WATCH Pelosi Melts Down After PBS Challenges Her on Coronavirus Relief

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During a recent interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff, Nancy Pelosi melted down after being pressed on coronavirus relief.

According to Town Hall:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must have thought she was going to have an easy interview with PBS News Hour’s Judy Woodruff. This is PBS. They’re supposed to be on our side, right? There’s talk of another coronavirus stimulus dominating the Hill. The August recess has been put on hold until an agreement is hashed out. Pelosi said there will be a compromise, but Woodruff’s line-by-line questioning on where common ground could be found was met with frustration from the top Democrat. Actually, it was something of a meltdown, with Pelosi accusing Woodruff of shilling for Republicans. It was quite entertaining.

Woodruff responded by saying she was just playing devil’s advocates, noting that the GOP had offered to extend unemployment benefits, that they too have monies allocated for schools and food programs, and that money passed in the spring during the first string of coronavirus relief bills has yet to be spent.

“Well, if you want to be an advocate for them, Judy, let’s know what the facts are,” exploded Pelosi.

All Woodruff was trying to do was to find out the position of congressional Democrats, which continues to be in perpetual tantrum mode over the 2016 election. Woodruff shattered Pelosi’s well-laid plans of trying to smear the GOP as Neanderthals over this relief bill. The GOP wants less spending, but Woodruff noted they are willing to show flexibility in the negotiations. Still, for Democrats, it’s ‘orange man, bad’ for all things. Moreover, given this train wreck of an interview, it’s pretty clear that Democrats aren’t willing to compromise at the moment.


It looks like Pelosi is not interested in solutions but just interested in causing issues for the GOP and everyday Americans.

  1. Careful Nancy, you’re showing your true colors again.. American citizens are waking up and seeing through all of the dishonest and dangerous agendas you and the rest of the far left socialists are trying to force on the American loving Patriots in our great country. And because of that, most of our Great Country are turning Red and will complete it in November. Regardless of what happens between now and then, I find great joy in knowing that no one can stop God’s plan, even the hatred you and the rest of the far left have spewed on the Republicans and our great President of the United States of America. The good news is that regardless of what is in your heart, Jesus still loves you. Please repent and ask Jesus into your heart before it is too late. Accept Him as your Savior. There is so little time left. He will welcome you into His arms and you live in Heaven eternally.

  2. She is a train wreck more stupid the Biden even. Unfortunately her California district is also stupid and she keeps getting elected

  3. There is a new form of logic in the US. If you firebomb a business, loot a business, maim a person physically. or even kill a person it is Trump’s fault. People are not criminals because, without Trump, they would not be acting this way. If anything happens it will be Trump’s fault because he is a Racist, a Bigot, and has White Privilege. Trump is like every White US Citizen because these Whites have Racism in their DNA. This is the logic US voters must swallow or they will never be Political Correct if they do not. Voters have been hearing this crap for decades now and is time to end this madness. We hear that all immigrants, legal or illegal are “people too”. They may be people, but they are not US Citizens just because they are in this country. We keep hearing about Police Brutality, but we seldom hear a followup on police officers ambushed and killed in the line of duty. Police have the right to live. We keep hearing that the youth of Minorities do not have access to a good education. How can this be the fault of White Privilege when school districts and the various States have the responsibility to provide access to a good education. The Federal Government may supply funding, but how this funding is spent is the responsibility of those who educate our youth. If this funding is spent on those illegally in America (California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and even New York) then these States are welcoming illegals and not spending this funding properly for US Minorities. If States allow criminal actions to flourish in Minority Communities, allowing innocents to die on their streets, the leadership in the States are not doing their job to make these communities safer. A safe environment allows for better educators to live and work in these communities. Bad educating is not Trump’s fault. Like Policing, educating our youth is handled by the States and their local educational districts. If you happen to be a US voter, you can choose the new logic and blame Trump for everything; but be aware that your one vote may mean the difference between reality or false logic. When you do vote ask yourself a question. Will this person give me what I need or just continue to give me promises?

  4. Why all the misinformation about COVID-19? We constantly hear that athletes test Positive for this virus but we do not hear them dying from this virus. Why is this? In the world of pro-sports these are the healthiest people on the planet yet they can still get this virus, proving the virus does not kill people with a powerful immune system. Think about it seriously. Who dies from this virus? Not children under 10 years of age, people with preexistence health problems, and Senor citizens whose immune system has weakened over time. The point I am trying to make is that if you have a strong immune system your risk of dying from this virus is extremely low. This means that, if you are healthy and catch this virus and fight it off, your blood has produce anti-bodies against this virus. This is true of any virus. What is a vaccine? A mass produced liquid with anti-bodies to fight the virus it is designed to fight. This is what a Flu shot does. You receive a small does of the Flu with anti-bodies proven to fight off a virus. The human body can do this on it’s own. This means that people who catch this virus and fight off this virus are blessed, yet any vaccine can not protect them from other illnesses; thus a person who catches the Flu can die from the Flu if they do not have anti-bodies against the Flu. Another factor about vaccines is that no vaccine is fail-safe. People who get the Flu shot can still die from the Flu if they have other health issues. Another point I want to make is that people can not live in a protective bubble. If it is a person’s fate to contact this virus, they will get this virus soon or at a later date. This means that, with all the precautions we take, people will still get this virus. It does not mean catching this virus could be fatal. If we opened up all venues and acted as if this virus never happened, it could be a good thing. It may kill some, but it can also help people build up a immunity to this virus; thus overtime a vaccine may not be necessary for many.


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