Trump Sends Powerful Message to Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Oregon National Guard from Salem, Oregon, United States / Public domain

President Trump sent a strong message to Oregon Governor Kate Browm amid the battle between the City of Portland, the State of Oregon, and the federal government.

Trump stated that she needs to clear out the protesters or he will do something about it.

According to The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump criticized Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday, telling her to clear protesters out of Portland or the federal government would “do it for her.”

Trump’s tweet came one day after the Trump administration reached an agreement with Brown to proceed with a phased withdrawal of federal agents from downtown Portland. Trump had earlier said the agents would stay in the city until it is “secure.”

Brown had initially contradicted the Trump administration on the timeline of the withdrawal, saying federal ICE and CBP agents would be leaving on Thursday. She then corrected herself and announced the phased withdrawal.

Trump and Brown’s agreement came one day after Attorney General Bill Barr appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to defend the Trump administration’s handling of the protests and riots occurring across the country, including those in Portland.

As Democrat lawmakers attempted to attack Barr for the federal government’s response he calmly reminded them that their versions were untrue and the protesters were not peaceful in their attempt to burn down the federal courthouse.

  1. Use our military to “OPEN FIRE” on her and other nazis who have not governed, but turned state over to mob rule. KATE BROWN MUST FACE DEATH PENALTY.

    1. Yet, if she runs she’ll get re-elected, just like the useless Portland Mayor. As will the 2 jerks running the state of Wishington and the Mayor of Skedattle.

    2. NO! A good housewife puts herself at the bottom, so that she may holds everyone whom she loves up for the sake of their fulfillments in their lives!The First ONE is her HUSBAND’s CAREER!

  2. Trump needs to send in the Troops and put all of them in jail including her and the rest of the DemonRatz that want to destroy America

    1. . It is high time for the State Congress to become active and put an end to the destruction of government and privately owned business. If he cannot find a law here is one he should read. 
      Section 51, title 18 U.S.C.A. (section 19, Criminal Code), provides that “if two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same,” they shall be fined and imprisoned as in the statute provided. 
      I cannot find any excuse for him to allow the cities to condone these gatherings after they have begun looting, burning, using rocks, and painting other persons buildings.

  3. Brown is the weakest nut on the tree! She, very obviously, is incapable of handling her job. She must be recalled.

  4. Now not much to be said when the President of this USA is going against what the Majority of ther population of this USA want, according to even Fox polls. When law enforcement embedded in the protests saying the protesters are peaceful, until attacked by either police or Federal agents, and it is outside agitators mainly White Supremists who are causing all the destruction. Now the only people from any group that have been arrested and charged with crimes, are from a far right wing group called BOOGALOO BOYS who have been arrested for Murder, attempted murder, interstate transportation of firearms ammunition and explosives to start riots hoping those riots would start a civil war in this USA.

    1. Exactly which “law enforcement” says the thugs are “peaceful.” Not the ones blinded by lasers, is it?

    2. you need to be on History Channel with ancient aliens clowns …even Fake News (CNN) and Hate News (MSDNC) wouldn’t try floating such ignorant statements …YOU ARE AN ALIEN. Btw the vast majority are not on your side. …don’t misinterpret silence. Everyone knows it’s the Left doing ALL the violence.

    3. Robert, you sound like a Democrat critic! You should know that the polls are fixed against Trump and anything the Dem criminals can think of. You need to stop watching lamestream media for your info – and Fox is on the thin line of liberal persuasion and totally wrong in their polls. Try watching OneAmericaNewsNetwork on cable and/or Newsmax.

      1. I watch NEWSMAXTV all the time. They actually tell the truth there and they will call out spineless Republicans as well as communist-democrats. I USED to watch FOX but they started getting commie oriented and I parted company with them.

    4. Robert, We see you are “smokin” again! Whatever it is………it is a hallucinogen and it’s working really well on you! WOW!

    5. Apparently you are a consumer of CNN news. Try watching real news for a while. During the Bill Barr farce orchestrated by the Fascist (Democrat) Party of America, Jim Jordan ran a video of people “PEACEFULLY” burning down a Federal Courthouse with nary a local peek by local police. That is our tax money being burned down.

    6. Uh, Bobby, you mean Black Supremacists, right? And if you’re going to spew hate and vitriolic blather, please learn how to spell. Or try using your spellcheck. Hey, how old are you? Fifteen, sixteen? The loony liberals have already started the civil war. It’s just a matter of time until they try to bring it to the suburbs…… then watch the fireworks begin.

    7. As soon as someone points a can of spray paint and pushes the button towards a federal building they should be shot. That’s my tax dollars not the states, that is being damaged!

    8. you state a lot of crap, so go back to you video games in your mama’ basement until you learn that these so called protesters are really just communist dupes and lackeys, along with a lot of social misfits,

    9. I remember I could block c*nts like you on the old platform, but it appears that’s more difficult now. The boogaloos were actually caught teaming up with Anqueefa and BLM at a recent OH protest. Strange bedfellows, wouldn’t you say, commiephuck?

  5. I wouldn’t trust her. Once the feds are withdrawn, she’ll let her DIMM thugs burn down the courthouse!

  6. The Oregon Governor and the Portland Mayor are both part of the problem in Portland. They are aiding and abetting the Urban Terrorists attacking the Federal Building. Those sling shots they are using to launch ball bearing at the Federal Officers are lethal weapons as are the pyrotechnic devises they are launching at them. The slingshots are capable if firing a ball bearing into a steel oil drum. They are lucky they haven’t killed anyone yet. Anyone identified using one in the crowd should be charged with attempted murder.

  7. American Democrat leaders have all the characteristics of the leadership in socialist/communist globalist/NWO countries and should relocate to the country of their choice! Cuba or Venezuela might welcome them……….possibly?????

  8. My question is where are the lawful citizens of Portland? Isn’t there anyone living there who knows this is wrong and is going to destroy our country?

  9. What else is new? Nothing, damn near all dems lie. Did ya think she was going to do what she said. No.

    1. I’ve always said beside being a criminal the first requisite to be a Demotard is to be a pathological liar.

  10. This woman is completely unqualified to be Mayor. These people who do nothing like her should be help personally accountable for the damages they allowed to happen. Just like they want to allow cops to be sued, they should be sued by every resident and business owner who has been damaged by these riots.

  11. Just one look at this woman, you realize she is a “lemming” Marxist with her head up her ass.

  12. Dem-o-crat-rat elected officials all share the same traits….especially when it comes to their “audio” (hearing) reception and comprehension. They all hear only the parts they want to hear and process it in their deranged brains until the information is comprehended to mean exactly what “they” want it to. THEN….they swear it is exactly what you said, when in reality it has an entirely new and different meaning!
    Lawdie Miss Clawdie……..they could screwup a disaster of galactic proportion but, they can’t do a simple thing like hear and understand a message…..just saying.

  13. You can’t compromise with a stinking worthless incompetent demoSCUM — she will do nothing except keep putting you off. Get Federal troops in there and every demoSCUM city in chaos and take care of business. She has already proven she is a do nothing know nothing demoSCUM piece of trash.

  14. Another Democrat doing nothing to control the riots in her state she is probably a socialist want to ruin her state like a southern neighbor in California

  15. Blind the rioters, shut down the cell phone service and the rioters can’t communicate the “when, where and what tools/weapons to bring.” Signal Corps Veteran 1972-1974.

  16. I was just in downtown Portland and it looked like a war zone, with the focus on Federal property, which as. Taxpayer, is my property. I want the President to do what’s necessary to protect “my” property, period! I read Brown’s version and it’s all a lie! Trump gave her a face-saving way out and she blew it! Downtown was a beautiful city where I worked (in the Fed bldg for 4 years). Now it’s a pigsty like Pelosi’s district in SF or Seattle’s CHOP! It’s unfortunate I live in a state that is controlled by 4-5 cities along I-5! But, thank God, the rest of the state is full of folks that know how to hunt!

  17. Are “we” the True American Citizens going to be allowed the same peaceful leeway when the Bolshevik Democrats come to take over our cities/suburbs/countryside/farms and towns?

  18. She is related to CA old GOV. Jerry Brown, I believe it is his sister, BLAH!!! she must go, please all Sheriffs swear us citizens in and we will take care of this terrorist.

  19. Oh gee another riot in a DEMOCRAT-run city. Darn that pesky trump and his hateful rhetoric of trying to restore law and order

  20. these nazi’s do not want federal buildings protected because they don’t want any rememberance of the existing United States. they want it eliminated.

  21. The worst is yet to come, all those property owners that have been affected may not pay their property taxes, let’s how the liberal maggot likes that when trying to get the money to pay for city services!


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