GOP Rep. Has Covid, Pro-Trump Journo Attacked, Trump Issues Demands for Dems PLUS Everything Else You Missed

White House [Public Domain]

It’s been a busy week in politics. Here are all the Trump-related stories you may have missed this week.

GOP Congressman Test Positive for Coronavirus

He was preparing to fly with President Trump aboard Air Force One to Texas Wednesday. However, he tested positive for coronavirus during his White prescreening.


 Conservative Journalist Attacked

A video journalist who is supportive of President Trump was viciously attacked last weekend in Portland.

Andrew Ducomb, 25, was filming the Portland protests.

He believes a group of people began to follow him after realizing who he was from his videos and pro-Trump support.


Trump Hints Where He Will Receive Republican Nomination After Convention Cancelled

President Trump told reporters on the South Lawn that he is considering giving his RNC speech and accepting the GOP nomination at the White House.


Trump Issues Three Demands for Stimulus

President Trump has issued three demands to Congress for the next coronavirus stimulus and has asked one big favor from the Democrats.

He has asked Democrats to “reject partisan voices.”


Twitter Takes Action Against Trump Jr.

Social media network Twitter has suspended Donald Trump Jr., according to Republican strategist Andrew Surabian.

Surabian– who served as President Trump’s War Room Director during his first campaign and worked in the White House– shared a screenshot of what appears to be an email from Twitter to Trump Jr. telling him he was suspended.


GOP Governor Won’t Commit to Supporting Trump

 Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan stated recently that he will not commit to voting for President Trump in November.

Hogan is one of the most popular governors in the United States and has expressed his interest in running for president in 2024.



  1. Governor Larry Hogan has a good reason for not supporting Pres. Trump come November! Given that he is planning to run for Pres. against Pres. Trump, his lack of support for the Pres is obvious! Whoever Larr Hogan is, however, I strongly hope that Pres. Trump is re-elected come November!

    1. I think he said he plans to run in 2024, so he would have every reason for supporting Trump in 2020. Even Trump won’t be running in 2024, despite what the Democrats may say. His is a blue state, so he is obviously playing to his Democrat voters.

  2. For the most part , the so call Journalists of today are nothing more than self aggrandizing A**holes who insist on walking around with their heads up a body cavity I won’t name here as there may be ladies reading . Of course when I say Journalist I am being very generous as those journalists of today are a pale shadow (if that) of journalists of old . There are no Walter Cronkites , Walter Winchells , John Camron Swayze’s or Chet Huntley & David Brinkleys . Today’s reporter’s and gatherers of news all seem to think they should also be editorialists and voice their valueless and unwanted opinions on everything that does not agree with their political opinion . Sad to say very few people give a flying fart in space what their opinion might be . Jim Acosta , Don Lemon , Chris Como and others are so desperate for attention that they become obnoxious with their behavior . Their particular candidate of choice did not win so they attack the person who did win . That individual could walk on water , part the seas , cure all the illness in the world and bring world peace . And as Lemon and Como have already demonstrated . Jesus could be elected President and they would condemn anything and everything he did . As journalists , today’s newsman disgust me . It gives me pause to question if anything they report on is valid , accurate or even true .


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