Trump’s 6 Promises to Americans for His Second Term

Donald Trump is facing reelection this year as every American knows, while his campaign has been relatively quiet as of late it seems things are finally starting to ramp up. While visiting the Whirlpool Corporation in Ohio he laid out his 6 big goals for the second term. Trump did this in his typical Trump campaign fashion, he highlighted his accomplishments from the past 4 years and moved on to what’s going to happen in the future. Here are Trump’s 6 major goals for his second term:

  1. We are not addressing the real “elephant in the room”. What is it? Political Correctness. The voters in 2016 wanted this Political Correctness to end. The voters are not stupid or uneducated morons as the Liberal Left thinks they are. When Trump won the 2016 election the Political Correctness got worse. The politicians wasted one third of the Trump Administration by pursuing the removal of President Trump, when they could have given Trump necessary support to help fore-fill his promises to the voters. Promises made by the Democrat Party in our past. Sadly, this pandemic may waste another year of government action with no fault of the nation’s citizens. It does not matter what Party a citizen votes with, because the COVID-19 virus is not selective of who it kills. This Political Correctness that no one wants talk about is devouring the nation from within. It is as if the people have surrendered to the Liberal Left and all this Political Correct BS. I for one refuse to be Political Correct because I know SOCIALISM will destroy my nation. I am optimistic that the voters will vote for defending our US Constitutional Republic and value their individual freedoms enough to end this Political Correctness and return to Rule of Law. If they do not, SOCIALISM will devour our freedoms.

    1. Civil war will again breakout should they attempt that. We will not go quietly into the night.
      Death before Dishonor,
      SEMPER Fi

      1. These liberal socialist commies will go away either by their own will or by my will I will not tolerate their riotous bullshit .

    2. Yeah, TRUMP tries to make things good, but it’s hard when you have a bunch of incompetent TURDS, at every turn, telling lies and trying to take down our President!! They have NO IDEA how to run this country!! And FOREIGN POLICY, I would rather send SOMEONES dog to barter with other countries!! It would do a better job!!

      1. I agree! I sometimes am blown away by how our President just keeps on working and doing everything he thinks is right for the country in spite of all the lies the demoncrats endlessly tell us. He is an amazing President and I am so happy that he keeps on fighting. He is our Energizer Bunny!

    3. Agree! Very well said, and excellent point‼️I meant, points😊. I think the same🙏 I do as well hope that the people are not as naive and stupid as📺would think🤨 Hope that light will shine through the darkness that will help free us all to the truth about what is, has been happening for too damn long‼️ Bless you and your family🎚I hope y’all are doing well🙏 August, is a🔥 month and September brings on the ☄️watch the atmosphere, so I’ve read? Seems to have a strange numerical value of 5’s=September=💥🪐☔️ ☮️and 💟 Y’all❣️ TRUMP2020

    4. You are correct. Trump needs to remind the American people what it was like when Obama was in WH. Terrorist attacks on our shores, ISIS, muslim invasion by way of massive unvetted “immigration,” which Biden vows to renew. Remember how Europe too was flooded with them and being forced by their leaders to take the muslim “immigrants” into their homes. There was a video of a man holding his doors shut, in panic, as the foreign military demand he open and the “immigrants” were waiting outside to storm in. That all ended. Even a great deal in Europe. Trump’s leadership has been astounding. Now they are silencing and restraining him on every end. Remember when he announced, “I am you voice?” We were relieved, because we had lost our voice under the socialist anti-JudeoChristian regime of Obama. We could not even say “Merry Christmas.” Campaign strategy? Replay videos of these instances under Obama/Biden. It will be so much worse this time around if Biden gets in. The end of Freedom. The end of America. Where do we go from here? Nowhere to escape, because the America we still have and wish to save is the only hope of man’s continuing freedom and safe haven. God bless America. God bless President Trump. Lord, have mercy on us.

    5. I’m about as Politicly Incorrect as you can possibly get!!!!!
      So I say what I feel, and if anyone has a problem with that, so what 😃
      Come and get me 😊😊😊😊😊

    6. IF voters really wanted TRUTH and correctness they would NOT have elected a Muslim into office, and a foreigner from Kenya, at that, into the office of president! Voters, most of them, ONLY vote what fills their interests and their wants and needs! Why else would someone put Nancy Pelosi into office? LOOK: this election, as all others is just fulfilling Scripture, in that this nation will be, in short time, destroyed to the same level of the U.N. an then made a part of the New One World order and then destroyed as it says in Zephaniah 3:8 KJV While this nation was once GOD and KJV Bible honoring, it has turned it’s back of GOD/Jesus Christ and GOD’s about sick of it. Rev 3:15-17 KJV (COVID 19 etc is all a part of a national destruction! Can’t people SEE this?

  2. Blaming President Trump for the Coronavirus is like blaming Obama for the hurricanes and tornadoes that occurred when he was in the WH. Democrats must think Americans are dumb. There’s only one man who can get us back to where we were economically and he is the best man, the most perfect man in history for a job like that and it’s Donald J.Trump.

    1. Democrats have a dependable habit of accusing Republicans of doing bad things that the Democrats have been doing themselves. Therefore, it is normal that they would blame Trump for COVID since Obama could be blamed for hurricanes.

  3. Immigration got him elected and is the powerhouse to get him re-elected.
    He noted that the chain migration (immigration law of 1965 per Teddy Kennedy) and the diversity visas (TK 1990) had to go. That would be a great help from keeping floods of third worlders out of our schools, housing, welfare.

  4. Campaign debates, or even speeches, used to be useful in helping voters decide on who to vote for. No more!

    For generations, Russians have lied about everything. Chinese communists also lie about everything. Muslims are encouraged to lie about anything that helps Islam. Ever since the Obama Regime, Democrats lie about everything. So what’s the point of debates, as they can be expected to be full of lies?

    One thing, and the only thing, that can be counted on is the PAST record of candidates. Trump has given us 4 years of accomplishments that elevated the USA to economic heights that set records. He spurred business activity to produce record revenues and unprecedented levels of employment and low unemployment for all categories of citizens. He did all this while being blocked at his goals and being impeached in a scam process. His actions improve the lives of ALL citizens. Trump was very wealthy years before he ran for office, and he donates his salary to government agencies.

    Biden and the Democrat Party have also established a record. They have brought their Party to the extreme Left, espousing socialist and communist programs that many Democrat voters just can’t stomach. They want to shred our Constitution, as it prevents doing what they want to do. The Congressional Democrats displayed extreme viciousness in the judicial confirmations and in the sham impeachment hearings. Under Obama, the only people who benefitted from his extremely wasteful attempts to be Green were his contributors and his own family, which became very wealthy.

    What is there to debate, when recent history says it all?

  5. And let’s also hope Trump sends all Democrats and the people that hate America to Mars on a one way trip. then America would be almost a perfect place to live

  6. I expected to promise more : Starting on ASAP delivering on replace ACA, Immigration Comprehensive Reform, Push for Democracy & Economic expansion In Latin America, Be the best Worldwide in Technology & AI , Push China, India, Africa to lover pollution and better Climate on Planet 🌎 Earth and create Foundation for sustainable bees instability in Korean Peninsula & Middle East.

    1. he was stopped by the courts!remember during budget negotiations he said he would give not just dreamers a path to citizenship but 3 million illegals.he just wanted money for the wall and the democrats said no.but tell me who let them in?if it wasn’t for his actions we would have twice as many than before he took office!

    2. And he is to blame? HOW? He has been fighting for how many years to stop all the BS! If not fighting the rats its some dam attys fighting to keep them here, and all the sad stories! BUT you can NEVER forget we are being sucked dry! They get more per year than we seniors who have worked for our SS! What about our homeless and vets? And good ole newscum giving them even more of OUR $$$$! Guess he forgot AMERICANS FIRST!

    3. Well thank you Mr. Magoo for giving DJT credit for all the successes in the face of a daily “dog fight” for every single accomplishment he managed to so! Some people would not be satisfied with 200% and obviously you fall into that category!

  7. I stand behind anyone trying to do the right thing for this nation and her people.
    Substantially, this disqualifies all democrats (see how polite i was?).
    Trump 2020. For Us, finally.

  8. Not that a republican majority in the House helped him the first 2,years of his presidency…. but naive American voters MUST start voting for republicans in both houses!!!!
    Without republican majorities, Trump is dead in the water!!!

  9. I’ve never been worried about president trump’s second term, I understand that this presidency is biblical. God chose this man for a time such as this and you haven’t seen nothing yet it’s all going to began to change completely and for the better for the American people this next four years. The swamp is finally going to be drained

  10. “The 6 promises Trump will keep in his 2nd term.” I beg to differ. He’s ALREADY keeping those promises right now and will bring that with him into his 2nd term. However I have a “wishlist” for the president that I’d like to see come to pass…

    1) MAKE CHINA PAY!!!!
    2) Bankrupt Antifa and BLM (as a black individual myself BLM does not speak for me. It’s rooted in the demonic realm and really does nothing for the black man)
    3)Build the wall
    4) win the house, senate, and SCOTUS for the repubs
    5) Continue the awesome work of standing up for Christian liberties
    6)END THIS $&);!’s MASK MANDATE!!!


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