The Democrats are the Party of Crime

Hungryogrephotos via Wikimedia Commons

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that the Democrat Party is a party of crime and chaos, defended by a lying cartel of media companies. 

The problem with a lie is that it can only be sustained on more lies – and eventually, the whole house of cards will tumble if the truth so much as breathes. We have seen months of violent rioting that destroyed American cities from behemoths like Minneapolis/St. Paul to small cities like Atlantic City, NJ. We’ve witnessed new quasi-religious murals and vigils. We’ve seen a massive public funeral when most decent Americans aren’t even allowed to bury their loved ones. What didn’t we see? The bodycam footage from George Floyd’s arrest. 

Well, now it’s out, and it reveals the Leftist lie of police brutality. In it, we see a violent criminal, hopped up on drugs, resisted arrest for 8 minutes before the police finally got fed up, and deployed an approved restraining technique on him. His drug abuse gave him a heart attack, and the Democrats lied about it to drive the police out of American cities. 

The Wall Street Journal has warned that Trump has to “make good on his promise of restoring order” if he wants to win reelection. Does he? After all of these months of destruction built on a lie, with Democrat cities now seeing 200-300% increases in murder and other violent crimes, what more does President Trump need to do to defeat Senile Joe other than to say “these are cities under the Party of Crime? Do you really want to see your country run like that?” 

The Seattle mayor called the slaughter pen at CHOP “the Summer of Love”; Bill de Blasio, whose daughter is an Antifa terrorist, has overseen a 177% increase in shootings and a 286% increase in muggings and robberies in just the Upper East Side alone. 

Trump hardly has to say anything. 

He can just do what Kayleigh McEnany did last week and let leftist crime and violence speak for itself.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. Um,,,wow,,,with my comments being deleted,,,I’m finding myself becoming less interested in this site and I think I’m going to have a talk with the campaign or even the President himself about this…So ttn don’t b surprised if u r paid a visit…This was the one place to come and now it’s happening here as well….Wow…

    1. Bubble burst,,,not sorry…The President has a plan and all u anti-s r going to need a lot of boxes of tissues after he wins by his landslide…LOL…

          1. Ignorant College Grad, eh? What happened? Didn’t your Master’s Degree in Self-Gratification help you find work?

        1. Well , people say those that call the greatest President America has ever had a fat person ,are really fat & outta shape themselves,& a big fat head to go with it! And kinda lackin’ in the brain dept.🤣

          1. They are.picking up the 90 year old mafia queens petty words. And she is so old her wrinkles have been hidden by the newer ones. Though she has kept a face surgeon in business for decades.

      1. Annie, don’t pay any attention to “realitybasedblob. He is a moron liberal Democrat and he loves “Hiden Biden”. It is going to be glorious when President Trump wins in a landslide this November.

        1. Actually, he’s a Chinese Communist bot getting paid in rice to sound like he knows something which, of course, he doesn’t. Just ask a question that requires an answer from someone with a Diploma from 6th Grade and he’ll fold like the fool he is.

        2. Casey
          Now when Trump could not get more votes than Clinton as horrible as she was and the baggage she was carrying, now how do you expect a land slide against a person that the majority approved of as Vice President, and is backed by one of the most liked Presidents of this USA. I could be a close race but I guarantee you no landslide.

      2. They are so free with money,..How about a $1,000.00 a box of Kleenex at the Democratic convention….For a good cause MAGA..LOL

  2. Biden. get over it. These stupid ass Demorats keep saying to you that you are going to win and everybody knows that you wont. They are playing you for a fool and laughing at you. Get out while you can before they through you under the bus.

  3. WE know the demonrats are the party of death/crime/communist agenda. BUT, the people the demonrats lie to do not have a clue. President Trump wants to send in the troops to stop Antifa and BLM. He needs to do that, in my opinion. He is a strong man, a strong leader. Stop telling him to hold back.

  4. “The Party of Crime.” I like it, it’s factual. The Democrat National Communist, or Crime Party – DNCP.” Both fit nicely and are in deed factual. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, but the DNCP only want to uphold the tenants of the Constitution they like, hence they seek “Rule-of-Men over Constitutional equal application of the Rule-of-Law.” This Rule-of-men is the slippery slope to Communism. The DNCP knows it and they support a Communist America. The lawlessness, burning, increased crime and murder is all part of the DNCP plan…their mask is off. Ask yourself, are your ready to die for your support of the US Constitution and your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness protected by Rule-of-law under the US Constitution? I ask you this question because it seems the DNCP is prepared to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic and force law biding American Citizens to comply with their “Rule-of-men, or suffer the consequence,”which is currently defined as violence against you at the hand of the DNCP Mob. “A protected class the DNCP Mob.” Defend yourself and prepare for war against “All enemies foreign and domestic.” God bless you and God bless America.

  5. One can hope that DiBlasio’s kid gets in the wrong persons face. Someone who’s armed and willing to use.

  6. I’m fed up with all the BS , we keep Talking ,texting and tweeting but the shit keeps getting deeper , the DemonRatz keep being lawless without stopping and the Republicans hide in the swamp never speaking up so all that’s left is We the people I’m ready and willing to start a civil uprising and put a stop to the madness

  7. Now no one party is more guilty of crimes than the other, there are bad persons on both sides of the political spectrum, and each equally guilty of many different things.

  8. Why did they wait 3 months to release this footage? They had it from the beginning. How much longer before the public gets to view it? Arrest all communist antifa, they are burning down America. blm-burn-loot-murder is also being funded by communists.

  9. This article is spot on. Democrats have lost their minds, ethics, sense of law, and the rights of Americans. Antifa and BLM are a threat to our nation and people. They should be stomped out!

  10. I have always said the Democrat Party is a criminal organization posing as a Political Party. They never have anything to run on unless it is a crisis or some kind of jacked up phony national emergency. If there isn’t one they create one. What ever the case their solutions are always more painful for the tax payer than the so called crisis. And in the solution either through some fancy book keeping and money laundering aa portion of the appropriations wind up in the Democrats’ pockets or those of members’ of their family.

  11. Lock’em up. Let our court system decide their fate. Benghazi was enough to lock up Hillary and Obama.TREASON is what continues as Democrats rip off this country. They’re not putting Americans first. They’re putting themselves first and stealing our tax dollars for themselves or giving it to illegals after they get their cut. The liberal media won’t report it and help the Democrats cover their crimes by either not reporting it or misrepresenting the facts to the public. They are misinforming Americans to change the election. Criminal politicians should never be a part liberal news media. People like Clapper, Brennan, Clinton, Comey, Strock, Page, McCabe and many more should be held without bail until we finish the investigation into the last administration.

  12. If all else fails there is always the mail in vote which can drag on for months before the Democrats can suddenly find a few hundred thousand ballot all in their favor. It not how you win, its win regardless of ethics. That is the Democrat way!


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