Fox News Hosts Dismantle CNN’s Argument That No Anti-Trump News Orgs Exist

By nrkbeta (Rather, Tur, Dowd & Stelter @ SXSW 2017) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld recently took the time to slam CNN over a claim made during a segment aired by the network that stated that no news organizations exist to tear down President Trump.

According to The Daily Wire:

“When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent to that on the left tearing down Trump?” Stelter asked a guest on his show.

The guest responded, “There really isn’t and what I would say, it’s really a diet of this type of information that a lot of these voters are getting.”

“Oh, to be this dumb,” Gutfeld responded. “So, so, wait, there’s no anti-Trump network? Wow, even CNN admits nobody watches CNN. But look, even if you despise Trump, you’ve got to admit this deception dares you to laugh in its face. There isn’t an anti-Trump media company? Hell, there might be two dozen with CNN leading the ‘hair on fire pack.’ The only reason every Trump book goes to number one is because it has two cable networks doing its P.R., which explains why two recent massive surveys say media is overwhelmingly biased and cannot be trusted.”

Carlson slammed the same segment on his show a few hours later, saying, “CNN took a quick break from its usual programming, encouraging looting and pointless mask-wearing outside, to take some jabs at this channel.”


After showing his viewers Stelter’s clip from CNN, Carlson responded: “That’s a really good point, nobody criticizes Trump in the media, and I think what we need more of: people attacking Trump. Turns out, the people who work over at the Cable News Network don’t watch it. They watch this channel full-time, so we dug up some clips of their edification.”

      1. If we take congress fully and Trump stays in then the tech fools might be held accountable but this election is a must win for all parts of congress and the president. That is why the dim wits have pulled all this crap. But in the end I believe their actions will lose the elections for them. Vote em out!

    1. Brian Humpty Dumpty Jug Butt Stetler, is also very fond of little boys, mothers need to watch the bushes when their children are outside playing

  1. “Oh, to be this dumb” describes CNN and their viewers perfectly. Their prosecution of President Trump, family and supporters has been on going before and during his administration. They are incapable of unbiased journalism.

    1. Yes, they are incapable of seeing or reporting truth! There s not one who could be called a Journalist among these critters!!

  2. CNN is consistent, obfuscations, distortions, convoluted releases of lies to fit their obstructive narratives.
    At the point of recognized falsehoods they hide behind their journalistic safety when their accused of being the enemy of the people

  3. It is settled! These radical propagandists are not real humans but Disney automatons chipped by silicon valley to mouth stupid comedic phrases that are better left to Comedy Central for hysterical laughing by the audience who can appreciate a good joke.

  4. I don’t believe anything the mainstream media has to say and I won’t even let that crap be broadcast into my house.They are the reelection arm of the democrat party and they take their marching orders directly from the DNC.

  5. All of them are going down. They are truly the ENEMY of the people. FAKE! LIARS! DISHONORABLE! DESPICABLE! DISGUSTING! SICKENING! RACISTS!
    A DIS SERVICE to the Citizenry! Biased, UNtruthful and Unacceptable. so we dont watch any of you!

  6. They literally went three years reporting a Russian Collusion story that had no basis in fact and yet don’t see themselves as 100% devoted to destroying Trump, WOW!

  7. There all in the pocket of china.The more they try to hurt DJT, the stronger Trump gets, there in a no win. because they keep eating their own. and we all see right through there BS, and propaganda, plus there ratings are in the toilet, and so are there hosts.

  8. So few people watch cnn and msnbc that what they say is pretty much never heard….
    And that’s awesome!!!!

  9. Stelter ,Who looks like the Hee Haw Donkey with that stupid smile, is crazy. For Four years CNN/MSNBC has had NO NEWS except dump on trump. Talk about out of touch. Pathetic!!

  10. It is a bubble the current DNC insane asylum and the fake news lives in. And no amount of facts of truth reaches those in that bubble. The violence that has decended into the DNC run enclaves is also ignored by even the fake news bunch.

    Reporters use to cover things like these horrendous attacke of today that this fake news ignores. This ignorance is not unintentional. It is directed by their owners and everyone in the bubble must follow that order and live in their pretend bubble. Real discourse and other ideas are not allowed.

    They expect the viewers to follow their directions and never question their “news” like the sheeple they assume everyone is. A few years ago before Bozo I too lived in that bubble which has existed for a long time, at least several decades when I finally saw it. Now I see it for what it is. A steering committee of the fake news directed by their donors and owners of the DNC.

    Blattant lies, obfuscating, cherry picking interviews or other communication to misrepresent the true interview or story, and ignoring the real news as in the biggest crime in history to a president of the USA during his campaign and after he was a sitting president dually elected! IT IS TREASON.

    It is shameful and the fake media has lost all credibility. They are propaganda only and their first amendment right to publish lies has to be removed. They must be held accountably and pay the penalties even if it is jail. The same should apply to the DNC operatives like Soros and all his brownshirt terrorist.

  11. CNN and other Trump bashing Un News networks have no credibility. They love to hate and the audacity of their comments are ludicrous. I am a reasonably logical and moral person that can’t even fathom most(or all) of what the Left Wing Hate filled opinion people that spew out opinions rather than News for us to evaluate on our own. CNN , MSN , CBS. ABC NBC and all the other left wing fake news outlets need to be dealt with by less viewership and lack of income to teach them that they cannot lie to the American Public. Bankrupt the MFR’S

  12. No wonder Stelter Salt of CNN looks a little more puffed up than about a year ago.
    Just wondering, if he is trying to justify the adorable nick name “HUMPTY DUMPTY” given to him by Sean Hannity?
    Or is he getting puffed up from retaining the smoke from whatever he is smoking as per Hair Raising Sniffer Biden barb at the media?


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