Meet the 11 Americans Sanctioned by China, Including 5 GOP Giants

11 US citizens, including lawmakers, were slapped with personal sanctions by the Chinese government over these individuals’ support of Hong Kong or their Hawkish nature when it comes to dealing with China. These sanctions come after the US put sanctions on several Chinese officials after tensions escalated once again between the two superpowers. Here is who got slapped with sanctions: 

  1. WHAT sanctions? Ok, I just voted to sanction biden, pissloosely, shitmer, and the rest of the dnc. Somehow I don’t think it will affect them. Talk about stupid, China just out did the left for stupid pranks. China we don’t need you or, for that matter, demoncrats. Sanction away, but don’t expect them to do anything but give us a good laugh.

    1. How the hell are they going to sanction person? What? No more Chinese take out? Oh wait I get it. They can’t watch the NBA anymore. Or forget about Nike shoes from now on.

      1. Yup! No more ‘Chinese take-out’s, no more ‘happy-endings’ at Chinese massage parlors & certainly no more ‘F#£!<y, $#€!<¥, long time?

    2. This is just another hoax to roust naive voters toward trump, dreamt up by Putin and okd by trump. FAKE THEORY AND MORE TO COME.

  2. Exactly what sanctions. Does that mean they can’t travel to your contaminated Covid19 country. I would not want to travel there anyway. We might not have a great walk, but San Francisco, and other cities have a China town. And we are still supporting POTUS to build us a wall.

  3. I was in China in 2018, President Trump did what he promised, he jacked up tariffs on Chinese in a counter move to protest their 25% tariff on us while we charged them only 2% tariff. They went so crazy, I mean bat shit crazy, that I actually saw cnn news over there, because they need some really good bull shit to appease their brain washed people and not look stupid, solution the propaganda assholes With pretend news at cnn. I knew if the CCP was mad it meant they no longer could screw us over. Obama would of sold us out in a heart beat, and Biden would of made money selling us out. Only Trump put America first. The democratic communist party hate Trump so much they were first to use terrorism against our own people to win an election.They would allow communist savages to kill and terrorize the innocent and defenseless to take power again and continue Obama’s leftest new world order leadership. The only president to lead an illegal failed coup that only obama could away laughing from it knowing no one dare accuse him of now proven treasonous deed. He criminalized federal,agencies, making them his personal goon squads.

  4. China can go F**K itself! I am a Vietnam Veteran and Army enlisted man during the 1968 Tet Offensive and was an “Old Man,” of 23,with a year old degree in GOVERNMENT when I landed on Ho Chi Minh’s Birthday, May 19th of 1968 in the worst single month of the entire war. I KNOW Chinese Marxist tactics and the Democrats have adopted the “Dialectic and the “Smear Technique,” ever since that involvement and before in Vietnam. After all,LBJ , 8 months after the JFK assassination expanded the War with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution: expanding a useless War we were NEVER allowed to fight to win because POLITICIANS made the military decisions and NOT career Command officers. it cost us nearly 60,000 lives for NOTHING and Agent Orange and the devolving problems from HONORABLE service in that fiasco has killed ten times that number since while Viet Vets were treated like crap and I know and so does EVERY Veteran of that 3 ring circus of incompetence.Chinese sanctions? They can take their collective heads, stick them up their worthless behinds and BREATHE DEEPLY! That should have two desired effects: reducing the methane in the atmosphere and aiding in climate control and reducing the number of Communist cretins trying to take over THIS country. They can go to hell. period, end of story and I would hope OF ALL OF THEM! ( The 3 stooges Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler can take the SAME advice and so can the entire Deep SState Cabal of Treasonous trolls! PERIOD.I am sure this wil be awaiting “modification or moderation, or in other words; Censorship ; because to hold opposing opinions though a Constitutional Right, no longer carries the force it once did and more is the pity for it!

  5. Fk china and all their ignorant BS !!!! They are getting as stupid and childish as the demoSCUM dirtbags in this country or are they still working as a team to destroy our economy !!!!!

  6. Communist China has suffered widespread destruction of farmland and crops because of the recent Yangtse River and Three Gorges Dam floods and also because of a plague of locusts sweeping over the land and consuming all crops. Communist China is not self-sufficient for food and needs to buy food from Australia, Canada and the USA. Russia is not productive enough to provide mainland China’s needs. So, many Chinese people eat insects. China is over a barrel. They have to deal with Trump and he can make them feel pain.

  7. This is the way with which the Chineses is giving aid to our Communist Party Members to gain seats in our Congress ~ towards the One World Government, leading by the Chinese!

  8. Outstanding to see who is not in the pockets of China. But evidently there are many who are in their pockets. To start, Old Mafia NANC, That chubby senator for CA Feinsteitn, Shifty in the house, MHorono is I spell it right of Hawaii who is basically dumb as a rock, Maxxie Pad who is another big mouth that spews lies, and Schmucky, etc….

  9. Screw China! If the world had any guts they would be ostracizing China for releasing the Bat flu Corona Virus on the rest of the world. And then LYING about it.

  10. President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese made junk is really hurting the Chinese so the Communist Chinese Party will do everything in its power to try to have President Trump defeated in the 2020 election.

    The Chinese Communst Party (CCP) wants a fool like Hiden Biden to get elected because they know that the Democrat Political Party never does anything to hold them in check.

    Thank you President Trump for finally taking a stand against these stinking Chinese Communists and their “unfair practices”. For 16 years Clinton and Obama let them get away with murder..


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