Punxatawney Joe is Still Hiding in His Media Hole

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

The media cartels are full of Biden – especially since it’s already August and he hasn’t got a running mate. You can’t help but notice, though, that while the leftist media cartels are full of advice and encouragement, they are fairly scarce on news about the man whom they’ve chosen to win the 2020 election. 

He says nothing because he can’t string three words together coherently. He’s even trying to duck out of the debates – which will be an embarrassment for him and, more importantly, his donors. Even Obama, who is at least smart enough to realize how fragile his own legacy is, has kept Biden at arms length as the former Vice President attempted to teach the nation who “the real blacks” are. Then he went back into his hole and has stayed there ever since.

Whoever Biden picks for his VP – that’s the actual Democrat candidate. Trump knows this, which is why his own campaign has focused so much on his own accomplishments and so little on Biden. As of right now, we don’t know who Trump is actually going to be running against. That’s a huge advantage for our President – because it also means the Democrats and the media cartels have no idea how to frame their official narrative.

It’s all so pathetic to see the left flail around like they are – they might almost be pitiable, except that their senile temper-tantrum is robbing millions of Americans of their paychecks, businesses, and even their very lives. 

Expect Biden to keep hiding in the shadow of COVID, BLM, and whatever else the media cartels cook up to keep America insane, divided, and chaotic. Trump can let them. 

When Punxatawney Joe Biden pops his head out on Election Day, the fires in American cities will still be burning, and when he sees his shadow, we’ll all have four more years of Trump.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. There is no sense voting. Biden is the sure winner. After all, he’s just been bidin his time.

    1. What there is no sense in is “glenn edward davis”. What’s a matter? You too tired to capitalize your name? Just as well…….lower case for a lower case person.

    1. This election is going to cost a fortune and it won’t be decided till months after the election. The Democrats pushing Vote By Mail in Voting know the post office cant handle the counting and vetting if over three million ballots in a month. The scandals concerning Vote by Mail ballots are already mounting. Six weeks after the primary’s in NY there still isn’t a winner.The Democrats will take advantage of the chaos to declare Biden the victor or Obama for a third term.Don’t confuse Absentee voting with Vote By Mail. It’s not even apples and oranges, it’s Cadillac and Ford. Be prepared for more burning and looting.

  2. Still waiting to see the real candidate they are going to run. Pelosi’s still running distraction with the stimulas, she’s shown that when it comes to a choice between the welbeing of the American people and a power grab, she will choose power for herself every time.

    1. N. Pelosi will try to declare herself President after all the confusion she will cause with mail-in votes ; I understand military vote, if over seas but not everyone should get this vote; get them to the polls.

  3. Every union guy that I know is voting for Trump so the dems have lost the union vote,its almost like Pelosi and the democrats in congress are handing Trump the election.

  4. Biden may see his shadow but he won’t remember whether he saw it or not. Doesn’t really matter as Trump landslide will bury the communists.

  5. Crazy,racist,perv,china/ukrainian,slo,joe is unfit to be leader of anything. He can’t string together a coherent sentence, without saying something off the wall. u know” come on man” u know the thing ” I’m in stage three dementia, come on man, I’ll be ok, my vp will take over, u know,come on man, we can do that can’t we? Come on man, BHO got away with all kinds of corruption, u didn’t say nothing to him! Come on man u know what I mean? YA

  6. conspiracy theory says sleepy joe is just the sacrificial lamb. this is why the DNC has NOT revealed the VP candidate yet.  if sleepy joe wins the election and congress stays socialist after the election congress will turn on biden and will declare sleepy joe biden is too INCOMPETENT to stay office and the DNC congress will move their real choice for president right into office without a fight.
    this is scary ! 

  7. What’s happening in America at present in regard to Joe Biden and the upcoming elections is unfortunate and not what is usually expected at election time! However, given Biden’s inability to string a few words together, he couldln’t possibly be elected as Pres. even by the most ardent Democrats!
    I must say though, that I’ll be very happy to see Trump’s re-election come November!
    Frances Weingarten

  8. Biden has not said WHO will be VP because there is a “INTERNAL WAR” inside Democrat Party trying to choose WHO THEY WANT to replace chicken joe quickly as possible after, Should Dems win in November!!,, Joe Biden does NOT have a say in this decision!!!! He is sooo out of touch with reality, he has No Idea what’s going on with Anything concerned with this Election!!! Many Trump Haters will still vote for him & whoever the DNP picks and fall victim to communist socialist corrupt politicians that only want Power & Money & Our Constitutional Life Over The People’s America!! We Must Fight & Resist All Democrat politicians, City, State & Federal Election Officials November 2020!! Vote Straight GOP (Except Rinos) November 2020!! God Bless America & Help preserve our American Way of Life!! It is Not a perfect system yet, but We The People will continue voting Out of Office to keep America The Best Government system on earth!!Vote GOP!!!

  9. The party is sorting out who they want as president in the unrealistic event “Biden” wins the election, anyone with a brain realizes he will never hold office

  10. Biden is a total duh a total no brainer you must be a total idiot or hate america to vote lazy joe idiot!!


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