Columbian Socialist Leader and Ex-Member of Terror Group Endorses Biden

A leader of the Columbian socialist movement and a former member of a terror group has endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States.

According to The Daily Wire:

Colombian Senator Gustavo Petro, one of the leaders of the far-left socialist movement in the country, championed presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s candidacy on Monday, saying that if he were able to vote in U.S. elections that he would vote for Biden.

“Did you endorse Joe Biden as a candidate for President of the United States?” CNN host Juan Carlos Lopez asked.

“Well, if I could vote, which I cannot. I’m not a citizen of the United States,” Petro responded. “But if I could vote in the United States, in the interest of my Latin American people, I would vote for Biden, without a doubt.”

Reuters reported that Petro spent “years in the now-defunct M19 rebel group – which stormed the Supreme Court in 1985, leading to the deaths of more than 100 people,” Reuters reported.

The Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium lists the group as: “Left Wing Terrorist Groups (Maoist, Marxist, Communist, Socialist).”

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Dannie Poe
Dannie Poe
2 years ago

It is a given that every Communist or Socialist run nation is the enemy of Democracy in any form. This includes Islamic Nations. Knowing this, the Progressives think the US is better off to give the world the impression that the US can work better by thinking globally and not nationally. This would mean the US puts the interests of the global community first, not the nation first as Trump is doing. What sets the US apart from every nation on the planet? The citizens of the US have a voice in government and citizens are allowed to choose how they live their lives as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. What does the US have that other nations do not? A document based on individual Creator given rights and a government built to comply with this document to the best of it’s ability to protect these rights. We call this document the US Constitution. We also call this document the Law of the Land, meaning it applies to every US Citizen. Now the US Citizens think globally, but this is not possible if we are required to comply with this US Constitution simply because every law made in these United States must, by law, apply to each and every individual born or Nationalized in the US. As a sovereign nation, we do not have thousands of years of history to define us, but we do have less than three hundred years of sharing this freedom to immigrants who value their freedoms the US Constitution promises every citizen. People from oppressive nations can grasp this concept of individual freedoms and make the US their nation of choice; however if they migrate to the US to turn the US into another oppressive nation like the the one they left makes no sense. I can agree that Islam has it’s Koran and it’s Sharia Laws, but this creates a conflict with the very document that grants them entry into the US. To live and work in the US, citizens MUST comply with US Constitutional Rule of Law. Honor Killings and slavery are not legal under our US Constitution. Women are not treated like chattel in America; they have rights also. I can agree that Racism must be addressed in America and that some people feel they are being held back from the American Dream, but to achieve this Dream a person has to step forward and take the effort necessary to achieved this Dream. Living in the past just WILL NOT HACK IT. Their task might take more heavy lifting, but the goal is the same regardless of one’s Race.

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