6 Reasons the Mail-In Ballot Scheme is a SCAM

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons


The Democrats are teaming up with the media to make a big push for mail-in voting this year if this succeeds then this election will go down as the most debated set of election results ever in American history. The worst part is that it will not matter who wins the actual election, mail-in voting is illegitimate and will lead to contentious debate from both parties regardless of the outcome. Here are 6 reasons why Mail-in voting would be a total disaster in the United States:

  1. If you can get to the convenience store to get cigarettes, if you can get to the gas station to buy gas, if you can get to the package store to buy booze, if you can go thru the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds, if you can get to the supermarket, you can go to a polling place and vote. Let’s cut thru the nonsense and get real.

    1. While not covered specifically under the blanket statement of fraud, there is no way in hell to confirm the citizenship for that many ballots, period! That is exactly why the demon lib-rats love the idea, given they’re aiding and abetting millions of illegals across the country! The most corrupt party in US history!

      1. There is the way to confirm the citizenship, because there are only 2 documents that can proof it – birth certificate and certificate of citizenship (or US passport). The solution is simple – attach the copy of one you have to mail-in-ballot envelope… This rule should become the law, because according to the Constitution only US citizens have the right to vote!

      2. tom
        Now the fact is you can not get that mail in ballot unless you have already proven citizenship to vote in the first place, they only send them to registered voters not everyone in the phone book. So that is how they prove the citizenship.
        Now since no proof of any illegal voter fraud over 12 persons in 12 years, even by the Presidents election fraud panel.

        1. That is merely a theoretical proof. You need to expand your news sources, as there have been many convictions of voter fraud, from mail-in and other sources of voter fraud, even THIS YEAR. You are a victim of Democrat LIES. Democrats have even bragged about voting multiple times and have been praised by the Democrat Party.

          It is also a continuing violation of the law that secretaries of state do not continually screen their voter rolls to eliminate duplicate registrations, registrations remaining on the rolls after a voter dies, and if an elector fails to vote in a Presidential election. Ballots mailed out can also be supplemented by counterfeit ballots, so a ballot proves nothing.

          It sounds bad when ballots are mailed out to deceased voters, but the proof of the fraud is when that deceased voter fills out the ballot and sends it back in.

        2. Incorrect Robert! There is NO “proof” of citizenship required to register for the vote. Just a BOX you check on the registration form. No one asks you to verify your citizenship. PERIOD! As far as I know, that is in ALL States.


  3. The ways of cheating and fraudulent voting are endless with mail in voting! It hasn’t been a month ago that I saw a video of a postman exit his delivery vehicle and throw a huge bag of ballots from a heavy Republican precinct in a dumpster, got back in his vehicle and went on his merry way! He was seen by two individuals who went to the dumpster and retrieved the ballots! I would sure like to know the outcome of that situation when the postman was reported!
    That is only one instance……….just use your God given imagination!

    1. So true. Remember that Trump has repeatedly pointed out the difference between Absentee Voting and the mail-in voting where ALL of the ballots are mailed out and depend on complete honesty to get them back to the county voting officer. Too much to hope for in this era of LIARS and DISHONESTY.

    2. Maxibaby…MUST you continually slap dimwitted people with FACTS, TRUTH and REALITY? You’re a HARD woman, my girl! LOL! You GO, girl!

  4. I posted an article on a “local” website which I meant to be for information only.concerning just this problem. Votes getting lost, slow, etc. wow, should have seen all of the liberals come out of their pits to discredit the article. For those that are sending their ballots thru the mail, hope they get lost. Sorry, just the way I feel. Deleted the site.Don’t need them.

  5. Now being the Conservative states have been the ones convicted on many occasions of making it almost impossible for all minorities to vote, through many different ways , like not putting the amount of poling places in place compared to the population of the area, closing polling places early, and gerrymandering to make it so minorities think their vote means nothing so they just do not vote. Now with mail in ballots they could do none of that, and no difficulty has ever been shown with mail in ballots which 3 states have had for years, agreed to by both parties.

    1. Wrong. WA has used mail-in ballots for years, and fraud has been rampant, with piles of “Ballots” being found until the Democrat governor wins. Same thing in MN, where the Democrat senator won. Yes, difficulty and fraud HAVE been found.

        1. Absentee ballot does not simply mean mail-in ballot. Absentee requires prior registration. Mail-in ballots, sent to any and all addresses, especially with ballot “harvesting”, are rife with fraud, as already seen this year. I guess Democrats just don’t know how to do anything other than support breaking the law and defend it ’til the JackAsses come home

  6. I vote Absentee Ballot every year. Every US Citizen has the right to vote as I do if the State approves of it. In order to vote as I do, I was required to register and request I get a ballot each year to vote. This means my name is listed as a legal Absentee Voter. A vote by someone you does not qualify properly is a fraudulent vote. Sending a ballot to every citizen within any given State does not qualify every citizen if they are not registered to vote. A person who receives such a ballot will give the impression they can legally vote, thus they will fill out the ballot and vote. Those who count the votes have no way to confirm if the voter is registered to vote, thus a fraudulent vote.

  7. Thousands go to Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club every week. Polling places there would get everyone who is registered to vote. Lots of avenues for fraud. Does anyone wonder why the big push by democrats??? So they can cheat of course.

  8. No problem. If the normal will be mail-in voting, we Republicans will join the crowd. And if Democrats cheat, so will we. Result: The elections will be cancelled and we will have Mr. Trump in the presidency for a long time…without affecting his future reelection for four more years! Democrats want buggaloo? No sweat!


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