Trump Picks Up Momentum in New Polling

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A week ago polling between Trump and Biden was looking grim for the Trump campaign, but two newly released polls show Trump is bouncing back.

Biden has led in every single poll Rasmussen poll thus far and a week ago, a Rasmussen poll showed Biden with a 48 to 42 advantage.

Fast forward to this week, Trump is gaining ground, per Rasmussen:

The new national telephone and online survey finds Biden with 48% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Trump’s 45%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, while another three percent (3%) remain undecided.

The margin of error is +/- 2% meaning the race is a statistical dead heat nationally.

Another poll –which was conducted by Hill-HarrisX—shows a 3 point race as well. The previous week’s polling by Hill-HarrisX had Biden leading by 7 points.

That’s not the only good news for the Trump campaign.

The only pollster who correctly predicted Trump would win Michigan in 2016 delivered more good news for Trump’s 2020 outlook.


Pollster Robert Cahaly, founder of the Trafalgar Group, told Kyle Olson of “The Kyle Olson Show” that “Mainstream polls, whatever that term is worth, are fundamentally flawed and they’re off.”

Cahaly advised political watchers that they should “pay more attention to CNBC Change Research and Rasmussen” when looking at polls.

Cahaly also said Trump’s polling has been going all over the place but “now it’s back trending in a positive way for Trump,” and that’s even with republicans being underrepresented in polling, according to his assessment.


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  1. The pollsters have to be reasonably close by election day, or else they will be totally discredited. The lousy data they have been presenting is reminiscent of the Coronahoax virus exaggerations.

    1. Exactly! Polls don’t mean anything unless one is a candidate and then mostly for hounding citizens for PAC money.🤮
      All one needs to do is read social media comments to learn “which way the wind is blowing.” And it sure is different from MSM reports!🇺🇸🇺🇸😎

    2. they had damned near PRINTED the HRC Wins headlines when Trump won. They know NOTHING of people or of politics. They KNOW what they WANT TO HAVE HAPPEN.
      The ONLY way for media to gain and have POWER is for the people to LOSE all power and the DEMS to create a socio-communo-fascist government and then the media will OWN us all.

  2. If u want the real truth, president Trump is crushing dementia,racist,slo,joe in every category, the dummycraps,and lame street media would only tell u different. Any american with common sense,would not vote for a corrupt,senile,old,fool,like crazy,racist,perv,china/ukrainian,slo,joe,that can’t string a coherent, sentence together and make sense.His corruption with obuthead should seal his fate, as a co=conspirator, of the coup,and overthrow they pulled to get rid of Trump.The dumbocraps worst fears are about to becoming reality, The African=American and Hispanic votes are about to destroy the dumbocraps for yrs, they realize their nothing but all talk, and no action, promises, if u will vote for us, we make your lives worse, and there sick of your propaganda and BS, and will re=elect Trump in a historical, landslide, beyond what 2016 election was against corrupt, hildebeast.

  3. All these polls are a joke. The sample is minuscule, the selection criteria is suspect, and the sample percentages (demographics) are skewed. They over sample Democrat sympathizers based on their guess as to which base is motivated and who will likely vote. If you want to see real indices and indications of support and motivation, just look at rally and event numbers, off- and online. Look at grassroots donations. Look at campaign merchandise sales. All of these are truer indicators than polls, even if imperfect themselves.

    In the early primaries where Trump was on the ballot, more Republican voters turned out to show support for the incumbent (presumed nominee – he already had it in the bag and they could have stayed home) than for the Democrats. That’s a huge indication.

  4. If you want a real barometer of how the pulse of Americans is beating…what the polls really show is mostly polls from big cities…most likely voters from both sides are the ones who watch the news channels …Fox News out performs both CNN & MSNBC together ,,,look for the actual voters to follow the same…with a Trump WIN!!! This coming from a life long Democrat who will be voting all Republican this coming election!!!

  5. why would any body vote for communism Clinton and Obama should be in jail for treason and the attack on america

  6. Who in the hell would vote for Biden a swamp creature that has done nothing for America but to enrich himself…..Pure corrupt trash…And there’s nobody home….

  7. I lie outright any poll. My age, if not directly to a person, my sex. My affiliations. Who I will vote for.
    Remember, the average is 900 to 1200 individual samples. One person SKEWING reality makes a HUGE impact in the polls.
    Be a liberal and voting for Trump. be a Conservative voting for Biden.
    Have FUN with it. Trump will win as he should.

  8. I don’t trust any polls that the media uses , I don’t trust anything that comes out of the news at all.!!!!!

  9. I think we should be more concerned about mail in ballots. Preliminary evidence indicates that the US Postal system is not up to the task of delivering these ballots in a timely manner. Other issues concern the validation of ballots mailed in to be counted. Many will be invalidated because the procedures in place were either not followed by the voter or could not be verified by those counting the ballots. This will make very difficult if not impossible to get a full accurate count in a timely manner. I believe the Democrat party is fully aware of this and this is just another stop gap measure to permit them to corrupt the election process and deny President Trump’s re-election. It is not too difficult to predict what will happen during the long protracted delay in counting and verifying ballots. We have witnessed the shenanigans of hanging chads and eventually SCOTUS intervention during the Bush vrs Gore election. With avowed Marxists taking over the Democrat party can you imagine the so called peaceful rioting that will be bought and paid for while the closets of every swing State precinct are being stuffed with late mail deliveries from Soro’s “stuff the ballot” “stuff the envelope” campaigns? President Trump will need a landslide to get re-elected and we already know the radical LEFT the Democrat party and the peaceful protestors have already rejected the re-election of President Trump under any circumstances.

    1. PLEASE be VERY sure all OUR military votes are in and counted! Not like the excuses of the past! Computers station and guards watching them should help make sure the votes get sent to a special office in DC! NOT MANNED BY RATS! OH and as an update to the evil news last night, the young driver who was beat to a pulp died this AM from that dirty evil KICK to his head! YEAH good people running wild and damaging OUR country! It was on TV for all to see. Yeah the A/H that killed him better hid or leave the country. SO much for a myth or nice protesters. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I had a crazy thought of shooting in the legs, no more marching! BUT they would sue and go on welfare or something that would leech from us all.


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