Michelle Obama Battling Trump Induced Depression

By Ali Shaker/VOA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Obama revealed recently that she is battling low-grade depression and the Trump administration is one of the causes.

According to The Hill:

“Not just because of the quarantine, but because of the racial strife, and just seeing this administration, watching the hypocrisy of it, day in and day out, is dispiriting,” Obama said on the podcast episode, the second episode of the season.

The former first lady in the episode discusses mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing protests over racial injustice with Michele Norris, the former anchor of NPR’s “All Things Considered.”

She blames, in part, the Trump administration’s response to current events for her depression.

“I don’t think I’m unusual, in that,” Obama said. “But I’d be remiss to say that part of this depression is also a result of what we’re seeing in terms of the protests, the continued racial unrest, that has plagued this country since its birth. I have to say that waking up to the news, waking up to how this administration has or has not responded, waking up to yet another story of a Black man or a Black person somehow being dehumanized, or hurt or killed, or falsely accused of something, it is exhausting. And it has led to a weight that I haven’t felt in my life, in a while.”

Obama said that she tries to battle the depression by keeping a routine, something she began when she was in the White House.

  1. Look, Moochelle, get a grip. What if you were not living in your ivory palace with maids and had to live like the average citizen lives. If we can deal with it, so can you. Quit being such a baby for goodness sake. You have NOTHING to complain about. It was your husband who set up this country for the r#cial strife it is going through. You and he got the ball rolling and now your liberal Democrats are trying to finish the job for you. So, just shut up already.

        1. And they BOTH can get lost.
          Especially if they don’t wear orange.

    1. Remember: when BathHouse Barry was elected, it was the first time she was proud of her Country.
      Wookie: Go Away…

    2. Good Comment Susan; Barack set everyone up to try and hate one another. Ferguson was what sealed my disdain for him along with a lot of other things. I can’t even imagine how many deals Trump would of accomplished without being torn down from every direction from the Democrats being sore and crooked losers. President Trump will win this election again and good luck with over the hill “Biden”.

    3. You hit the nail on the head. A 2nd term for Trump will certainly expose the deep corruption of the Obama administration. Sorry, I don’t feel for you.

  2. Really, depression? Many of us had that when Obama won. He was the one that brought all of the racial issues on. Just enjoy your 15 million dollar home, all the rest of your millions and fame. Get over it.

    1. Yes and to make certain that poor little mochelle would feel safe and secure, BHO birthed BLM, Antifa, NFAC-real name Not Fuc–ing Around Coalition and other marxist domestic terrorist groups to act as moochelle’s personal police when she becomes fearful and depressed! Excuse me…….I have a nauseating mental vision and I have to stop now!🤢🤢🤢

  3. Poor thing, blaming your troubles on someone else. If you were a druggie or alcoholic, would you blame that on him too, even if you have been one since before Trump became President? I bet President Trump has not developed depression over the things your husband’s administration did to him, just made him mad as hell, and trying to make this country great again!!

  4. Cannot possibly be as depressed as i was as her husband was setting up this country for all of this unrest to raise its ugly head.

  5. Tired of racial divisiveness for politics. (S)he’s a disgusting, no class, vile racist. Racism is not an issue like they try to make it out to be. Reverse it then maybe. 6-1 black on white assault, more whites are killed by LEOs than blacks, even unarmed whites are killed more. But 99.9% deserve it. Hands up, won’t shoot. Enough of this bs.

  6. Michelle: GET A LIFE AND GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF TRUMP’S ASS. Good grief, you have all the money in the world and can go back to the island if you want! Girl, you are ate up with the Trump Derangement Syndrome!

    1. The above table sums it all (!) up in a nut shell !! So—- stop crying Michele, you poor underprivileged baby!! My heart bleeds for you!

  7. who does she think we are, a bunch of stupid people? The Obama’s were the most corrupt people to ever inhabit the White House. They proved to the American people what slugs they really were and still are. They spend taxpayers money with out regard of what people might think because they don’t care. When you lie about who you are to benefit yourself, you will eventually pay the price and it appears collection day is fast approaching.

  8. America still trying to recover from 8 years of TERRORIST OBAMA. MAY HER DEPRESSION RESULT IN SUICIDE!.

  9. This lying skank should concentrate on her “Gay” husband. It is easy to understand why she is depressed. If your spouse preferred another man over you, then you would be depressed too.

    Moochie needs to go spend some of the money her husband swindled from Americans. That should make her (it) feel better.

  10. Wow, depression is horrible, but Michelle, you are uber wealthy and don’t have the weight of finances baring down on you. Perhaps you could take yet another vacation with your ample staff of helpers to get you into a better mood. I don’t think you can ever really understand what kind of depression this pandemic is doing to people right now. Also, heroes go to work, so tell teacher this fact and remind them that the doctors and nurses did it! So can they! Our children need this bad!

  11. I’m not surprised that Madam Obama’s depression started when she was in the White House. After all, her husband was the the PRESIDENT!

  12. I guess she would make a good VP or President if she has depression, just imagine how depressed she would be in one of those offices.

    1. Now she knows how we all felt under her husband…every morning I woke up to see what irresponsible thing he did to our country for 8 long years

  13. I found the eight years under an Obama administration to be totally depressing which got worse every time I saw either one on tv. This is just another case of democrats accusing President Trump of things they are actually guilty of

      1. Right there with you. When Trump won, I stood on my porch the next AM, literally felt a nasty black cloud lifted and the sky was literally bluer than I ever saw before!

  14. Its the consensus of the Worlds leading Medical and Psychology professionals that Trans-Gender people suffer much greater bouts of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies than normal people! That being said Michelle, your Depression has nothing to do with President Trump!

  15. We have all been dealing with low grade depression, since Obama ruined this country and infiltrated the judiciary etc. with radical leftists who have brought us to the riot, lawless state. Everyone I poll says the demonrats are really more like communists, and no longer democrats. You commies have rigged everything. You have ruined every country. You try to kill our souls and our bodies wherever you take over. But God will have the last word. Lord, have mercy on us.

  16. We if she is that depressed, she should stop blaming everyone else for her ans Obama’s actions. She nothing but a hateful black woman crying victim all the time. See money can’t even make them happy. I can’t and never have liked her. It’s always poor me or us.

  17. Yes Michelle some men get depressed when they transferred to being female like you. all years of Obama shuckin your cornhole may be taking a toll on you

  18. What a lying POS! She has no clue what depression is. In her 14 million dollar mansion. She talks a good game but her actions are not those of an individual who cares about the poor. If she did she could certainly live in a 1 million dollar home that would be wonderful and give 13 million to poor neighborhoods. Lying POS! I really don’t like that woMAN.

  20. Here TNN you don’t have to approve my comment I removed it. Another disgusting site I can unsubscribe from so sick of this bs.

  21. Yeah, her routine is race/baiting . This is truly black elite privilege victimization. It’s beyond laughable.
    If she’s depressed, she probably has much deeper problems, perhaps deserved after all this BS posturing!

  22. Hell I am suffering from depression over the
    way tou two racists ran our country into the
    ground..and still trying.
    Blame tour depression on having a traitor for
    a husband.

  23. Liar! The expanding racial divide is because of your worthless, racist husband. His legacy will be ‘The Great Divider’. Prior to the so called Obama administration, I hardly ever heard of any race issues. Sure, there will always be some; we are all human. I would have depression too, if I had to live with a dirt-bag like your husband. Your not innocent either, you were brought up privileged and yet you always play the race card. I guess your family is just racist. You make want to look at yourself in the mirror, before casting stones!

  24. Give me a brake she depressed! Did she have to get her own coffee or try to feed her family on half the amount of money. Maybe she lost her job no wait she didn’t have a job. She didn’t even take care of her family or her mother. We picked up the tab for that also for 8 years. Did she get lost in that new HOME that cost $15MILLION. For the life of me I don’t know what this do nothing has to be DEPRESSED ABOUT! Now I’m depressed think of all I don’t have!!!

  25. The money this beast of a women spent while in the White House was disgraceful with her trips to Martha Vineyard on the tax payers money that includes taking her loser friends!
    She needs to go away with Hilda Beast, back in the woods!

    Shut Up and disappear with your husband!!

    Am a women for Trump 2020 MAGA!!!!

  26. I am surprised that Michelle Obama is even talking about the divided country under Trump when it’s the Democrats who are doing the rioting and causing pandemonium in the streets. Has she forgotten about how bad her home town of Chicago was under her husband’s administration? These people have a lot of damn nerve blaming Trump for everything.

  27. Perhaps while you and Obozo were in office…you maybe could have taken steps in 8 YEARS to try and FIX the racial issues. In my opinion…you and your hubby just “fanned” the flames of discrimination !!!

  28. Lol-!!! It’s what everyone else experienced with her and her hubby in D.C. What a biased fiasco that was-!!!
    TRUMP PENCE 2020-!!!

  29. So, she gets “depressed”? Big f’ng deal! Every time I saw her for EIGHT YEARS it made me want to puke. And every time B HUSSEIN O opened his mouth I DID puke!
    So, let her get depressed.
    In fact, lets all get together and get the word out about what MAKES her depressed, and see if we can’t get her REALLY depressed for FOUR MORE YEARS!!
    If we’re lucky, she’ll get SO depressed she’ll stick a gun in her mouth. That’ll end HER depression and I won’t so nauseous.
    As for B HUSSEIN O, maybe if she eats a gun he’ll get depressed and do the same.
    We should BE so lucky!

  30. Give me a break!! What these damn democrats won’t do for attention!!! ADULTS TOO! GET OVER YOURSELF, GROW UP!!! PLEASE!

  31. Is there anything else the left can blame Trump for? This is ridiculous. Michelle’s only depressed because no one wants her in the presidential race, nor do they want her sneaky, lying husband (thank God). Take a depression pill and go to bed, Michelle. It’s not going to get any better.

  32. Cry me a river. She did not care when they we in office, if the rest of the country could not stand them. So find a bridge & jump.

  33. Time for the Obama’s to retire for real get out of flinging barbs at Trump and stay off the media which hates Trump , they had their time and he tried to give America to the socialist party.

  34. Michelle simply has her menopause moment..!! I wish, her words “another story of a Black man or a Black person somehow being dehumanized, or hurt or killed” will be related to daily killings in Chicago..!

  35. The queen has lost her throne and entourage. No one cares what she says, does, or wears. Adulation has vanished in front of her eyes. The queen is dead, long live what is left.

  36. Come on, Michelle, if you allow yourself to get depressed over another person then you are not a strong person and never was. People’s happiness is not defined by another person. That includes your family as well as any President of the United States. A person’s happiness depends upon themselves. You find it within yourself. You will never find happiness in other people, places or material things. One more thing, stop playing the victim. You’re lousy at it. You and your family are not victims and never will be. The real victims are those that had to suffer through your idiot husband’s idiotic policies and executive decisions..

  37. Who Cares. She was a POS in trying to take away the rearing of our Children. Americans are not Stupid, Most do a good job without her help.

  38. Hay M what the hell have you or your husband done for blacks or anyone for that matter actions speak louder than words so shut your wine hole

  39. I would be depressed too, if I kept watching fake news all day. Stuck at home with Obama Hussein listening to his own speeches and walking around talking to himself where did I go wrong?

  40. Then again her depression must be because of those nutrious meals she wanted our kids to eat. She hasn’t had a chance to go eat dinner at those expensive restaurants. The lockdown is surely taking a toll on her.


  42. Oh you poor liar! Trump won cause of you and your husband! I saw Obama rambling on at Lewis funeral. I also saw his nose in the air! Michelle you’re full of BS!

  43. Poor little baby Michelle!! She is having a MELTDOWN!! BARACH and his husband need to go have a meltdown in another country!!! A PATHETIC DUO!!!

  44. No Michael aka Michele, you’re not depressed because of Trump’s America! Could it be all these dirty deeds your husband did while in the White House being exposed by AG Barr, making you a little uncomfortable?? Or maybe you & he are finally looking over your shoulders afraid indictments are finally coming??? I surely hope you’ve enjoyed living HIGH & MIGHTY because your world is going to come CRASHING DOWN!!! Enjoy the mansion & money while you can & the real Patriots don’t buy into your victim play! You went to Law School & certainly know the Laws that were broken!! TREASON is a HIGH crime, even your good buddy Soros can’t help you with! So suck it up, you knew all along what was being done to a Duly Elected President! This made Watergate look like child’s play!! Shame on YOU and YOUR TREASONOUS ILLEGAL immigrant husband!!!

  45. That’s what happens when one is a tranny, Michael! It’s called Self-loathing! And ALL LibTards suffer from it.

  46. Michelle Who?
    Just because her husband conned the Nation twice, into making him the President, it does not make her a significant person for the Nation, that she has never loved.
    Put her on a boat to Liberia, and let her enjoy the life style of her racial cousins.

  47. What? Poor Moochelle is depressed about situations in the country her loser husband created with his divisive rascism? Oh…….poor baby….waaaaa!!!!

  48. The eight years you occupied the White House was the worse reversal if any racial progress we had made. Your depression is also referred to as TDS.

  49. That story just made my day, Michelle Obama is depressed when things like the lowest unemployment rate in history for blacks occurs under the President she hates. I bet she really hates that Biden is campaigning on a slogan of Build Back Better and promising to bring back manufacturing jobs(that of course Trump already started bringing back!) after her husband told the world in 2016 that those jobs were never coming back. Oh the depression, woe is me!

  50. Oh please, now you know how many of us feel. I suffered 8 years of depression under the Obama administration. No sympathy for me.

  51. I feel so bad for mikey, lol, just think of the depression, all of us had to go through for 8 yrs of corruption,betrayals,and destruction, u two anti=american, traitors put this entire country through.u are pathetic, with your race=baiting,divisiveness, u and your husband divided this country not Trump, that’s why u will get defeated again, traitors.

  52. Think of all the BS and problems you and your husband caused the American people. I guess all the money you and Barack Obama acquired while trying to destroy America is depressing. I really feel bad that Black Privilege is depressing for you. Thank you, Michelle and Barack I have crocodile tears for you…..

  53. Well, Michele. Your concerns might be valid if your husband (you know, the former President) would use his undeniable yet totally misplaced popularity to try to calm the unrest.

    I’m sorry, has Barack actually spoken and I haven’t heard?

    I believe you and he, along with all the leftist Dems, are totally happy with the rioting bc since Trump is in office, he, of course, will be blamed. And after, all there are so many sheep who will follow the Dems blindly.

    And yet, maybe not. There’s an awakening happening and it a beauteous thing. The sheep are no longer as manageable as they used to be.
    Trump 2020!

  54. The American citizens suffered depression and a terrible economy thanks to her and her husband…..she probably misses the 25 people staff that served her as first lady and the lavish dresses and parties….I bet she is offering lots of help from her $15 million mansion

  55. She wants to get in the WH so they can finish what they started a new world order. When Trump got elected they knew they had to do something to get rid of him because he would find out all their dirt behind the closed doors of America. Well, guess what I think the day of reckoning is coming soon. And they can’t stand it that’s why she is depressed. She is such a liar. And so is he. And we had them got 8 long years. If she gets the VP she will try to get the WH and you know who will be president again. Vote for DJT again again keep the country Red.

  56. We might feel sorry for you, if only you and your husband were not responsible for starting the racial wars & the war on police. You were too busy taking vacations with your entourage & throwing elaborate parties in White House, all at the expense of taxpayers, with no regard for the need of our country.

  57. obama is depressed from taking to many estrogen shots so he can pass off being a woman. I think I read somewhere that the suicide rate for black male transgenders is pretty high. We can only hope in one certain case.

  58. Studies suggest that transgenders (both pre-transition gender dysphorics and peri-/post-transitional individuals) have significant issues with depression with an extremely high suicide risk (up to 40%), so I understand “Michelle’s” issues and fully sympathize. Here’s hoping that she can get the mental health assistance which she needs. It had to be a hard 8 years, attempting to live as a First “Lady” under constant public scrutiny (and that dance sequence on “Ellen” certainly couldn’t have helped), but I can only hope that “she” understands that we are all with “her” in “her” struggle.

  59. Get over yourself whack job. Maybe you and hubby need to leave this country because we certainly wouldn’t miss either of you. You are both cheats and liars and love to associate with the communist Soros. You are pathetic excuses for human beings.

  60. I’m afraid for my country that I’ve spent the better part of my life defending being threatened by young punks that have never done anything for this country. Little indoctrination idiots that think they need to tear apart the country and cancel our culture. I fear we have a civil war on the horizon!

  61. The best way to put it for me is that I like good people. I don’t like liars, cheats or thieves and the swamp is all of those things. They’re starting to panic because Barack gave Hillary the perfect set up to destroy our country into socialism but she lost. Hillary lost! Now the justice department has the documents proving additional crimes for Hillary and Barack and a whole host of others. That’s the depression Michelle has…she’s worried Barrack’s legacy as president will be exposed for the crap it was and how the liberal media helped them hide it. If these crimes were committed on an incoming President then Michelle’s depression could even get worse. It’s time for Americans to stand up against injustice and on all levels come together as good people, hold our elected officials accountable and get the evil people and criminal groups handled. Not so easy to swim in the swamp when it’s being drained…IS IT?

  62. Well, welcome to the club. You and Bozo sickened me and more than half the nation for your entire term in the white house and this disgusting mess you and your hubby left the nation in when you departed just down the block for starters. We are indeed fed up with you, the DNC lunatic asylum, and the whiney cry babies whom you clearly represent. Grow up and leave the country. We would happily pay for your one way ticket to parts unknown.

  63. Wow, I really hope this isn’t fake news. I also hope your whatever Barak is, is just as depressed as you are. Take some Zoloft.

  64. Hmmm, I do believe a lot of people were getting depressed when your husband let cities burn during his presidency. You had your 15 minutes and you blew it.

  65. Know she can know what I felt like the eight years her husband was in office. Best day of my life was when they left.


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