Facebook Deletes Post by President Trump, Twitter Suspends Account

White House [Public Domain]

President Trump posted a video of his Fox News interview and Facebook censored him for the first time, citing that the content violated their misinformation policy. Twitter predictably continued their partisan crusade against the President and suspended his campaign account.

The video in question was a Wednesday interview he gave on Fox and Friends. When discussing opening schools across the nation, Mr. Trump said: “If you look at children, children are almost – I would almost say definitely – but almost immune from the disease.” He also pointed out that children have “much stronger immune systems than we do.”

Both social media platforms specified that the post violated new policies surrounding misinformation about coronavirus. Twitter went a step further than Facebook and suspended the president’s campaign account until the post was removed. It has since been reactivated.  

Courtney Parella, a spokesperson for the campaign, said Trump was “stating a fact that children are less susceptible to the coronavirus.” Then pointed out that the censorship was just “another display of Silicon Valley’s flagrant bias against this President.”  

Twitter has already censored Trump’s content with a warning label, for tweeting about meeting Seattle protesters with “serious force.” Last week, son Donald Jr.’s account was suspended after sharing an anti-mask video that was going viral, and has since been wiped from the internet.   

For Facebook, this censorship marks the first time the company has removed any of the President’s content, though in the past, they have put fact-check labels on his posts.    

Republican lawmakers accused Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube of unfair censorship of conservative content during the Congressional antitrust hearing in July.   

Parella concisely pointed out that “social media companies are not the arbiters of truth.”

  1. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are monopolized and along with Google should be broken up. This China-like censorship should be eliminated. Enough already. It’s a Federal offense to go after a sitting President and claim his statement isn’t true when you have no Federal leverage. It’s clearly a violation of free speech. Anybody can look at the data…kids aren’t affected by this virus. Might have something to do with immunization shots given to them as babies, and older Americans didn’t get those shots. Whatever the case, the numbers prove the President is correct.

    1. Whether the president is correct or not isn’t the point. These jerks have no right to make that decision.

    2. Google and Facebook they are such Hippocrates…you can go on googles version of “ALEX” and ask the question…”how many under the age of 18 have the corona virus or have died from the virus” and they respond by saying “sorry I don’t have that information about corona virus” and yet they can censor the President of The United States!!! having a bunch of 20-35 year old kids with this ability is just WRONG!!!! Congress needs to correct this non-sense…It’s certainly not google or Facebook responsibility to censor the president under any terms and in mathematical terms the president is absolutely correct !!!! Even the WHO make the same comment about corona in Italy not to long ago about new cases of corona…booth google and facebook needs to be shut down and replaced…this coming from a registered democrat for over 50 years who will be voting for the best president of my life time TRUMP!!!!!

      1. Facebook and Twitter need to have their immunity revoked because by the very act of censoring or blocking views they are acting like newspaper editors. Which is why they had immunity.

      2. BEST choice 4 living the Life we are used 2. My parents were Dems but that was when JFK WAS REALLY OUR LAST Great Dem President. I BECAME Republican in 2012…lol…but i did VOTE 4 OBAMA…HOW STUPID…B/C when you are raising 4 kids it is very hard 2 RESEARCH??

    1. It takes money. There are people who, if they get together to support it, could afford a server that would support such a (sorely-needed) effort. But we already have outfits like Parler and MeWe. We should start supporting them.

  2. As long as social media is controlled by the Democrat party DJT and all ensuing Republican Presidents will not get fair and equal treatment! The only way to eliminate the problem is via conservative social media! Someone should be working to eradicate the monopoly the Democrats have with all media even as I type this comment!

  3. I quit Facebook 8 years ago and I have never had a Twitter account. I really love that we hear directly from our President without the false fake news media filter.
    Breakup those 2 monopolies.

  4. Socialist sites that claim fairness are all shills for anti-American supporters and donors. I doubt most people understand that, especially the younger crowd who has very little if any exposure to world or US history.

  5. Since the openly hostile bias, I have cancelled my facebook account. Hopefully more people will do it and maybe that will wake them up.

  6. what is social about the “social media”? the same oxymoron liberal and left being referred to a “progressive” I am hoping these “protesters” will move out of Seattle and storm Microsoft.

  7. What he said is true. How do they figure it is “disinformation”? These people are enemies of our country. They allow the left to say any number of hateful things and to spread lies. If Trump loses, this country will be over. Apparently, communism is what these rich people want. I guess they figure they will be on top so who cares.

  8. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are run by a bunch of Trump hating liberal nitwits. I love watching the President make fools out of all three.

    Way to go President Trump. We true Americans are behind you100%!

  9. Conservatives need a site similar to Facebook. I am tired of being suspended by Facebook for my conservative beliefs. People are no longer free to express their opinions and this is very bad.

  10. They both ;Twitter and Facebook have went far left gone socialist/democrat they are trying to hurt the country every time he says anything they no not like how about we fine them 1billion dollars every time their product shuts us out.

  11. Wher4e is the anti-trust suit? As public utilities, these people are regulated. Where are the fines? arrests? removals? Time for more than talk.

  12. President Trump’s statement was an opinion and not misinformation.
    In censoring it, Facebook is implicitly stating that it is of the opinion that “children are more susceptible to Coronavirus 19 than adults”.
    Should Facebook be censored in its entirety and switched off for 60 days for conveying the wrong message to the public the World over.

    Trump’s reelection committee should sue Facebook for unlawful interference in the election, misinformation, prove their unbiased approach to censorship by publishing a list of censored posts for the last one year, and damages in the amount of $50 billion.


  13. I am so so so very sick of FACEBOOK, how dare they delete certain comments, I am off of FACEBOOK. I literally can’t stand to hear the name Zuckenberg it makes me sick…. he is such a idiot. I am sick sick of him and his facebook crap.

  14. Facebook and Twitter are regulating content, just like every other entity subjected FCC regulations…REGULATE THEM NOW!!! What’s the hold-up????

  15. Social media is a plague. I tried facebook once many years ago to please family members overseas. It is all too easy to become a voyeur looking into other peoples lives, often these are people you don’t know from a bar of soap. It has too many built in dangers and it is the worst kind of time waster. Censorship is the outward sign of despotism. If the big three persist in going down this road, let them do it alone

  16. Since when did Facebook and Twitter get licensed to be physicians? They could be in big trouble for their own misinformation.

  17. Eh….Our POTUS could announce “ Free ice cream “ and someone would get offended because they didn’t tell you what flavors!
    No one in the Media or on Social Sites should be able to censor the President. These are just “crybabies”!

  18. Can somebody create a new social media platform that has no censoring for anything?
    Kind of a free place where you will have to deal with the opposite side because they have the same freedom as you.

  19. I do not have anything to do with Dumbbook, buy is really appalling that Dumbbook Zuch, Amazon Bradzilla, Sour Apple Chef Cook are the 3 amigos trilioniers. I am sure Bennett and Google Marxists, Twitdick are not to far behind.
    Please let me know how DemRats ONLY screwing this country left and rignt without blink of the eye, have autcity to show their faces to US Citizens. HOW??????? Congress is playing to there tone.

  20. IF you really want to end this issue get all of your friends to write each officer and each board member with a complaint that they are censoring useful information and making social, political and even scientific judgements in opposition to facts.

    Explain that you have listed advertisers on their site and will be writing them, letting them know that you will NOT be using, purchasing, or advancing those advertisers in any way. In fact you will vote with your money to other suppliers that do NOT support this site and its policies. (write each of their officers and board members as well).

    Tell them that you are your family are now BLOCKING their site from your computers and phones until the current policy is ended.

    Remember that these as swipes answer to the SHAREHOLDERS, and SHAREHOLDERS have the right to SUE.


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