New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit to DISSOLVE the NRA

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[jwplayer idEHAXpq-tJpjdN8z]The New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

The suit follows an investigation into the NRA for various instances of fraud.

The New York Attorney General has jurisdiction over the matter because the NRA is a non-profit corporation formed in New York in 1871 and remains chartered there to this day.

The AG has accused members of the NRA of self-dealing and causing over $64 million in losses to its members.

This Twitter thread explains the issue:

NRP reports:

Attorney General Letitia James claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday that she found financial misconduct in the millions of dollars, and that it contributed to a loss of more than $64 million over a three year period.

The suit alleges that top NRA executives misused charitable funds for personal gain, awarded contracts to friends and family members, and provided contracts to former employees to ensure loyalty.

Seeking to dissolve the NRA is the most aggressive sanction James could have sought against the not-for-profit organization, which James has jurisdiction over because it is registered in New York. James has a wide range of authorities relating to nonprofits in the state, including the authority to force organizations to cease operations or dissolve. The NRA is all but certain to contest it.

“The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James said in a statement. “The NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse, which is why, today, we seek to dissolve the NRA, because no organization is above the law.”

The suit concluded the investigation that lasted 18-months.

This story is BREAKING. Continue to check back with TTN for updates as additional information becomes available.

UPDATE: Past NRA President David A. Keene reacts to the lawsuit:

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    1. New Yorkers like the current Attorney General in New York.
      62.4% of New Yorkers voted for him.
      Should the man who got a minority of the votes be in the office, like Trump?

      1. New York voters also elected the Cuomo family, Hillary Clinton, Bill DiBlasio and AOC. New York voters need to stay off drugs, weed and booze before voting.

        1. Other poor voting choices in New York are Gerry Nadler (“Riots?? What riots???”) and Chuck Schumer. But these fossilized dinosaurs will stay in office until they’ve been found to stop breathing at their desks because of their solid ethnic voter base.

          1. Maybe we should pray that NY residents will learn to differentiate between a patriot and an INSIDER who is working to destroy our nation from within.

          2. PLEASE ADD CA TO THOSE PRAYERS! WE need them. Born and raised here and NEVER has it been so bad!

      2. Albert do not speak about things you know nothing about – the NYC attorney general is an african-american liberal woman with a grudge

        1. Yep – and she campaigned on she was going to investigate Trump and all his family’s business activity as soon as she was elected. She is obviously another demonicrat who doesn’t mind breaking the law. IMO, she should be investigated for making that remark, because it certainly doesn’t reflect the American attitude that only crimes should be investigated – not her attitude and the demonicrat attitude you pick someone you don’t like and go on unending phishing expeditions looking for a crime to find to pin on them, in one way or another.

      3. It’s a HER not a him and her name is Letitia James. Obviously you are misinformed, which brings into question the validity of your comments. FYI, the President of this country is not elected by the popular vote, by design. It prevents a few major cities full of lunatic liberals from electing the President every 4 years. The Electoral College insures that each state, especially those with smaller populations than our liberal cesspools, have fair representation.

        1. It took the “speech police” at Trump Train News 16 hours to approve this comment! What is happening to our RIGHT to freely express ourselves?? This is something I would have expected from HuffPost, not an organization that supposedly stands for free speech…

      4. Of course, he got a majority of the votes, and so he’s elected. The person who got the minority of votes (and there were three million illegal voers in 2016, so that issue is still moot) should not be in office. But, just as it was when I lived there (born and raised, there for two-thirds of my life), with few exceptions New Yorkers, quite blindly, vote Democrat. They will vote for almost anyone, however corrupt, stupid or seditious (New Yorkers think of sedition as glamorous), as long as he or she is a Democrat.

        More tragic, they are now reaping what they have sown–and the ones who remain don’t even realize it. They are like drowning men rooting for the ocean.

      5. Are all demonicrats transgenders or are you mistaken in saying “voted for him”? Letitia James is supposed to be a female!

      6. Good point. Perhaps New York deserves their AG? The rest of the nation should be quite grateful that she has found her State of refuse.

      7. You obviously know nothing, since you don’t even know who you’re referencing, you certainly don’t know what or who New Yorkers that also consider themselves US citizens ‘like’. Have fun in your Leftist Zombie bubble.

    2. Get rid of them all they are a real problem in our behinds. Trying to destroy the 2nd amendment by constantly lieing.

    1. She should have pursued Hillary Clinton and the Foundation is she REALLY wants to look into abuse of power and money being misdirected!!!!

      1. Did they ever locate that $16 million or more that got lost by Hillary as SOS? or the money that was found in John Kerry’s daughter’s bank account & he had no idea how it happened after he followed Hillary as SOS?

        1. 6 billion missing, probably what ohshitstain and hildabeast used to buy arms for isis and to fatten their off shore banks accounts

  1. I wonder where the NAACP , the UNCF and Black Lives Matter are chartered. All anti white interest or hate groups.

        1. You ask where the U.N. should be relocated to I can tell you where we can put it… The one place on earth that doesn’t tax its residents Antarctica, I won’t ever worry about the U.N. Representatives ever freezing they are all such HOT HEADS that I’m more concerned about ANTARCTICA melting due to their lack of concern about anything else but theirselves.

        2. Any where but here! WE could redo the bldg for better use! Get us out of the UN and the UN OUT OF the USA!


    1. Why in God’s name why would NAACP hate white people.?
      It is not like White people enslaved Black people(that was all done by Blacks).
      It is not like White people segregated out Blacks.
      It is not like there is even a drop of racism in this country.

      1. You realize that the NAACP was co-founded by a coalition of white Americans and black Americans? You realize that Black tribes and Muslims in Africa enslaved blacks there, and sole them to the Dutch, mostly.
        You realize that Thomas Jefferson orderd the end of importing slaves into any US state from offshore in 1808? And the British outlawed the trans-Atlantic slave trade many weeks later?
        You realize that it was DemocRats that ‘segregated out blacks’?
        You realize that DemocRats are the historic center of ALL racism in this country?
        FDR even put US citizens, Japanese Americans into Concentration Camps for years, and they lost everything. DemocRat Harry Truman is still the only person to use nuclear bombs against another ethnic group in history!
        How’s that for your ‘drop of racism’
        And you misspelled ‘Alger Hiss’

    2. What about the SPLA (think it is southern poverty legal association, which has also been said to be a hate group?

    1. There is none as to when , on the first . The first of never . They’re Democrats remember , immune from everything when it comes to violating constitutional rights .

    2. Democrats all have a lifetime Stay Out Of Jail card!!!!
      (And Republican politicians operate the machine that prints them out. But we’re not supposed to know that. lol lol )

        1. Mueller who leaned on him as SC trying to pressure him into lying was appointed to director of the FBI shortly after he framed for men he knew to be innocent. It is now also known that Mueller & others inside the FBI & DOJ lied to Congress and none of them have been indicted or prosecuted to date. Same old demonicrat applying laws very unequally to INSIDERS & OUTSIDERS.
          Nobody should ever be sent to prison for lying again and all now in prison for lying to CIA, FBI, DOJ or Congress should be fully pardoned and released with an apology.

  2. dumbass needs to investigate the dumbass-o-crat party for their fraud, abuse, and misdirection of taxpayer money for their own personal use. Just like she said…”no organization is above the law”………except in the thinking of these POS dumbass-o-crats!

      1. I thank God every day that so many Americans have so many guns.
        I thank God every day that so many many Americans use their guns to shoot so many other Americans.
        Those people show disrespect, those people die.
        It is only fair.

    1. Had almosr forgot about reading that a few states have begun dissolving or melting their dead. Don’t recall reading what they were using to do it or what they did with the melt downed remains liquids.


    1. I’m still wondering why this female AG of New York hasn’t indicted MRS. DeBlasio for stealing a few BILLION dollars from a non-profit she is in charge of. It is widely known but not widely published – check it out. It’s disgusting.

  4. She had best put on her armor corset and get ready for a real battle. What a putz this AG is. She should be disbarred and fired.

  5. Well, I guess it’s time to renew my membership AGAIN!! We NEED the NRA more than we need this TDS-riddled AG in New York, with her personal agenda of HATRED for anything except Liberal DemoRAT ideologies!!

  6. Who can say where the “truth” lies?? New York and it’s “elected” (?) representatives are so crooked and influenced by the democrat party that the timing (just before an election) and intent (the NRA supports the republican’s) are VERY hard to determine. If this accusation is ‘real’ and as large as indicated, WHY DID IT TAKE THREE YEARS (from the beginning of the Trump Presidency) to finally bring it forward??? If the intent is NOT political, why was the PUBLICITY not held in abeyance until AFTER the election (as the democrat’s are trying to do with the Trump “Russian Hoax” fiasco?? “Me” thinks this is just another political “stink bomb” which will implode AFTER the election :^)

    1. Trump’s headquarters is still in New York.
      His ‘move’ to Florida was just to do more ‘cheating’ on his income taxes

  7. Letitia is just like all Demented-Dems.

    She is out of control as well as legal Reality. If there was any theft going on she should be charging those particular people, not demolishing an organization with millions of members.

    No wonder folks who can, leave NYC in droves. 😊

  8. L. James is a lying asshole. Let’s sue to dissolve the Democrat Party which is the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.

    1. Thik Congressman Gohmert already wrote a cogressional resolution that one. He is also the one outed Robert Mueller’s frame up on the 4 men he knew to be innocent & sent them to prison where either one or two of them died before their conviction was overturned and a lot of millions were paid out to the victims of Mueller’s frame up.

  9. Distraction…… period
    they know biden can’t win and taking the notice off him, hell even the left knows he doesn’t know where he is most of the time…. he gets confused in his basement

  10. The IN YOUR FACE LAWLESSNESS needs to end NOW!!!! We’re getting even closer to the 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION!! And when the time comes, for full-on WAR, only TRUE AMERICANS will heed the call and FIGHT!! COWARDS will HIDE in their homes!! (just like with this FAKE PLANNEDemic!!!)

  11. Nothing to see here – just another Libtard dream that won’t be fulfilled. If you have all this extra time on your hands for political attacks can we assume that you have your world leading crime stats in prosecutorial process? The answer is no of course. Do your job twit not the MSMDMCs.

  12. As an NRA member and knowing New York’s animus towards the 2nd Amendment I am not surprised at this. However, I will also say that if the allegations of member dues being used to personally enrich NRA executives were true, that needs corrected as fraudulent. I hope it is not true. But as said, I’m a member and will remain so for the simple reason that our 2nd Amendment rights must be protected unless that amendment is repealed, which I would strongly oppose.

    1. You know damn well that is not true.
      To a man NRA Executives and Members unscrupulous honest people.
      Just like President Trump.

  13. NRA should just go set up and file in a more conservative state that will appreciate them instead of the liberal idiots of New York.

    1. The NRA is a real financial force in the world.
      They need to keep their headquarters in the financial capital of the world.

  14. I think she needs to pull her Fat Head out of her Fat Butt and smell what she is shoveling . Either that or jump up in the air and sit down hard and break her dang neck

  15. Is she talking about the NRA or the DNC? Fraud, corruption, backroom deals, lying to the public, sedition, insider trading, treason… time to dissolve the Slavery and Culture of Death Party.

  16. New York black DipShitz talks garbage. Couldn’t find her arze with both hands in broad daylight with explicit directions written in large bold block letters, so how could she find any such ‘findings’ which require extensive expertise.
    Besides, she has to prove it all in court and do it without showing her clear bias against both the organization and the 2nd Amendment.
    Which she will NOT be able to do.
    Frankly, the NRA should, like so many others, simply pull out and relocate to a friendlier clime. It wouldn’t be THAT difficult to do, but it would cost.

    1. It is important to the NRA leaders to stay in the financial capital of the world.
      They follow the money.

  17. This gun grabbing demoSCUM libtard is in bed with the likes of scumbags bloomburg,deblasio,cuomo and soros. She needs to have that law suit shoved up her a** where it belongs. This is nothing more than a step to take away the 2nd amendment. She is a puppet of the dnc.

  18. Should we maybe autidit the AG’s spending and where all the money she spends and receives? Or is this really about gun control? Leave the NRA alone along with our gun rights!

  19. Time for the NRA to move out of NY. They should have moved years ago! Pack your bags and leave NY. Everyone else is rushing out so fast, and no one in their “right” mind would move in.

        1. Not only Ilegales but also of people making lots of money.
          More billionaires than anywhere else in the world.

  20. Keep voting blacks into these important offices and you will continue to get these outrageously biased activities. They use their offices as tools to attack whatever targets they deem not acceptable in their political view. Shame on the NRA for not having had the sense to get out of NY years ago – Trump was smart enough to do so!

  21. “The suit alleges that top NRA executives misused charitable funds for personal gain, awarded contracts to friends and family members, and provided contracts to former employees to ensure loyalty.“

  22. This is insanity and She should be removed from office for violation of her oath of office to,”defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic,” and never to become such! the proposal MAKES HER IN VIOLATION OF THE OATH OF OFFICE, MALFEASANT IN THAT OFFICE AND DERELICT IN DUTY AND OBLIGATION TOTHE ONLY CONSTITUENCY SHE WAS SWORN TO SERVE: AMERICAN CITIZENS! This is NOT an attack on the NRA as such , but an attempt to end the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Prior to the beginning of WW2, Japanese Admiral and Supreme Commander of their Navy advised against an invasion of the U.S, because the guns in America in the hands of the people were as “numberless as the blades of Grass.” The 2nd Amendment gives us ALL the right to defend ourselves, homes and property and that is why too, the U.N. and its Small Arms Treaty wants no guns in any hands anywhere and to implement their heinous Agenda 21 and the Deomocrats are collusive and conspiratorial and ALL of them need to be held answerable for it under U.S. Code Chapter 18 which defines what constitutes acts of sedition and high treason, and also gives the penalties for those found guity of such offenses. It is time for the American People to recognize that whatever else the Democratic Party might be, it is NOT a party of freedom, choices or equity but one which seeks TOTAL CONTROL of every aspect of YOUR life and that of every Individual, and that they are proponents of U.N. Agenda 21, Open Borders and a cancellation of all individual liberties . This is but the first and most evident attempts to even further destroy law enforcement of ANY KIND by either police or individual Americans. period. She needs to be removed from office and the people of NY should heed that warning as should EVERY American Citizen; WHILE STILL THEY CAN! I AM A 100% AGENT ORANGE DISABLED VIETNAM VET WITH A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT HE HAD WHEN HE SERVED FOLLOWED BY 2 YEARS AS STAFF AT THE FORMER WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, THEN IN GEORGIA AVE, NW IN WASHINGTON D.C, A SWAMP EVEN THEN IN 1969!. GOVERNMENT WAS NOT OUR FRIEND THEN AND IT IS NOT NOW AND IS A THOUSAND TIMES MORE DANGEROUS NOW THAN IT WAS THEN! The proof is in front of your eyes if you will but look and see it!

    1. So you were one of the fools who allowed the US to poison you with Agent Orange.
      At least your disability, along with thousands and thousands of others, kept Vietnam from falling into the cesspool Communism.
      The freedom loving Vietnamese people owe you a debt of gratitude for your service.

      1. Albert Hess (if that really is your name) you are obviously just a butthurt, hatefilled, woke progressive troll hiding behind your keyboard and spewing childish talking points that make no sense. Get educated and informed and maybe you will see how great a country our USA is. Unfortunately most likely you will respond with something like “I have 5 college degrees and you are just a stupid lowly hick that can’t think for yourself”.

        1. I am a Vietnam Veteran 64-65, 68-69.
          I am that hate filled.
          I have a “degree” alright, I am a trade school graduate.
          I got educated in Vietnam.
          I got to see babies lit on fire by Napalm.
          I am just a lowly hick that can’t think for myself.

          Did you by any chance “get educated” in Vietnam.
          I went back last winter before last.
          Rented a motorcycle in Hanoi and dropped it off in Ho Chi Minh City.
          Such a warm and wonderful people.
          The young (there are not that many older Vietnamese due to the American war) have almost no animosity toward Americans for killing their mothers,. fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers.

          That is my ‘American Education”, what is yours?

  23. Is this the same AG who worshipped Hillary and turned a blind eye to the total corruption of the Clintons including Bill and Chelsea with their non-profit foundation headquartered in NY?

    Is this the same AG who ignored that the Clinton Foundation operated as a foreign agent ‘early in its life’ and ‘throughout its existence and did not operate as a 501c3 charitable foundation as required by it and is not entitled to its status as a nonprofit, as testified by two highly qualified forensic investigators, supported by three other investigators, as said in explosive testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee?

    Is this the same exempt charity that ignored the ravished poor during the Haiti hurricane to give the money to their supporters and the well off in Haiti?

    Yep, I think so.

    1. Why is that so many rich people like the Trumps live in New York?
      Donald Trump is a born and bred New Yorker, he uses a Florida address for tax purposes. .

  24. Dissolving the civil rights group NRA would be like calling for dissolving the civil rights group NAACP.

  25. Every NRA person is a Law Abiding Citizen! Never to Punish the LAW ABIDING
    CITIZENS by taking away their Rights! They are the ones whom the NATION can depends upon when in NEED! Everyone who is a MEMBER OF THE NRA is a GOOD CITIZEN! Never to punish the GOOD CITIZENS by the EVILS of the Criminals! If the NRA People are Criminals, they could not have cared if there is NRA or not! They will get their guns somehow with or without PERMISSION! And, they will use them at will for Crimes! America was FUNDED with GUN RIGHTS! Every household had guns and all the necessaries for the guns to function properly, for the fulfillment of their creation! Do back ground checks, and mental health function tests, with personal history checks that should plays the Biggest part! Gun Rights for the Stable minds; because, it is not a TOY! The Owner of a GUN must go through all the Qualification tests before purchase!

  26. The NRA is riddled with issues, like Wayne LaPierre rigging his reelections, it’s also not up to the AG to attack a private group for political purposes.

    It’s also interesting that those who attack the NRA don’t seem to understand it’s not a person, but a group of Americans that actually are the best people in our communities and have a shining record as so far as firearm safety..

    1. And those that stand up for the NRA need to understand that they have no active lawsuits for the 2nd amendment.

      GOA is the best choice for activism.

    2. No good attorney general ever makes their decisions based on political purposes.
      Certainly not Attorney General Barr.

  27. The NRA was first founded by officers of the Union Army who fought for the ending of slavery in the Civil War. The first president of the NRA was General Ambrose Burnside who was a commanding Union general at many important Civil War battles. Since then, a long line of US Army generals and even US Presidents have served as NRA officers and presidents. With such a history, the NRA has become an icon of American history and freedom

  28. Now it seems like anyone or any company associated with this Administration according to them have aright to do anything they choose, and not be held accountable, but if a Democrat jay walks they want that Democrat shot or hanged, I do suppose some are actually that narrow minded.

    1. Hi, Robert–

      You have defined what you mean by “jaywalking:” rioting, insurrection, destruction of things public and private, assault, murder, rape, blinding people with lasers, ignoring and attacking the basic law of the land, spitting on the Flag, crippling police departments and sabotaging the electoral process. Now, if you would, please define “anything they choose.”

  29. It is such a pity what has happened to New York. I weas born in New York City, in Manhattan, and spent the first fifty yeas of my life there. It used to be America’s premier city, and was one of the three great cities, together with Paris and Rome, of the Western world.

    I saw the city and state declining when I got my family out of there in 1995, but I never dreamed it would sink to this level, or have actually dysfunctional, even socially suicidal, leadership.

    The people running New York city and state appear tyo suffer from the impenetrable arrogance of the not-too-bright, especially when they gain some power.

    We escaped 25 years ago, and never looked back. But looking back now, I still feel a twinge as I watch my home town falling apart under leadership its people actually voted into office. They have killed one of the world’s greatest cities and have turned the once-noble enterprise of public service into a ghastly parody of itself, a clown show without humor.

  30. Leave us alone you socialist detractor you can not take our guns away so go after the organization that covers us all get a real life and quit trying to get around the 2nd amendment.

  31. When they cheat and gerrymand districts in there favor, sooner or later its a takeover. These tyrants of our major cities are pocketing money meant for the people of that state. While turning the whole states goverment into a corrupt enterprize. Just look how fast these cities are being destroyed, mostly run by the demonrat party. Hope this election more voters will holler fraud, instead of letting the socialist take over. Use any means to fight! America’s existence may depend on it. Maga 2020!!!!!

  32. Kinda on a bandwagon? If we are going to defund the police forces of the nations cities. Handcuff policemen and women so that so called peaceful demonstrators can block off sections of cities riot, loot, and murder. The obvious next step is to make sure that the greatest advocate for the defense of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution gets put down. What good does it do to shut down the police, open the prisons and turn rioters loose if private citizens can still defend themselves and their property? Just like the rest of the rabid Marxist Left’s actions this makes perfect sense to them and the criminally insane.

  33. It was just a matter of time. First deceive through the news. Riot and protest, then seek their weapons and defund their police. Then we will be at their mercy. No police, no Trump, No weapons, just a bunch of slave masters who want us to be their slaves forevermore. Communism, Socialism, Progressives, or Conservative, God fearing, Patriots, and Democracy. Your choice . Vote for freedom or vote for slavery!

  34. If organizations that abuse powers and waste funds should be dissolved, then the Democrat Party should be first in line. It is a corrupt organization through and through, that HAS COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA TO FIX U.S. ELECTIONS.

  35. Never mind the likely $billions that the SPLC has tucked away in the Caymans… and they don’t even have a ‘Hunting Expo’ drawing thousands annually like the NRA does. They’re just a anti-Christian, antisemitic, pro Farrakhan, pro-racists, Leftist Zombie hater organization anymore. But that’s what taking money from Soros does to ya.


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