Obama and Hillary Emerge to Accuse Trump of Exactly What They Have Been Doing the Last 4 Years

Lawrence Jackson / Public domain

Former President Barack Obama and former failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have begun a campaign to accuse President Trump, preemptively, of voter suppression and not accepting the results of the election.

The issue is Hillary and the Democrats including Obama have been doing just what they are accusing Trump of doing since he won the election in 2016.

According to The Hill:

At a Tuesday fundraiser with actor George Clooney, Obama named the two potential issues when asked what keeps him up at night, The New York Times reported.

In a separate event with Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D), Obama warned that the president has cultivated a support base that “filters out any contradictory information.”

“It’s just glued to Fox News and Breitbart and [Rush] Limbaugh and just this conservative echo chamber — and so, they’re going to turn out to vote,” he said, according to the Times.

“What he has unleashed and what he continues to try to tap into is the fears and anger and resentment of people who, in some cases, really are having a tough time and have seen their prospects, or communities where they left, declining,” the former president added.

Hillary has been pushing the same hyperbole as The Daily Wire Reports:

After Clinton’s humiliating loss in 2016 (she got crushed in the Electoral College vote, 304-227), the Democratic nominee went on an international tour to explain what happened.

For months — which turned into years — she blamed FBI Director James Comey, Russia, computer bots, WikiLeaks, Bernie Sanders, Facebook, Joe Biden, fake news, Twitter, voter ID laws, the vast right-wing conspiracy, sexism, Barack Obama, ageism, child sex pervert Anthony Weiner, white women, xenophobia, black people, the Electoral College, the Democratic National Committee, misogyny, women cowed by their husbands, and even former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (we never could figure how out a former mayor of New York City caused Clinton to lose Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan and Florida and … you get the point).

Now the new talking point is that Trump won’t leave the White House if he loses on Nov. 3 — and Hillary’s pushing it.

Clinton appeared on the show to push mail-in ballots — and claim that Trump is trying to disenfranchise Americans. “There have been so many academic studies and other analyses, which point out that it’s just an inaccurate, fraudulent claim,” she said.

The conspiracy theory is nothing new, liberal pushed it when George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush and Republicans before that and it is likely to not only continue but get worse as November approaches.

  1. So typical and predictable and so true….The same thing they’ve done to Mr. Floyd’s funeral,,,and lewis funeral today,,,turned it into nothing but a joke and did their best to make it a campaign rally for basement biden…How sickly sad the anti’s americans truely r…

    1. Obama started to talk and it made me sick, I turned the channel, went back quiet awhile later He WasTalking Politics, That’s What They Use Funerals For Now, He Needs To Look Back At All The Crooked Things He Did As The Worst President In History. We The People Know Their Crooked Plans To Hurt Trump.

    2. It was absolutely disgusting that he would bring this up during the funeral. He tried to ruin the United States on every level. He caused the most racial divide in our Country. The worst President we have ever had.

        1. Vote Trump 2020….this will shut down Democrats

          And add conservative judges Supreme Court…this is Dems greatest fear…not Trump.

          1. Very true,,,but we need to take all four branches,,,so we can get the job done with out any interruptions…I was never a fan nor believed in one party control until now,,,and when the dems decide to pull their heads out of their asses and except America for who she truly is ( Home of the brave,,,Land of the free ) we’ll need to keep full control…

          2. I agree with your sentiment but there are only three branches of government. Executive (President) Legislative (House and Senate) and Judicial.
            We need to reelect President Trump, retake the House and keep the Senate. Locally we need to put Republicans in office as well as conservative local judges.
            Show Democrats we see past their owned media’s lies, we see their lies and we recognize that their party has become a Socialist stronghold bent on destroying America from within.

          3. LOL,,, I was including congress,,,u r right though,,,except for one thing…I believe there’s only one grown-up in the room and that would b conservatives…I only say that because the rep. either say a bunch of bologna to get what they want,,, then show their true colors after which is,,,they r actually dems or show nothing but weakness and no backbone to stand for We The People and what is right…Now I know there r those few exception and have shown it and I hope they continue,,,but over all a rep is just to risky for me…. I also believe these dems,,rioters,,,anti-s,,,the whole kitten-kabutto needs to b thrown in to the stock-aids for awhile then to b told….If u don’t love America the way she was built and what she stands for,,,then get the hell out and if u decide to stay and try to take her down,,,well u will b in for a big surprise,,,remember These Colors Do Not Run….

  2. Ain’t it like Pritzker to flip the narrative to cover his ass for himself and all his comrades…….When have the democrats ever been fair and balanced? Tunnel vision isn’t needed to be right, Mr. Prick-tzker!

    1. Not only has the Democrat Party not accepted Trump as President, they organized The Resistance and have done nothing but lie about Trump for 4 years. Mueller Report, impeachment, use MSM to spread their lies, that’s about all the Democrats have accomplished since 2017. The observation that Trump is accused of doing the crimes that the Democrats have been committing for 4 years is very accurate. For everything that they accuse Trump of, you can bet that they are doing that same thing themselves, including the accusation that he will refuse to leave the White House if he loses. Remember, Hillary took lots of the White House items home when she and Bill left, after removing the “w” from the White House typewriters (you know, those things that computers have replaced). Sure, she reportedly sent the items back, but only after their theft was discovered. However, she has not ever reconciled herself to accept that Trump is the President.

    1. They are using that dialogue to ramp up their base. They know that as a candidate Biden is a loss and everything else they have tried has backfired.

  3. Funny how people forget that Obunghole brought in the Black Panthers to intimidate people at polling places.

  4. Apparently both Obama and Hillary believe they are relevant and perple care about what they think! Maybe to the ignorant liberalscommunistsprogressives they may be important, however, to the smart, intelligent people of this coutry they are nothing nada, zilch, zero! If those 2 were smart they would shit up and go away. But they like to call attention to themselves. They feel they have to be in the spotlight! In reality they are obnoxious!

    1. You could not possibly be correct in your assessment of those two horrible people. Thank you for your insight.

    2. the only place I’d like to see them is in Guantanamo Bay Prison, or in any death row cell. Treason used to call for the death penalty.

  5. Obama and Clinton the dynamic duo of lies and hypocrisy Typical of them to claim that Trump will do all the things they have done an d continue. It is so horrible that the media is complicit is their plan to destroy America.

  6. Oh give it a rest you miserable demonrats! No one wants to hear your lies and we are tired of them, your harassment, bribes, untruths- everything you stand for! TRUMP 2020!

  7. I’ll bet she’d like to see him lose and then go hide in the woods with a lot of alcohol like who????

  8. Voter suppression keeps Obama up at night? Then he must have been super upset on election day of his first term, when the Black Panthers were blocking the entrances to Philadelphia polling places while swinging bats and chains at any WHITE voters who approached the entrances. Oh, that’s right, later his “Wingman” Holder proclaimed these actions of voter suppression were “not a crime.” We can always depend upon Democrats to project what they are doing onto their opposition. If they are screaming loudly about this issue now, then they are committing this crime and seeking to deflect our scrutiny.

  9. It was a sad state of affairs when one party has to stoop down to push for no voter ID and push for mail-in votes. The Democrats know they can’t win unless they cheat!

  10. I don’t understand???? Obama was President for 8 years and he accomplished almost NOTHING to help the average American or the country. To call him ineffective is not near harsh enough.

    So now this weasel. Barack Hussein Obama, is using his time to try to undermine our great President Donald Trump. Obama is nothing short of disgusting.

    Barack, do us all a favor and GO AWAY.

  11. One thing that I CAN tell you is that if Lewis were able to come back to this world one more time he would say: ‘I want to change parties.’

    1. That would b a nice thought,,,but sorry I would have to disagree with u on that…Only because lewis made it clear he could not stand our President and he stood and believe in blm….I believe he would praise obama…

  12. Limp-wristed Obama and sleep-through-emergencies Clinton had their chance to demonstrate their abilities and blew their chances totally by being passively comfortable in the White House bunkers and allowed others to die through their inaction. They are typical Democrat chair-warmers who will make arrogant lying statements about anything for the media cameras and pretend to have some vaunted exceptional knowledge. Their fairy tales have been exposed and the American people have no need for people who will sleep through the decline of the greatest nation in the history of our world.

  13. Yep, the narcissistic Manchurian Candidate reared his head again today. He proceeded to make a long political speech, at a funeral no less, full of lies and vapid hatred. His disdain for our system of government, our laws, and our country is so apparent that the fact that he was President is alarming. He is the first President in my lifetime, that has put himself in front of the American people over and over after their Presidency is over.

    1. I agree and I am so sick of seeing him pop up and interfere in everything. If you noticed when the protests were starting who seemed to be the first ones there? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama, They were probably there to hand out the money from Soros and to tell the protesters what to do. He needs to go back to Kenya where he was born, they probably don’t like him either.

  14. Democrats are pushing SO hard for ..Vote By Mail…….you just know it is corrupt and will benefit the no ethics Democrats

    Say NO to Vote by Mail…

  15. News flash. The poles are rigged and Trump will win. Dim wits are not increasing their platform of voters but since the DNC is an insane asylum and the lunatics like these two are in charge with Soros’ money for the mayhem them saying that Trump is the one running all of it is the norm for all dim wits elected today. A typical tactic of the dim wits by two very criminal bad actors.

  16. Time to close these liers down permantly. They have always been against America now it’s time they pay.

  17. When a person doesn’t know a eulogy from a political speech he(Obama) needs to be told the difference bya MINISTER, which I doubt he has ever heard. Does he know what a Man of God is called, (minister). A funeral service is not the place for politics! (even a democrat).

  18. What a Disgrace to the Legacy of Dr. King and Mr. Lewis for Obama to use his funeral as a Political Platform of Hate!! King and Lewis both were honorable men who loved freedom and equal rights for all. Asking the Worst and most illegal President in Our History to carry out the Eulogy was a mistake!!Obama is a Fake and hates America trying to do everything in his power for 8 LONG years to dismantle Our Democracy! It’s sad that Our first Black President was a dishonest Muslim who stands in God’s Church in Atlanta trying to put on the persona that he’s a Christian and wants the best for America!! Unfortunately he has brainwashed many people, while being on Soros payroll!! He hates Trump because of the knowledge of his fake birth certificate, Obamagate, and other things that will come to the light!! Trump has his number!!

  19. Go to The Damn Poles show your ID or Don’t Vote period ! Stop trying to use the Convid-19 as a excuse when Miami Beach if full of over crowded people ! I mean really , this is a pilot by The democrats to win a election , All knows the Post Office is ran by a bunch of Morons , My mail is always at my neighbors house and vise versa, The post office is Always getting a Bail out every year , TRUMP 20/20 that should do it . Lol


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