Jim Jordan Eviscerates Fauci on Protests Increasing Spread

By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) used his time to question Dr. Anthony Fauci over the First Amendment hypocrisy currently being witnessed in this country.

Jordan asked whether protests increased the spread of the virus. Fauci reluctantly stated that they likely do.

Then Jordan struck asking how protests are treated in higher regard than church services.

Jordan ended by highlighting how “protesting… according to the Democrats is just fine. But you can’t go to work. You can’t go to school. You can’t go to church. There is limits placed on all three of those fundamental activities… First Amendment activities. But protesting is just fine…”

Jordan was then cut off by Democrat James Clyburn who tried to blame Trump rallies and fundraisers for the spread.


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  1. I am just wondering why so many supposedly concerned with our country can ignore so many facts being distorted and then presented as new facts.What is the goal and why?

    1. The ultimate goal is a One World Government. That means that the State is the deity as God will “no longer be needed.” Everything will come from the State, including the Anti-Christ. There are a lot of facts that can be listed about the End Times.

      1. Bingo.
        The kommiecrats in alliance with the international left want to weaken America to be assimilated into a borderless one government world with Islam as the policing force.

      2. Dr Barbara, you’re absolutely correct. I love that you’re ALL SO INFORMED. I finally get the OWOrder thing, and I think that’s where we’re headed if Crazy Joe wins.
        Also, Bill Gates and his extremely liberal wife are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

      3. Amen! More and more Americans are seeing the light every day. Dr. Fauci is a Biden supporter, population control, Planned Parenthood supporter, and he and the CDC, FDA, and Bill Gates are trying to bring this New World Order into fruition, and they are complicit in developing and spreading this virus. Research it for yourselves. Follow the dots and connection between all of these entities.

    2. Seems they learned such things from early Progressives such as Wilson, FDR,and now Barack Obama etc. They all could take something and turn the phrase to where you would think what they were saying was just fine

    3. Socialism so they can be in charge. We should all go riot, since that is the only thing allowed. Open America. Back to work. Back to school. Back to church. Back to life. Never shutdown again for the flu. Pandemics kill millions not thousands. Thousands die of the flu every winter. You don’t close for it.

  2. Does anyone trust Fauci anymore? And he lies and is a dim wit so of course the riots are not in his purview. We need to hire better experts and vet them for their politics too as this man helped the dim wits in his incompetence as an expert with intent! And this continuing miasma of the virus is full of holes and not even as bad as flu. There is a real problem with all of this and the reality of the non-threat, it is the dim wits destroying our rights and trying to destroy the country.

    1. I have been told that my right to vote has been abridged due to my inability to wear a mask at the polling place. I will have to vote by mail. Where is THAT in the Constitution or the 1964 Civil Rights Act or anywhere else in the documents of this country?

    2. One of the doctors at that press conference said that the fear of this disease is causing more harm than the disease itself. You know, the press conference that several social media platforms are not allowing the public to see?

    3. But, if Trump had not selected him, how many people would still not know about his involvement with Gates, Soros and their planned vaccine? Seems it was genius on Trump’s part.

    4. Have you seen the video that Trump Jr. was deleted from tweeter? look it up, real experts talking. Especially the black doctor from Africa. She really told them fake news and fake doctors.

  3. If Dr. Anthony Fauci was an NFL head coach, he would have been fired after the pre-season games. He is never right, ever! He should become a meteorologist because it might improve his track record.

  4. Dr. Fauci is a real problem. He won’t say anything against the riots.. But he sure told these blue states governors to shut down their states. He just a liar. He is a Democrat . He won’t dare go against the Democrat crap.. Stop listening to this Crappy doctor. Useless tool .

    1. I get sicker every time I hear him speak. Same thing for AOC. Id rather hear someone with long fingernails scratching a chalkboard. BTW I have a post just above that’s “waiting for approval.’ What’s up with that? What ever happened to “free speech”?

      1. I don’t know what has happened to the Trump Train News. They have changed their format and I guess they hired some socialist moderators at the same time. I wonder if Pres. Trump knows what they are doing.

        1. I do not like the new format at all. I can not edit my post after I realized I spelled a word wrong or used the wrong words to justify my post. I think the site wants to control the narrative by approving everything posted on this site. Just more ways to control free speech. The internet that should be impartial has become just another platform of controlled narratives. Just another move to make internet sites Political Correct. I think this is called “Shadow Banning”on the internet. Someone is working in the background reading the posts and if the post does not meet their political ideals then the post is blocked. Sadly, this Political Correctness is destroying free debate. Sounds just the US Congress to me.

  5. Fauci is such the weasel di- -!!! Jordan is such a strong politician! He will make a wonderful president someday.

  6. Fauchi is as Flip Flop ad Sleepy Joe Biden, He has NO clue as to what the Virus does or will do, he has sided with the DemonRats to shut down this country.

  7. From the beginning I called this guy out as a SHILL for the KKKRAKAS.
    I also call him SOFIA from the show the Golden Girls. Haha. He’s working and carrying water for someone. Certainly NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP. WAKE UP AMERICA.
    MAGA. TRUMP 2020

  8. He was asked a simple question, but because it would not help Democrats with their agenda, he would not answer. Protesters is made up of large groups or crowds. Why aren’t they being jailed or told not to gather. But Mr. Falsy, could make a decision over churches, schools and businesses.

  9. Fauci should be fired because a dam democrat supporter and anti American and never gets anything right

  10. Check out Fauxi’s ethics problems over the years. How close he worked with the WHO, CDC, The Chinese labs…. How much $$$$$ he sent to this particular Chinese lab that caused all the trouble… Had he had used used his “knowledge” in the very beginning .. but his “advise was totally opposite to what we should have been doing… But I sure since he talked almost nightly to the Cuomos… they perhaps got the real advise. Fauci cannot be trusted.

  11. Next, Dr. Fauci will flip his “magic coin” decision-maker and recommend that everyone wears a HazMat suit all the time, OR, he may finally recommend early use of hydroxychloroquine therapy to prevent death from the Chinese Virus.

    He and Big Pharma, Big Tech, the CDC, FAKE NEWS and Demented-dem’s will hate this recommendation as it’s a “Nickel Prophylactic” that’s been used all around the world for 60+ years and potentially could take the place of Big Pharma’s multi-billion dollar potential fix.

    Is China brewing up a much more lethal virus than Covid-19, for this coming winter?

  12. Fauci is a fraud. He’s in over his head and is way past his due date. Retirement should be imposed on him.

  13. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so tired of the game of Simon Says with Dr. Fauci and the Democrats.

  14. Fauci, what a loser. This is the most ignorant pile of fecal matter I’ve seen, other than the rest of the democrats. What a freaking knob. An expert and legend, in his own mind. God protect us from the fools and those that blindly follow them. Democrats if you will.

  15. It may sound crazy, but why are people still contracting this virus when people are doing the right things to prevent getting this virus? As time goes by, I am beginning to believe we might be better off to treat the symptoms like we have done in the past. In our past the only people with a deadly virus were quarantined. This concept of quarantining everyone is NOT WORKING. I am part of the group most likely to get this virus, but when I got tested I did not test positive, yet I remain a prisoner in my own home. Self quarantining apparently has kept those with this virus sheltering in their homes so they can infect others at a later date. Do scientists really know how this virus spreads? Could it be that the elderly have a condition that triggers the ability to get this virus? We hear more and more of our elderly contracting this virus and dying. Herman Care is a prime example and people like Herman Cane continue to die. Maybe we would be better off if we knew what triggers this virus to spread. We hear healthy athletes contacting this virus and not dying, but these same people could be giving this virus to the our elderly or those with preexisting conditions. What good is a vaccine if the scientists do not know how or what triggers this virus to spread? WHAT TRIGGERS IT TO KILL?

  16. When the Republicans regain control of the House if McCarthy gets Speaker, I hope Jordan is Majority Leader. As for Fauci, he should tender his retirement papers Monday Morning.

  17. After the election this stupid Virus won’t be an issue it will be dubbed the flue and if Dimwit Biden is elected they won’t even talk about it anymore because they know he doesn’t have a clue what to do , it will be blamed on Trump along with everything else that they have no clue on


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