Trump’s Request for an Extra Debate DENIED; But There is GOOD News

President Donald J. Trump addresses a rally in Montoursville, PA – May 27, 2019. Photo: Michael Malarkey.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has denied President Trump’s request for an extra debate to be held before states begin their early voting.

According to The Daily Wire:

The Commission on Presidential Debates shut down the Trump campaign’s request to either add an extra debate before the first early-voting ballot are cast, or to move one of the three debates to the first week of September.

Trump raised the debate date issue last Friday during an interview on Fox News, in which he pointed out that the first debate is scheduled for late September: “Why are they putting the first debate so late? The first debate should be before the first – at least before the first ballots go out. And they have it a month later, almost a month later. It’s ridiculous.”

But the commission seems to have taken issue with the campaign’s suggestion that as many as 8 million American voters may start early voting before the first presidential debate is held on Sept. 29.

“There is a difference between ballots having been issued by a state and those ballots having been cast by voters, who are under no compulsion to return their ballots before the debates. In 2016, when the debate schedule was similar, only .0069% of the electorate had voted at the time of the first debate,” said the debate commission in its own letter responding to the Trump campaign.

However, Trump has received good news in that he is closing the polling gap between him and candidate Joe Biden.

As Fox News Reports:

The latest RealClearPolitics national polling average, though, shows Trump trailing Biden by just over six points, compared with nine points a month ago.

More significantly, the race is tightening in some key swing states.

In Florida, Biden is leading by four points, according to the RCP average, down from roughly eight points in late July.

And Trump is also seeing a tightening in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, trailing Biden by roughly five points in each — though the needle has not moved much in Michigan.

President Trump’s campaign manager has cited his daily coronavirus briefings as making a big difference.

President Trump has a long way to go, but these signs are encouraging even before Biden and Trump have graced a debate stage together.

  1. The commission is owned by the democraps. They should be concerned that the democraps are hiding Sleepy Nitwit in the basement. Get him up in front of America so they can see that something is wrong when they are putting a guy up for the most important position in the world and he cant remember whether his sister is still his wife or did he marry someone new.

    1. @Mork Jungle, you are right. Even with Biden living in his Basement, which is cowardish, the whole world should know this by now. It is so obvious what the Democrats are doing,

      1. the dems can prop a dead man in a chair and still vote for him.but abuse of a corpse is against the law,so they got creepy joe! close enough!

  2. Why in the hell do the dems. get to choose when the debates are held. We Americans WANT the debates and before any votes are cast. It is unfair to Trump and all the American people to wait to the end of Sept.. STOP the bull. You are not being fair in America lefties.

  3. Sicking to think what the demo maggots are attempting to impose on America, running an Alzheimer’s patient for president only to have him replaced by their VP choice

    1. That , my friend is the whole idea.”Something tragic” will “happen” if, (and THAT is BIG IF) dementia Joe is “elected” (by the rampant VOTER FRAUD that the democommunists have already been planning) and the “chosen” VP will assume the POTUS office, and this “puppet” will, continue to send this country down the path to COMMUNISM, which is the “goal” of the “left” to start with.
      People need to open their eyes and wake up before we end up like Venezualia.

    2. Rumor has it they are prepping Bella Pelosi for the POTUS position. Possibly massive electrical outage planned for November 04 to delay the vote tally….no President by January 20, 2021 Pelosi is President. She just admitted going thru the motions to become POTUS. This way she will undo everything POTUS Trump has done and finish killing off American freedoms and Liberties as we know it.

    1. Truer words were never posted. This outlet should be ashamed of themselves, being named TTN and posting phony poll numbers, that were put out by the main stream misleadia

  4. The presidential debates are necessary and new moderators are badly needed. Rather than the usual corporate media hit team communists to “moderate” the debates and use them to try to destroy the republicans, the next debate should be moderated by Rush Limbaugh, Mark Stein, Sean Hannity, John B Wells, Dane Wigington and Mike Adams.

  5. it would be great if the debates were held before any votes were because if you vote by mail and then you here the debates and you learn something that changes your mind you are SOL you cannot change your vote so debates needs to be held first so people know everything first

    1. My take is that if there is anyone in America that still doesn’t know who to vote for, you need to stay home!
      I am voting for Trump and any American that doesn’t, is suffering from the dumbshitdisease!

  6. Now the Dims are wanting Quid Pro Joe to stay in the basement and not attend any of the debates. They know Pres. Trump will squash him like a bug. I doubt if he even shows up to any of them, or if he does, he’ll forget where he is and walk off the stage.

      1. There is no other place the Democrats will win. Lol… take them! Trump will win the other 49 states.

    1. Since Donnie Boy has just signed an EO guaranteed to put SS out of business, DeSantis had better disenfranchise not only former felons, but anyone over 65 or else Trump will lose not just by a landslide unless a court shuts him down, there will be only a handful of Florida voters left who will not be out for his blood.

  7. We can’t elect a damn hermit to be president. The key thing to remember if Biden is elected.the democrats will turn America over to the communist Chinese. They are already in bed with the Democrats.

  8. Has anyone noticed that Biden is “ahead in the poles”? In what universe is Biden 15, 10, 9,6 pts ahead in anything? Unless you are speaking about Biden’s IQ # this statement is as laughable as it is unbelievable.

  9. How dare you call yourself Trump Train News. You are spreading fake news polls, as if they are the truth. They aren’t!
    I will bet my home that Trump wins by a YUGE amount of votes.

    1. the polls are not correct …You know how many of my friends are not saying they are Trumpers….???DON’T BELIEVE IN POLLS… JUST UNITE AND KEEP THE FAITH…We will win ,or there will be revolts…

  10. There is no lead for Biden. The polls are the same as 2016, utter lies. Trump is going to have a landslide and the dim wits are gonna cry even louder. Sick of their lies and BS!

  11. Not allowing the President To have a debate before the ballots are mailed is another democrat political move to prevent fairness in voting.Trump should send this one to the courts.Seems to me that this move to shut the president up so that people cannot make an informed choice before voting.This looks illegal to me

  12. These national polls showing Bite-Me leading are bullshit. They only indicate one thing. The Leftists are trying to sway public opinion not measure it.

  13. Here in Florida I have seen lots of Trump signs and not one for Biden. Of course it was the same in 2016. Lots of Trump signs and there was only one that had Hillary’s name, and that one said Hillary for prison. Some how I doubt many leftists are in Florida in any large numbers. Illegais taking good jobs for less money put many on the opposite side of democrats and more kitchen table concerns will do so again. Pelosi and her gourmet ice cream pointed out how elitist and out of touch the democRATs are.

    1. funny you should say that as i live here also.and the night before the election i went to my neighbors house a few houses away from mine and put my trump sign in their yard around midnight!as they are hardcore demwits i could just imagine the look on their faces when the saw it outside the next morning!

  14. I guarantee you that Biden will never make those Debates! Not a single one. He will come up with one ridiculous reason after another as to why, “I’d love to go, Man, but I just can’t do it”. He sounds so ridiculous when he tries to sound hip. It is actually quite pathetic!!!! 🤢


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