 2 months, but when they were told to go back to work they did. They decide to take a chance and work again. They never recieve either the first or second check. Plenty of their friend stayed home and now they are struggling. No work no stimulus and no Covid19. And the way I heard and read Democrats held the first stimulus for a long time and doing it again. They like to see Americans suffer. Advice just go back to work earn your own pay and keep our dept. low. Covid19 is not going away even if you stay home.

  47. the 600 dollars a month is crazy they are getting paid more to stay home than go back to work another way to look at it I am 65 years old and disabled and my wife is 62 and disabled and between the to of us we collect 1,200. a month to live off of that’s half of what one person would get per month

  48. Nan piglosi and her ghouls have held this up for ages,staying home and on vacation. This is her way of trying to buy the election and the dumbo followers will lap it up, why work when you can get over twice as much to stay home. Vote all the democraps out

  49. Why should people who are laid off collect more than people who are actually working, No incentive to go back to work.

  50. I would be good with the $600/week if this demented old bitch and the rest of the Democrat scum were forced out of office and this pittance plus state benefits suddenly became their sole source of income. If it weren’t for her crooked hubby, the hag would find it hard to afford the designer ice cream and Fat Jerry might starve to death or at least lose some weight. The thought of it makes one smile.

  51. The true hard working Americans, that have a dream of being successful have no problem working for their pay and to better their family’s future, the free loading lazy people of America should be ashamed, the one that want a free ride should think of moving to another Country that offers a free ride , that’s if you can find one!!!! Karma will Prevail!!!!!

  52. Everyone needs help but what is right about giving them $600 plus the 1200 when you only want to give the seniors 1200 total how is that right my 1200 didn’t really go very far with the cost of food my stepson drew 1149.00 every week plus he got the 1200

    1. Gary, Sounds like you need to get your stepson to supplement your income. Especially if he’s still living at home.

  53. She has a hidden agenda in that 600.00 unemployment benefits and that is why she is pushing it through. We all know her. She likes to hide stuff till it is passed. Thumb through it and see…

  54. This $600. unemployment compensation which of course pays people more to stay home than to go back to work is just more Pelosi skulduggery! She wants people to sit home on their duffs and draw this money so unemployment percentages stay high making it appear the economy is not rebounding, to hurt DJT’s reelection! She also wants to be able to tell the American people she held out until those mean Republicans agreed to include the funds in this relief bill! She is counting on us not being savvy enough to realize this is not “free” money, it is printed paper with no assets to stand good for it! America may literally never be able to recoop from this decimation to our economy! I doubt many in Congress really understand what they are doing to the country with their out of control spending! People don’t be fooled, Pelosi and the Dems don’t care about you…..they are pandering to you for your votes to give her party power and control! Pelosi is doing the same thing to all Americans the Dems have always done to black voters. She loves you until………she gets your votes, then she doesn’t know you!

  55. My wife and I are retired on a fixed income, we would love to get an extra $600/ week! Congress doesn’t care about increasing the Social Security payments. We were required to pay in to S.S. all of our working lives.

    With the next Federal stimulus package forthcoming, cut the unemployment payments. No one is looking for jobs with that FREEBEE coming every month!

  56. If vantage is turned in a new direction it will be helpful to everyone and also serve the Democrats their own “Dish back Cold.” This would entail instead of spending too much time without making any progress – to use advertising of keeping every normal American truly aware of the reason why they aren’t seeing help.

    The republicans need to put everything behind letting the American’s be aware of what the Democrats are doing. If this is acted upon – it may then mean the complete end of a number of Democrat careers. Have they benefited anyone but themselves’.

  57. My daughter works part-time for USPS and doesn’t make that much. That’s $31,200.00/year. Where is the incentive for people to go back to work. That is ridiculous. The Dumbocrats want to keep people on the dole to garner votes. TIME TO GO BACK TO WORK FOLKS !!!

  58. They usually cave in . Afraid to make dumercrates mad. Think caving in will help them get re-elected. They will ok 599.99 and call it a non- cave in. Trump should not sign it when this occurs. Too many dumercrates that ran on republican ticket to get elected. Deep State.

  59. We (at least, our government) need to pay people to go back to work, keeping the additional $600 in unemployment benefits does just the opposite, people are “better” paid to stay home then go back to work. That is what the Dem leadership wants, if the economy fails because American workers stay home, then Trump loses (unfortunately, so does America). The Dem leaders don’t care if America fails because Trump loses and that is all they want. The Dem leadership (i.e., Pelosi/Schumer and crew {the rest of the do nothing Dem politicians}) are totally fixated on getting Trump out of office, even if it means the destruction of our nation! Dems, the honest hardworking voter type Dem voters, is this the type of people you want leading our nation, political leaders who are willing to sacrifice America to win the election?? Your party, and its leadership, have taken the wrong direction, that of obstruction rather than cooperation. They are willing to the let America burn and fail before they will willingly work with the “opposition” (Trump and the GOP). They will pass coronavirus relief packages filled with items on their wish list (“pork and more pork” – i.e., funding planned parenthood and abortion, etc.) that have nothing to do with the pandemic or financial relief for the American people during this crisis (i.e., “the Heroes Act”, which is a multi-trillion dollar nightmare). Have the courage to step out and walk away. Don’t let your vote continue to give power to your misguided Dem leadership (i.e., Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, etc.). I was an Democrat but I walked away many years ago, you can too. It just starts with a single step in the “right” direction. Others have had the courage to do it – so can you! Check out “the walk away website”: http://www.walkawaycampaign (Dems talking to Dems), if you want (or care) to learn more.

  60. In my opinion, the way it should work is pay them a percentage based on their salary and if they are offered work and refuse it, cut it low enough they would have to find work. I’m sure they either don’t have benefits while unemployed or have to pay for them. Also, as some have said, they have received nothing so far and if they were to get the $600, they would be playing catch up for a while. I know some who never received the stimulus payment.

  61. I think Nancy
    Pelosi is well out of line in her demands! We should leave the Dem payout as is and take care of all that needs to be done!
    Needless to say, the country would run much more smoothly without.Pelosi’s hateful attempts to overthrow the Republicans!

  62. No, People need to get back to work. It’s best for our country in every way. The dems
    obviously do have the best interest of the American people. All Pelosi and Schumer care
    about is beating Trump. Ive never witnesses so much hatred in my life. Anything Trump
    suggests is going to be spun as selfish and political. Im praying Pelosi and Schumer get
    a loud answer with this election. If not, we lose our country

  63. Why would you go back to a job that pays $600 LESS than what you can get from NOT WORKING, the democrats have something wrong in their heads and it cannot be fixed!

  64. The unemployment from the federal government is way too high. It incentivizes people to not work. It needs to be less than $500.

  65. All of these self-serving jerks in Congress need to remember that they WORK FOR US THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. I am tired of Pugsey holding up bills that she doesn’t like. She needs to vote what would help the citizens she represents and stop thinking of only herself!

  66. NO! Everybody that is unemployed should not continue with receiving $ 600 a week plus their unemployment benefits. The corrupt and crooked Democrats want to pay people more to stay out of work, plus get their unemployment benefits, so that they don’t have to go back to work like any other American citizen that is able to go to work and earn a pay-check to support their families.

    Democrats will do anything and everything to punish President Donald J Trump and his whole administration. Those corrupt and crooked Democrats don’t care about the American citizen’s, they only care about sabotaging the economy that much more and continue to blame President Trump for everything that has happened. Democrats don’t want to blame China because, they are in cahoots with China to do everything to ruin President Trump.

    We need to elect those corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office this Presidential Election and during the mid-terms NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. American taxpayers should not bear the brunt of paying higher taxes to support unemployed workers who choose not to return to work. The giveaways need to stop. It would appear that Democrats want to weaken Americans, rather than strengthen them. I say NO to the $600.00 payouts.

  68. She wants her pork and a bailout for the dim wit states, cities and counties on the public dime! Rino McConnell is right, hang the old hag!

  69. I prefer working. However in CA my wife and I lost our jobs to Covid 19 mid March. She has yet to obtain unemployment because of error in EDD System. We are thankful for the additional 600 and as a side note the federal 1200 just arrived yesterday and we are both considered vulnerable. How should we take that?

  70. how can I peacefully protest without my extra $600, this Antifa garb is expensive. I’ll have to go back to work, I won’t be able to protest 24/7

  71. No, the $600 weekly unemployment needs to stop. We have lots of opportunities for employment but they make more by staying home. Need to get back to work.

  72. I would like to see the following…Do not give the money to the business owner to distribute. There are 5 months left in this year so make the checks to each individual (eligible to receive the help) for 1200 per month for the balance of the year or $6000. Then get on with the running of the country and get our economy back on track. We need to avoid what happened last time like the business owner used the bail-out to buy a new 300,000 dollar sports car and party. It is certain Congress does not know how to run a business effectively.

  73. No! The jobs are there. Final construction of my new home is delayed because the workers know that they can take time off when they want to just walk out and still keep their jobs and or hand outs from the Government. I have not worked my ass of to support some lazy bum who does not want to work because he/she/it thinks they deserve everything just because their mother did not abort them. I am not in favor of my paying for abortions that are caused by a total lack of responsibility by both halves of the sexual relationship.

  74. $600 has to continue. There are some households who are not seeing any money from jobs and need that money to continue to survive.

  75. I don’t think another stimulus package is a good idea anyway. They added trillions to the national debt last time.Now they want to add trillions more. They need to figure out a way to pay for their plans without raising taxes.

  76. Get people back to jobs/work and this will stop riots otherwise they are getting paid to riot…nothing else to do. No stimulus may help get people back to work.

  77. Someone tell Pelosi she has to put up 20% of her paycheck to pay part of that 600 dollars a week. Taxpayers have to do it, politicians don’t. They keep getting paid tax free salaries no matter what. Make Pelosi and the rest of the demonazis pay for it.

  78. No, they don’t want the people to go back to work and this is their way to keep them from wanting to work.

  79. Average SS is about $1450 per MONTH. This unemployment is paying people almost $1,000 per WEEK, per person, NOT to work!

  80. OK, let’s do some math here: Unemployment benefit (on the lower side) $250 per week x 52 weeks = $13,000 per year; additional benefit under present and proposed new bills $600 per week x 52 weeks = $31,200 per year. $31,200 + $13,000 = $44,200 if all my math is correct. Now my question is this: WOULD YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK?? This is the Democrats plan to keep all subservient to the Government and to keep those subservient loyal to the Democrat party. Talk about buying votes; they – the Dems – might just as well be staying outside the polling places handing them this cash. DISGUSTING!!!

  81. When we were in the financial crisis during the Obama administration and the democrats controlled both houses of congress, they gave an unemployment incentive(bonus) of $25.00 per week. The democrats, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer were all delighted with that sum. Now in order to create division and attempt to wreck the economy and sway the election away from Trump they want to hose the taxpayers and deter the unemployed from returning to work. Egregious, deceitful, hypocritical, treasonous, Draconian democrats and RINOS!

  82. No I do not think the ones on dune should get $600 extra a week. They should not get more money for not working because who would want to work when they’re getting free money? At most it should be what they were earning before and even then I doubt a lot of them still will not want to go back to work. Personally I think $200 extra is more than fair.

  83. Is that $600 for every person in the USA?
    Why should we pay people more not to work than they are getting when they work?
    Why not give them a bonus to return to essential employment instead?


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